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Don’t be this guy.

Posted: January 22, 2016 by nataliakessel in Articles, Editrix, Uncategorized

A while ago I made a blog post on the best way to get my attention if you are interested in talking to me(see link below).

So anyway, seeing as how nobody bothered to read that post, I thought I would also make a blog post on how not to try to get my attention.

I had wanted to catch-up with my old friend Alix Winter, so she suggested that we meet up at SOS. I got there about 20 minutes before she did, so I decided to wait. While waiting, this moron below decided to chat me up.

This is an example of how not to engage me, if you want to hold my attention for longer than 5 minutes(I let the exchange run as long as I did merely for the purposes of social anthropology):



[14:48] watmes Resident: hello
[14:48] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Hi almost blank profile.
[14:49] watmes: ty 🙂
[14:49] watmes: you look so strong
[14:50] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): MmmmmmHmmm.
[14:51] watmes: strong and firm
[14:52] watmes: well, let me complete my profile here
[14:52] watmes: i am 20 years old, flying on the sub side
[14:52] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): By all means. You have me absolutely riveted so far.
[14:53] watmes: thats supposed to be a bad thing ?
[14:54] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): No. Not at all. Totally fascinated by everything you have said so far.
[14:54] watmes: yeah, i know right ?
[14:54] watmes: i am a walking talking social gem
[14:54] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Oh please continue.
[14:55] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Wouldn’t want to lose interest.
[14:55] watmes: what interest ? what do you mean ?
[14:56] watmes: do you think i am a clown or something ?
[14:56] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): No. Clowns are amusing.
[14:57] watmes: amusing its objective
[14:57] watmes: everybody is amusing in his own way
[14:58] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Are they?
[14:59] watmes: with exceptions ofcourse
[14:59] watmes: on both ends of the graph
[14:59] watmes: people like me are amusing in anyway possible
[14:59] watmes: while the other boys here are zero
[14:59] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Oh please continue………..hanging on every word of your thesis.
[14:59] watmes: sooooooooooooo
[15:00] watmes: if you want some “sub” guy, your best option is me
[15:00] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Imagine what a lucky girl I am!
[15:01] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Looking all this time for some “sub guy”…….and there you are right in front of me!
[15:01] watmes: yeah can you believe it ? your luck is from heaven
[15:01] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Wow!
[15:02] watmes: or from mother nature
[15:02] watmes: or whatever you believe in
[15:02] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): So now that you have me ready to take my panties off………or grab my whip or something. What is your next move?
[15:03] watmes: no bunny, you think i gonna give you the honor of getting fucked ?
[15:04] watmes: you get on your knees like a little good mistress
[15:04] watmes: and finish off down there
[15:04] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): OMG! That would like make my month! Guess I’m not so lucky after all?
[15:05] watmes: watch your mouth
[15:05] watmes: make your year*
[15:05] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): While this was amusing at first………….kinda just wanted to see how low your IQ really was. I’m kinda bored talking to you.
[15:05] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): You can go now.
[15:06] watmes: so, what do you think my iq is ?
[15:06] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): High 2 digits?
[15:06] watmes: no
[15:07] watmes: i’ll give a hint, i am a post graduate student in electrical engineering
[15:07] watmes: now guess
[15:08] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Don’t care whatsoever. Lovely talking to you. Good luck with that not being able to find anyone to talk to even in a place like this filled with people desperate to talk to each other.
[15:10] watmes: 141
[15:10] watmes: compare it to your 2 digits
[15:10] watmes: 😀
[15:10] watmes: have fun in your second life
[15:10] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel): Brilliant retort.
[15:11] watmes: Boooooom BOOOOOOOM *DISAPPEAR*

Let’s talk about something controversial?

How about Financial Domination, or as most people in SL call it “Findomming” !

I cannot count the number of times that I have told a slave/applicant that there is a membership fee to join the Hellfire Club, and have heard “Oh no Miss, I am not into Findommes”. After rolling my eyes and wondering if the subbie even knows what the hell he is talking about; I find myself sympathizing with their lack of being informed. Unfortunately, there seems to be an entire cottage industry here in Second Life, of Dommes taking advantage of poor losers who don’t know any better, by proclaiming themselves as “Findommes”.


