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One of the true “treasures” of Divine Sadism is our Divine Queen Bitch Indigo. Her keen intelligence and level head make her a valued DS Officer.  She has her own “fan club” of scum who look forward to finding her on the DS deck in the SLT morning. She has kindly accepted  this interview and been extremely patient when I was shooting the photography of this post. Also, I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the time she has generously given to make this post possible. Enjoy!


frenchy:  Greetings Mistress Indigo. Please allow me to thank you for acccepting to do this interview. We are really curious about the mysterious Divine Queen Bitch Indigo. First let me ask you this.  Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Well generally I would choose to remain private but I will provide you a tidbit or two. I hail from the Midwest (where the tree’s are ripe for rigging a slave into the canopy) I am an amazing 52 years of age, physically strong and in a relationship that is absolutely hands down, perfect.

frenchy:  Thank you so much for sharing this, Mistress Indigo. Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Divine Mistress Indigo:  I prefer to be spontaneous, some great and memorable things can happen when you are open to them.


frenchy:  In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I was fortunate to have had a sadistic, Dominant older brother. At 14 I was permitted ( much to my delight ) to sit in on, and eventually participate in “sessions” with his girls. Since training, I have found myself in a much deeper, more cerebral yet darker place in my life. But still able to see the beauty. And the rest ~ is history

frenchy: Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I do not and have not for a long time, I am open provided that I am entertained by it. Boredom is death.

frenchy:  Do you go to other BDSM or Femdom sims? What do you like the most at DS that you don’t find anywhere else?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Eh, I pop over to Velvet Thorn on occasion to visit with friends that find it hard to escape. Alas Divine Sadism is my homestone. The realism and Female Supremacy are extreme.


frenchy: Do you think men are submissive in nature, but that our society makes them think they have to be dominant or do you believe otherwise?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Well, society places men in positions of power – that cannot be denied or stopped. That position being above others in the workplace extends past the time clock. That’s where men go wrong. All men are submissive in nature, they are givers.

frenchy: Can you be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Divine Mistress Indigo: Certainly, why not? Look back over some of the mass murderers.

frenchy (nods):  Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL?

Divine Mistress Indigo: I enjoy being able to experience the creativity that is done here by some amazing artists such as Bryn Oh.

frenchy:  Thank you so much for accepting to participate to this interview Mistress Indigo. I wish you a wonderful day. Goodbye.

Divine Mistress Indigo: You are welcome frenchy. Goodbye.




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On my last trip to Los Angeles, I was so delighted to share the same time zone with my absolute bestie Rosa Hunter, that we coined a new phrase #westcoastbitchiness. True enough to form, our 3 favorite pets managed to all majorly fuck-up on the same day for different offenses.

Without getting into the semantics of what they did, I decided to examine to the root of the problem which was that they to varying degrees had gotten comfortable in the coveted positions as our slaves.

Completely unacceptable. In a thought provoking punishment they were to all email me in 300 words or less, why it is unacceptable for a slave to become comfortable or complacent. In addition they were to write #westcoastbitchiness on a part of their body that they could easily conceal to remind them what happens when Rosa & I are on the same coast.


Why is it bad for a slave to be comfortable? The answer seems simple but it struck you even more when you experience the consequences which make you learn this lesson the hard way…

Almost by definition, when you are comfortable, you don’t see the dangers that could put you in a critical situation. For a regular person who is in a safe environment, that is totally fine. In this case, being comfortable is actually a good thing. However if you are in a hostile environment, then the situation is completely different. Any danger that sneaks in can be fatal to you.

By nature, a slave is bound by many constraints, needs to serve anytime, must keep the irreproachable behavior that his owner taught him and has to be ready to answer any demands of his superiors. This is not really a safe environment, is it? When he gets too comfortable, he could either forget to serve, ignore an order from a superior, lose his focus or just forget to behave according to his training and return to his bad habits. Needless to say that if this slave is closely watched by his owner, the consequences for him could range, according to the level of the blunder he made, from a simple timeout to a severe punishment that will make him then extremely uncomfortable.

