Interview with Divine Mistress Indigo

Posted: August 3, 2016 by frenchy in Articles, Interviews with our Dominants, Uncategorized

One of the true “treasures” of Divine Sadism is our Divine Queen Bitch Indigo. Her keen intelligence and level head make her a valued DS Officer.  She has her own “fan club” of scum who look forward to finding her on the DS deck in the SLT morning. She has kindly accepted  this interview and been extremely patient when I was shooting the photography of this post. Also, I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the time she has generously given to make this post possible. Enjoy!


frenchy:  Greetings Mistress Indigo. Please allow me to thank you for acccepting to do this interview. We are really curious about the mysterious Divine Queen Bitch Indigo. First let me ask you this.  Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Well generally I would choose to remain private but I will provide you a tidbit or two. I hail from the Midwest (where the tree’s are ripe for rigging a slave into the canopy) I am an amazing 52 years of age, physically strong and in a relationship that is absolutely hands down, perfect.

frenchy:  Thank you so much for sharing this, Mistress Indigo. Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Divine Mistress Indigo:  I prefer to be spontaneous, some great and memorable things can happen when you are open to them.


frenchy:  In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I was fortunate to have had a sadistic, Dominant older brother. At 14 I was permitted ( much to my delight ) to sit in on, and eventually participate in “sessions” with his girls. Since training, I have found myself in a much deeper, more cerebral yet darker place in my life. But still able to see the beauty. And the rest ~ is history

frenchy: Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I do not and have not for a long time, I am open provided that I am entertained by it. Boredom is death.

frenchy:  Do you go to other BDSM or Femdom sims? What do you like the most at DS that you don’t find anywhere else?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Eh, I pop over to Velvet Thorn on occasion to visit with friends that find it hard to escape. Alas Divine Sadism is my homestone. The realism and Female Supremacy are extreme.


frenchy: Do you think men are submissive in nature, but that our society makes them think they have to be dominant or do you believe otherwise?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Well, society places men in positions of power – that cannot be denied or stopped. That position being above others in the workplace extends past the time clock. That’s where men go wrong. All men are submissive in nature, they are givers.

frenchy: Can you be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Certainly, why not? Look back over some of the mass murderers.

frenchy (nods):  Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I enjoy being able to experience the creativity that is done here by some amazing artists such as Bryn Oh.

frenchy:  Thank you so much for accepting to participate to this interview Mistress Indigo. I wish you a wonderful day. Goodbye.

Divine Mistress Indigo: You are welcome frenchy. Goodbye.



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