Interview with Rosa Hunter – Creator of Divine Sadism

Posted: August 6, 2016 by frenchy in Interviews with our Dominants, Isn't It Divine?, Sadist's Delight

It is certainly unnecessary to explain who Miss Rosa is for Divine Sadism. I have been lucky enough to meet Her the same day I met Mistress Natalia a few weeks before She decided to create Divine Sadism. I have had therefore the privilege to witness the birth of Divine Sadism and its incredible expansion during the following 6 months. And there is no words to say how much I keep being amazed by how Miss Rosa not only manages the sim She has created, but by Her vision of Female Domination that She has successfully  given shape to at Divine Sadism.

As my co-owner, Miss Rosa’s guidance in my development as a slave has been always very strict, but also very comforting when She has always generously acknowledged my progresses after pointing out my mistakes. Her  “Maieutic”  way to teach showed itself extremely efficiently when I was able to keep up. Needless to say, I have been extremely lucky to have received the attention that She has given me as a Mistress, but also as a person who I admire equally. Also, I was most excited when she agreed to do this interview, which I am certain you can’t wait to read.

Please enjoy!

RH Interview 4

frenchy: Greetings Miss Rosa and thank you so much for accepting and finding the time in your busy schedule to realize this interview that many of us, the Divine and the scum have been waiting so much.

Miss Rosa: So frenchy, you finally cornered me for this interview.  I actually love to talk, in real life it is one of the ways I make a living.   As Divine Sadism is about to celebrate a six month milestone, I feel I can take a breath, stand back, and reflect on what I have created – created with the help of  some of the most amazing women I know, along with the courageous males who comprise our scum herd.

frenchy: Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL?

Miss Rosa: I have always been a “alpha” female – by that I mean I walk into a room and when I have something to say, people stop and listen.  From kindergarten on my intense energy was both a blessing and a curse. Too often I have to “turn down” that intensity to deal with the many variances of work and relationships in RL.  I have very “big” energy that is works beautifully within the context of BDSM activities, specifically as a Dominatrix and an sadist.

After growing up in Los Angeles I have lived in rural communities in Washington, California, and Oregon.  In real life I am currently intensely focused on my career.  I am a widow, having lost my husband to cancer.   I also lost my beloved partner after he helped me through an extremely challenging graduate program.  Animals are an essential part of my life;  I have a horse, a dog, a cat.  I am an artist, a reader, a kayaker, and I love hiking.  I was an avid backpacker until a serious knee injury two years ago.

At this time of my life, as for so many, Second Life provides a venue to express and experience an essential part of who and what I am.

frenchy:  What is your country of origin and the culture that you belong to?

Miss Rosa:  While I live in the United States I want to stress that there are many cultural “rivers” in this county.  Politically I am a radical liberal  and will not comment further.  I grew up poor, my family a blended culture of settler farming and immigrant working class families.  In general women were viewed as having less worth than males.  Girls were not encouraged to express themselves.  As IF I could be so stifled.  Education was my salvation.  Today I am equally comfortable cutting Madrone firewood, butchering a goat, talking down a 250 pound biker in a bar, trimming my horse’s hoofs, serving on a non-profit Board of Directors, and commanding a slave to give himself 50 lashes to serve me.

frenchy: You seem to be a very organized person who plans in advance, is that right or do you prefer to improvise?

Miss Rosa: HA!  I am not at all organized.  I am careful to develop and maintain RL routines that help me compensate.  In my thinking I am highly organized, which is reflected in my work, and in my development of Divine Sadism.  While a certain Bestie of mine has used the phrase “control freak” on more than one occasion, I do not experience a “need to control” in RL.  This needs to be distinguished from a LOVE of Control – of using my Will to shape a slave’s mind, emotions, and life within D/s.  Of course I love Control in that way . . . . “I hate being in control” said  NO Dominatrix EVER.

What I am is an information manager and a “big picture” person.  I use information and communication to change minds, hearts, and lives in RL.  Information and  feedback systems, are essential to the creation and maintenance of Divine Sadism.