For those who are familiar with the game of chess, I’d like to finish by a little analogy. When a chess player is overconfident of his position, he will overlook the hidden threats of his opponent and he will most likely do a blunder that will ruin his game and make him probably the loser. Now think of a slave as a chess player against a computer and you will understand why he should never be comfortable.


Why a slave should never get comfortable.

Mistress Natalia there are core reasons why a scum should never get comfortable. A scum has no place doing that is it should always be on it’s toes to serve and please the will of it’s owner.

Getting comfortable only leads to mistakes and complacency. Assuming and taking things for granted which is one of the worst things they can do. Senses always need to be heightened to anticipate and learn, which is critical for a slave. They should always look to make sure every detail is taken care of…comfortable…sounds like watching tv on the couch waiting for it’s owner to get home. That is quite the visual.

It all truthfulness comfortable has no place in this type of relationship, a comfortable slave is a lazy slave…it has forgone all it has been honored with and begins to expect things. That is the best and surest way to displease an owner. Bitch did not state anything about the consequences for the slave….those are not, or should not be the priorities. It should always be on it’s owner and it is impossible to do that correctly if comfortable.



300 words or less  in a NC on why being comfortable is so counter intuitive for a slave.

Comfort.. death of a devoted slave.   In the beginning, we strive for perfection. We are always on our best behavior.  It is the courtship phase, always trying to impress.  Looking our best, minding our language.  Paying attention to all the cues.  Anticipating wants and needs.  Always striving to be the perfect slave.  Hang on every word, every command.  As we progress, things become routine.  What starts out as contentedness and comfort-ability eventually and unknowingly transforms into complacency.  Complacency is like running on auto-pilot.  No thought or conscious effort is involved.  In time it give the appearance that we don’t care, whether true or not, it is the perception that counts.  It is a maintenance setting.  Little or no growth occurs.  The relationship stagnates and dies.  It is important to re-vitalize and stimulate things.  Change things up a little, work at it.  The care and feeding of a relationship goes far beyond just showing up.  Constant vigilance is required.  It is all to easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.  There are no short-cuts.  Constant effort is required.

The word “Complacent” is defined as pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied.  Smug is another word that comes to mind.  In order to combat and avoid complacency, one must be aware of the state we are in.  Are we overly pleased with our situation? Or are we always striving for more.  Do we feel we have advantages over others?  Are we happy with our situation? Or do we strive daily to improve?

Left un-checked, complacency can be terminal.  However, if we are vigilant and recognize the signs, we can avoid it all together and grow to new, never before imagined heights.

If you have read the last post of this chastity blog, you must remember I was left with the RL challenge to go to a strip-club as I was all locked-up in my chastity device and to order a lap dance to add to my humiliation. As I could not even think of not doing it, I was still unsure how to do this. However, as you will read again this time, it is only one manifestation of my submission and dependence upon Mistress Natalia who not only holds the keys of my chastity, but who also can punish me emotionally when, too comfortable (see the up-coming post of Mistress Natalia), I made the worst kind of mistake. The challenge at the strip-club then appeared as a playful recreation compared to the blunder I made and the emotional stress that followed. I can only be grateful to Mistress Natalia for how She helped me go through this intense moments of my submission. To know more about it, please keep reading. I hope you find this instructive as much as I did and that it amuses at least as much as I ached.


5/12 Day 9

Yesterday morning as I was writing my log, Mistress Natalia arrived online unexpectedly. After checking I was wearing my chastity device, that I have been getting a hard time to put on since I am slightly aroused when I start putting it, she wickedly  but also deliciously teased me. My arousal restricted to the size of my device cage  ended pitifully to be just desperate convulsions of my penis and abundant leaking, leaving me frustrated but at the same time extremely excited especially after the nice words from Mistress Natalia I definitely fall deeper for… She left as she was making me guess something about how I am and what makes me  special to Her eyes and I am still unsure of what it is….