Let’s start with defining what Financial Domination is, which actually is a very real, albeit  obscure fetish. The article(s) in the link below from Vice gives a brief, articulate two sided view to how it works, and why this is a turn on for parties involved:

Another much more in depth article from the Daily Dot goes even deeper into the subject:

Anyone who has ever been to one of the sleazy sims that cater to this like Obey Me, Pay Me(or one of the other dozens so sims like it), know that having someone pay you just to talk to them, is a very far cry from what the kink actually involves.

Let’s face it, Second Life & Real Life are different mediums that have different rules regarding how we interact with each other; so it is completely unrealistic to have the expectation that Financial Domination will be the same. However, what I think people are really referring to when they don’t want to pay a Dominant for their time is that they are not into Professional Domination(which is completely fine).


As a reference, I wrote an in depth  blog post in an attempt to define what Professional Dominantion is in a Sceond Life context:

If somebody doesn’t find value in paying(or have the ability to pay) a Dominant to engage their kinks, that is totally fine; but let’s not mis-characterize it as Findomming that they are simply not into.

In my view, it’s cheapness & laziness defined on the subbie’s part. Now I know that I am painting a very broad stroke with my brush in that last statement. There are people who come to Second Life looking for a “real” BDSM connection that they genuinely want to grow; I am not talking about that small minority here. I am talking about all those pathetic losers who think that I am here to amuse and entertain them.

Guess what?

I’m not; and your vague, pathetic, & lame offerings to serve me, mean absolutely nothing.

Want to serve me?

Show me you are serious, and that you can do something useful.


My big Sis!

Posted: September 13, 2012 by nataliakessel in Editrix, Thoughts for the day

I thought I would focus this post on my business partner and good friend Ally. Much more importantly than having those titles, she is also my big sister. She has seen me at my absolute worst(twice!) in SL and not only managed to pick me up, but actually convinced me that life does indeed go on.

As for how she relates to Dark Desires, she truly is the heart and soul. When we lost our last location, Ally took control of the situation and had a new sim up and running in 36 hours by finding the space, negotiating the rent, and building the space out from scratch. When I am feeling “what is that word that rhymes with itchy”, Ally is the one people turn to; she truly balances out Dark Desires.

Whenever anyone drops by the sim, whether it be a guest or a member Ally truly goes out of her way to make people feel at home. However despite her warm demeanor, lays a much more dormant personality that I like to call “mean Ally”.  As a warning to all submissives, tread very carefully around her, because once her evil side comes out; it is too late for you.

Why no limits?

Posted: September 11, 2012 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Articles, Editrix

Because I said so. Just kidding. Well, sort of. Dark Desires is about control & surrender. The submissives surrender and the Dominants take control of everything. There are plenty of places in Second Life where a submissive can go and indulge their fantasies, and not have to cross any boundaries. There is nothing wrong with that by the way. Dark Desires is just not one of them. The Dominants that have chosen to make DD their home or play space want and expect more.

BDSM is not about sex but rather control. If I have to limit what I want to enjoy because someone else has a hang-up; who is really in control? Here’s a hint; it’s not me. There is a multitude of activities that hold no real interest for me. Let’s take scat as an example. The idea kind of grosses me out when I think about it for more than a moment. Most people who come in say that too. However if I have a submissive that is not behaving properly, if he knows that I am not afraid to put him/her through it; they will behave better. And that is the essence of what we are trying to create. As a submissive if you are looking to get your jollies by being put on a poseball, and have one of us talk dirty to you and then go on your way; this is really the wrong sim for you. On the other hand, if exploring total surrender and pushing the boundaries of what you are capable of sounds exotic or dangerous; please come have a chat. You just might suprise yourself with what you are capable of.

A special thanks to Mistress Ally & treat for helping out with this photo shoot.