RH Interview 7_001

frenchy: How does SL impact your RL and your RL influence your SL?

Miss Rosa: I have a very intense job working closely with people.  While I am wired “alpha”  I am also an introvert.   ( To learn about introverts visit this link at the  Huffington Post ) At the end of the day my “dealing with people” energy tank is totally drained.  I am also still somewhat bereaved from too many deaths in too short of a time.  When I am done with work the last thing I want is any social scene or obligations.  Where I live there is no local kink scene that is . . . hmmmm, remotely safe or appealing.  SL provides just the right balance of interaction AND it offers a safe way for me to express a huge part of myself.

frenchy: How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Miss Rosa: My “style” changes with every slave I use, yet there are some things I most enjoy in approaching D/s.   I closely assess my property, gathering “data”, developing long term goals and plans.  While my slave gives me the gift of power over him, within the TPE  I wield that power to deepen their growth and skill as a slave.  My choice of strategies is partially defined by my experience, judgment, acquired knowledge of human nature, and what I identify as the specific skills I want my slave to develop.  One thing remains constant, the slave exists for one reason – to serve.  To serve they must obey.  Period.

As an Owner, I strive to be transparent, ethical, and willing to speak honestly of mutual experience.  I will not tolerate any attempt at manipulation or guilt.  I despise “topping from the bottom”.  As a sadist I am inventive at long distance, real life methods of inflicting pain.  I use a variety of virtual “leashes” that enable me to extend my control into real life.  Before I claim a slave, I thoroughly screen, interview, and require a rigorous probation.

My property serves a purpose, has a function.  I adore my four wheel drive, F150 Truck.  Any expression of appreciation I share with scum is very similar. I rarely have actual “pixel” sex with my property, in part because I do not want them to develop any notion that they are my “lover”.  Also because honestly, pixel sex is utterly vanilla and boring for me.  I do enjoy using voice, love the Power simple voice adds to the D/s connection – how it can facilitate the controlled arousal of a male animal and provide rewards when I allow them to share in my own arousal and orgasm.  The most valued service of all is when I can hear my slave suffering for me.

RH Interview 2

frenchy: What attracts you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Miss Rosa: First, why do you limit potential submissives to male?  While we work primarily with males in DS, I enjoy both males and females.

I have little interest in working with anyone who does not understand the difference between submission and consensual, non-consensual slavery, someone who longs to be a slave.  To attract my notice, one must be keenly intelligent, articulate, and witty.  They need to understand I am a sadist who will be aroused by their suffering.  I enjoy mature males, who are clear about their essential nature.  There must be a sense of “affinity”, the intangible ingredient that allows for a deep connection.  Willingness to serve in real life via long distance domination is absolutely essential.

Little makes me angrier than hearing our slaves disparaged by soft submissives who have not the slightest idea of the courage it takes to serve as a slave at Divine Sadism.  Most of our “scum” are highly successful men who are respected professionals.  To serve the intensely sadistic Divine requires great strength, endurance,  and a clear sense of oneself.

frenchy: What could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Miss Rosa: Whining, entitlement, stupidity, & lack of focus.

frenchy: What excites you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Miss Rosa: Seriously frenchy?  SERIOUSLY?!?  What good is one without the other.  I am aroused by pain – sexually and intellectually.  I am deeply satisfied, sometimes aroused, and always fully engaged and fascinated by what is created between people through a Total Power Exchange – both during the immediacy of a session and through long term Ownership. I enjoy control even if no pain is involved . . . it is a creative process for me, like painting.  Add pain and things start to get hot, energy begins to flow, I feel deeply connected to the male I am using, feel a very immediate, almost spiritual connection.  The infliction of intentional pain is an erotic sacrament.  Add the degree of Control we wield within Divine Sadism, willing and directing a male to use their hands and teeth to hurt their own flesh in service and worship . . . THAT creates a linkage so intense for me that I become deeply aroused.

frenchy: How important is role playing versus RL submission for you? Do you think role playing outside his comfort zone requires much sacrifice from a slave?