Later, I saw Miss Rosa who promoted me to the rank of “Guide” at DS, a sort of junior Mentor. I was happy to see She is pleased with me to give me this responsibility.
But more importantly, yesterday I looked for a strip club in NY where I can go to. According to Yelp and some other reviews, the best place to go to is something called “Rick’s cabaret”. Another good one is called “Penthouse Exclusive Club” but it opens only at night and it’s for me more difficult to go in the evening. I could invent a lie to my wife with the pretext of a professional dinner but that makes me very uncomfortable …. and I might keep some residue of women scents on me when I return home just after that….So it’s better if I go in the afternoon….

Otherwise, yesterday as I will today I kept the device locked up with the actual lock all day so about 10 hours in a row. I felt the lock swinging slightly when I was walking and the vibration echoing with the feeling of being owned by Mistress Natalia aroused me a few times. I feel so happy to be Hers…

Now that I read what I wrote earlier, I cannot send this log without saying the terrible thing that happened today.

During a conversation at DS with a Divine, bitchy and lance , I fucked up and recklessly say some joke saying something I should not have. I was clearly not thinking and Miss Rosa is furious and so much pissed at me that she even de-friended me. I am devastated. Knowing what could have been the consequences of  my reckless and stupid chit chat makes me sick. Losing Miss Rosa’s trust and friendship is irreparable and knowing I have probably disappointed Mistress Natalia is crushing me even more.

5/15 Day 12

After a terrible night, I logged on Saturday morning and talked a bit with Mistress Natalia about what happened on Friday. She was of course disappointed by what happened but She generously told me “she would clean up my mess” which of course means also she will “rub my nose with it” as she said.  However she kindly said nice words so that I can relax for the rest of the day which I did. I felt very grateful of these simple words which showed she really cares for me.

I also spoke with Miss Rosa who generously got me back into her friend list. I did not stay long after writing a NC explaining my analysis of what happened  and I wrote another one about the conversation with lance. Miss Rosa appreciated what I wrote and how I analyzed the situation. She today generously told me that all this was almost behind us and that Mistress Natalia and Her decided they will go easy on me because of my genuine repentance. She also told me today lance and I will be auctioned next month at Dominion. I feel proud that they think I am worthy enough for that but I am nervous about the terms of this auction…whoever auctions me, I will miss Mistress Natalia during the interval of time I will be serving someone else….

The rest of the Saturday was well spent. I went to an Indian restaurant with my wife and then we enjoyed some time in Central Park. At night, we went to the movies and watched “The Man who knew infinity” about the romantic figure of S. Ramanunjan who was an Indian mathematician of the 1910’s. It was quite moving and very accurate of the life.

In my reflection about my blunder, I thought of an analogy between being a slave and playing the game of chess. In that game, there are usually two human opponents but one can also play against a computer. A computer never make any blunder or mistakes but the human does. Actually even the word champion can’t beat the computers. A slave fighting his bad habits, his male ego or entitlement and working to follow the rules given to him by his owner is like the human chess player against a computer. Even if he works hard and perfectly, the slightest mistake will punish him. Like in a chess game where a  blunder can lead to the loss of the game even if he has played perfectly until then, the punishment is immediate. I was thinking to elaborate this analogy and write a small text for the blog of Mistress Natalia. I have thought also about a couple of other ideas that I will tell her when I see her next…

I keep missing Mistress Natalia as if She never leaves my thoughts for very long…

5/16 Day 13

Yesterday evening, I watched the film of Tom Ford “A single man” which I recommend. It was the second time, I watched it and I loved it even more this time. The visual aesthetic of the style of the 60’s, the perfect acting of Colin Firth and the amazing music of Abel Korzeniowski are stunning. The sadness is not forced nor mushy but has a transcendental beauty that is rare. I really enjoyed it even though I was impatient to come online to see Mistress Natalia who I missed despite my anxiety for what was waiting for me.

The instant I got logged in, I got what I deserved, Mistress Natalia rubbed my mess into my nose as She said and I endured Her emotional abuse for about an hour before I begged Her to dismiss me. My heart was aching and pounding all the time, my stomach was tightened and the pain would not let me  able to stay focused on anything. I had to implore Her to let me go offline so that I can try to gather some relief to be able to write the 300 words She wanted before this morning, which I did right after. I took some pill and went to bed but I could not sleep anyway. I felt a weight in the middle of my chest almost all night and probably had not more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Despite of the last words She told me last night, that She would not bother with this if she did not love me, despite I know I deserve this punishment, I woke up with the same weight on my chest this morning still feeling vividly the scars of the last night abuse. When I think about last night, I wondered if I am too sensitive or if I am just too much in love with Mistress Natalia making me extremely vulnerable to the slightest emotional abuse and even wonder if would  hold on better with a hundred blows of a real life whip on my back.

I wonder how Mistress Natalia feels, when she punishes me like that, what She thinks. My pain is mixed with a feeling of gratitude as I know she does this because she loves me and is confident that I can  improve but also with a feeling of guilt about how stupid I was. I still feel I have a lot to learn but I also sometimes doubt if I am made for this.  Only my deep trust in Mistress Natalia keeps me on the track in these moments even if I am confident that  I have a lot to give to make Her happy. And I hope She sees that too.

5/17 day 14

As soon as I arrived in my office I put on my chastity device and I kept it all day until 7pm just before returning home. I even kept it during lunch time and during a seminar. I was not aroused at all by anything so it did not bother me too much. I went online after my seminar and discussed with an old friend. I enjoyed to talk to her.  Then Mistress Natalia arrived. I was happily surprised as I did not think she would be online after a probably tiring flight. We talked about different things, it felt like a ray of sunlight in my day.  Under her instruction, I also went to DS. She did not stay very long there  though but I had to stay and endure the games of Mistress Seforah and Goddess Suprema who did not let me leave very easily. Each time now Goddess Suprema does that, asking me to beg 10 different times and using all the synonyms she made me look for. She can be grateful to Mistress Natalia that She has left me there at her disposal for that race game. When I eventually got allowed to log after what I think was  more than half an hour of begging without response, I was in rage of frustration. When I arrived back online yesterday night she had left me this offline.

[20:08] Goddess SUPREMA (jayjurak.zheng): (Saved Mon May 16 19:20:39 2016)french fry…I am very strict on you bitch.. because.. you have good potential to serve..  and elevate the sim . I say this..I am disappointed you not participate in race but that was My Apprentices call.. I wanted you to be in race..

I think that was actually the reason why she would not let me go….there are worse things than that of course, but as Mistress Natalia said it…I might not be not the perfect slave for DS. Anyhow, I went to DS to greet Miss Rosa and she asked me to “fuck the hole” of declan. So I did the RP of fucking declan as I dominated him harshly when as the same time Miss Rosa was humiliating the hell out of him. It was fun and declan told me right after that it was hot and that he enjoyed a lot how Miss Rosa and I were onto him…As it was late, I went to bed shortly after that.

Last night, I got several strong throbbing arousal (and leaking without touching) when I thought of Mistress Natalia and how I feel more and more owned by Her and progressively completely deprived of my will, but yet serene as I trust Her.  I also thought of what I have to do today (the visit to the strip club) and it did not help to calm the arousal but only mixed it with anxiety….