Miss Rosa: Role-playing? *yawns* I have little interest in just role-playing.  Combine the visual imagery possible in SL with chat or voice, add real life, and NOW you are starting to get my attention.  It is deeply erotic for me to see a picture of a slave whose flesh is marked with bruises given by their own hand – a hand that moved in service to my Will.  What arouses me is the sound of a slave grunting in pain as they hurt their own body to please me.  BDSM – for me the preferred letters in the acronym are DS – Domination & Sadism.  Yes, it is intentional that DS also is used to represent Divine Sadism.

RH Inteview 6

frenchy: What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Miss Rosa: What I “think” about limits in BDSM is reflected by limits in Divine Sadism.  I have no interest in working with “subs”.  Those allowed to serve me become my slaves.  This means they are property without rights.  Yes, I mean exactly what I said.  There is one critical and essential “choice”.  That is the choice to become my slave, thereby entering into a consensual non-consensual D/s experience.  With the pixelated world of Second Life and Divine Sadism this is absolute.  Divine Sadism slaves give their consent by remaining in DS.  There ARE no limits!

When we consider limits and real life, the parameters shift.  I do not require service that endangers real life family, profession, or the community standing of my property.


frenchy: Is this a good time to tell us a little about your decision to create Divine Sadism?

Miss Rosa: I am delighted to talk about Divine Sadism frenchy.  When I first came to SL I adored the dark side of folklore and the living archetypes within BDSM.   The archetype of the “Dark Mother” is one I find deeply appealing.   As a child my chosen “role models” were the Russian witch Baba Yaga, Maleficent, and Circe. I rooted for the witch in Hansel and Gretel. My personal “F-list” is long, dark, and very perverse.  Embodying the “Dark Mother” in SL was the perfect “form” for my love of dominance and sadism.  It led to developing Rosa’s Tower, which was my private home and dungeon.

While I enjoyed meeting other Dommes, I never felt engaged by the many SL Femdom sims, with the exception of Sadism Island.  Nicole Kessel and Rachel beDeviled created the perfect Femdom venue – there were no pesky limits as to how I chose to use males at SOS.  Even better, I could make them bleed and scream in partnership with like-minded Dominas.  This was HEAVEN!!  I had so much fun, laughed harder than I had in years, and met some of the Dominatrixes I am honored to still work with in Divine Sadism.  One of these became my Partner and ultimate BESTIE – Natalia Kessel.

When Sadism Island shut down, I was bereft.  Standing around in a certain fetish sim watching everyone watching everyone made me crazy.  Sitting in throne circles listening to males babble made me crazier and pissed me off.   There was simply no SL Femdom venue for those of us who like it hard, who would much prefer staking a male to a cross and applying cock and ball torture over getting a pedicure or being served a lovely tea.
Starting my own sim seemed overwhelming, yet there was just no other option if I was going to continue to enjoy the dark side of Femdom on Second Life.  Since I am a pack rat, I had a huge BDSM inventory.  I found a good deal on land, with decent prims for $40.00 per month.  That was affordable. I could experiment without feeling stress or pressure to pay the tier.  I do not have to depend whatsoever upon tribute from males, yet such tribute has paid 100% of the Divine Sadism tier and provided for many of the toys and tools used by the Divine.

frenchy: That helps explain what motivated you to develop Divine Sadism.  After almost six months, how are you feeling about what you created?

Miss Rosa: Oh frenchy, I have to stress that Divine Sadism is much more than just “my” creation! From the beginning there has been a team of brilliant, sadistic Dominatrixes – the Divine, sharing their time and talent to build our Community.  My original three goals were to create a Femdom sim that encouraged the no-limit abuse and humiliation of males; supported the collaboration of Dominas with similar sadistic tastes; and offered a Community that might grow over time.  These goals have been achieved, and provide the foundation for the continued development of Divine Sadism. To learn more about that, watch for the upcoming post about our plans for the next sixth months in our little haven of pain and suffering.

frenchy:  We all will! Thank you again Miss Rosa for doing this interview and telling us so much about you and your vision of Divine Sadism. It has been thrilling! Goodbye Miss Rosa.





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