5/18 day 15

So, I went to Rick’s cabaret on 33rd street. I am writing this as I am just back from there.  I am still a bit drunk because I got 2 strawberry cosmopolitan’s and one glass of Cabernet. I was a bit anxious before going  there but not too much. I took the subway and got off at Penn Station walked one block and got to the Entrance of Rick’s. The body guard looked at my ID and led me to a table after I checked my  jacket. I was not very far from the dance floor where a half naked slender girl was dancing. The room was not totally empty but there was no one between me and the dancer and the girl was like dancing for me.
She was very sexy with brown curly hair, beautiful legs and small breast but I could not see her face in the half-light.  At one point, she took off her bra and throw it at me. When she walked to my table later, she said she wanted to check me up.  Not much later, a sexy waitress half Vietnamese half American came to my table. She sat next to me and was very sweet, showing me the menu, touching my arm or legs which sent chills in my body and twitches in my locked-up cock. I ordered food and a Cosmopolitan and started to relax and to enjoy the show.
A few minutes after she stopped her shift, the girl from the dance floor came to me said a few words and since I was having some food she said she will come back.  Like the waitress, she touched my arm and my legs in a natural and sweet way that made me feel extremely comfortable. Not long after I finished my calamaris another girl came to my table and asked if she could join me –  An extremely sexy brunette with blue eyes who was wearing a blue bodysuit and fishnet pantyhose.- we chatted up a bit and then she offered a lap dance. My heart raced but I agreed. She was sweet, sexy, and hot with a perfect tanned slender body with beautiful breasts.  She sat on my lap, flashed out her tits in my face, rubbed her ass and thighs on my crotch, touched my chest caressed my neck. She also let me touch her as I was holding her waist, ass cheeks and even tits.  It was very exciting but so frustrating at the same time. My penis was twitching without being able to get hard. I felt pathetic and frustrated especially as she was rubbing her leg on my crotch intentionally I could not feel what she was trying to do on my locked up cock.  She did not say anything but she must have felt what was between my legs or thought that I had a particularly small penis…even if she suggested we go to a private room at the end…I felt a deep humiliation inside.

Later on another girl from Panama came to my table and chat me up. She was not as beautiful but she was talkative and we chatted quite a bit after what I got another lap dance that was impossible to refuse although she was far from being as attractive as the previous one. I kept enjoying the show as I was finishing the last drink I had ordered. Some other girls came after but I declined the lap dance…it could have lasted all afternoon and I could have tried more girls but I would have just been more frustrated.. However I was not expecting there would be so much touching, that the girls would be so much friendly and engaging. Over all the girls were young beautiful and sexy but sounded a bit superficial. It was sweet, cool and relaxing  but  at the same time also extremely frustrating and humiliating ….I need to say that the most I got excited was when I was thinking of the reason I was here and of Mistress Natalia of course. Also, it showed me as, if I did not know already, that vanilla does not excite me as much as D/s. These almost 2 hours with those sexy girls all around me, were not half as exciting as having the attention of Mistress Natalia whose tremendous attractiveness leaves me always the weakest as does the pure thought of being her property.

I want to finish this post by saying I am extremely grateful to Mistress Natalia to have given me this challenge. It made me feel even more that I am Hers and unable to imagine to do anything but what she tells me to do. When She gives me a challenge such as this one, I can’t think of not doing it. It puts me in some predicaments that I crave to overcome to please Her by doing what She expects. Just the fact She desires something from me is a privilege that is always source of excitement. What makes me even weaker is that She seems to have no doubt that I will obey. Her confidence disarms any resistance I could have before it even appears.

5/20 Day 17

Yesterday, I saw Mistress Natalia after almost 3 days since the last time as She has been busy with work. I was so happy to catch up with Her on everything and have Her feedback on what I have been doing…in particular the field trip at Rick’s cabaret. I felt happy to see She was so amused by my report and She generously promised me a reward. The best reward is to see Her happy and to spend time with Her no matter what we are doing. But She asked me to choose what I wanted to do this afternoon and I opted for some bdsm time. She then decided I will be Her pain slut for a session and asked me to get ready for it.
It made my heart pounding but went out to get the small “nasty” binders and the rubber band she wanted to use on me.

At my return, She was with Miss Rosa at the new land and I joined them. During the conversation, I unintentionally said something that made me sound testy with Her making the up-coming torture/punishing session entirely justified. Back at Hellfire, heart pounding, I waited patiently for Her as She was dressing for the session. She appeared 5 minutes later with the sexiest red lace underwear and my heart races even faster. She quickly  made me hang by the wrists on one of the Hellfire device and made me put (in RL) the binders on my nipples. The bite was hard and sudden and almost cut my breath. The pain and the thrill to do this for Her made me shake and sent twitches in my caged cock. The binders kept biting as She asked me to put the strong rubber band around my genitals to make it snap hard on them at Her commands. It was quick inflected pains that hurt sharply and more each time. She made me do it many times as she was interrogating me or giving me instructions and it hurt like hell but I loved and was absolutely happy to see Her purr from what I was enduring. She also again brought up my hole to be plugged and I felt a twitch in my cock. The all session was intense and very erotic, the only worries I had was to get visible bruise on my nipple which were hurting but that was easier to endure than the hardest snaps of the rubber band. I kept the binders more than half an hour and when Mistress Natalia made me removed them it hurt even more for a short time. The hours later and even this morning I have kept feeling my nipple extremely sensitive  to touching.  I also noticed bruises on my scrotum from the elastic band snaps but I am proud and happy to have them as a gift from Mistress Natalia. When I removed my chastity device later, it was all wet making quite obvious I am Mistress Natalia pain slut now…

About my chastity state, every night, I am having those throbbing arousal when I think of Mistress Natalia and my submission to Her. Yesterday morning my arousal was so intense that I had a hard time to have my penis go down. It is extremely sensitive and I am dying to touch myself at times but I have no will for it. I am chaste since 2 weeks and a half and I am proud to be for Mistress Natalia. My penis is Hers as is my heart and my soul.  I have no desire for an orgasm if she does not want to. I will hold it as long as She wants. Hopefully my body will not be too difficult to tame. My penis grows and hits the cage boundaries when I am writing this….


5/21 Day 18

Yesterday would have been a wonderful day, spending time with Mistress Natalia and moving in at her house, if I did not act stupidly in greeting or rather manifesting my presence home to Her in an inappropriate way when I arrived online at night. Even if my intention was just to be playful, it was displeasing and inappropriate  the way I did it. Knowing Mistress Natalia was unhappy made me feel awful and has ruined my mood for the weekend. I was so happy she invited me to move in Her house that my joy and enthusiasm took me off balance and I obviously got carried a way. I am ashamed of this faux pas. I should stay aware that each time She allows me closer, the privilege she generously gives me implies more duties and in particular I should be more careful and attentive.

I feel like I am walking up on a tightrope, approaching slowly closer to Her and that at each step I slightly lose balance from the excitement and I need to adjust my pace to not get carried away. I do not want to fall as it would be profoundly devastating…

I was particularly overwhelmed emotionally last night also because I forgot/did not think to ask permission to Miss Rosa to distribute the notecard I had prepared for collecting the opinions of the Divines about the topic of a blog post I am preparing. The justified anger of Miss Rosa combined with the unhappiness of Mistress Natalia achieved to put me in a completely depressing mood and I asked permission to go offline. Needless to say I did not sleep much and that I still feel a knot in my stomach.

I feel completely vulnerable with my fate in the hands of Mistress Natalia who I love and the closer I get to Her the more I crave to make her happy.

5/23 Day 20

The week-end went smoothly and It was somewhat enjoyable but my mood has mainly been  and still is under the shadow of what has happened Friday night. I have had the chance to see quickly Mistress Natalia on Sunday after my return from the gym but it was mostly frustrating since, I did not have much time to speak with Her. I also talked to Miss Rosa Sunday evening about the reasons I should have consulted Her regarding the interview project and how I must be more consistent in asking permission to Her regarding actions that are related to DS.

My chastity state is making me more and more itchy (when I see a sexy silhouette in the street or if my penis rubs some fabric for example)  even though I had no special reasons to be excited this week-end  probably because of my mood. I suppose that  after almost 3 weeks without release it is to be expected that my body starts to be itchier. I did not have any trouble to wear the chastity device to day though. It has become almost a routine now like a normal thing I have to do as my penis belongs to Mistress Natalia as well as my arousal.

My soul is uncertain and pessimistic. My heart is aching.  I feel a bit more broken and I am more vulnerable than ever. I listened to “Stillness of the Mind” by Abel Korzeniovski on my subway ride this morning.

5/25 Day 22

Monday was again a difficult day for me. I went from being on my own  to being emotionally abused in the morning and in the afternoon.  After the emotional stress of the last few days that I did not process well, it felt like my reason got blurred and my ability to be efficiency was going down, making me more subject  to get into trouble for stupid reasons. Retrospectively, I should not have been so down since I now have the brand of Mistress Natalia on my avatar through the knife of Miss Mancipia. That is a symbolic gesture that means I am loved. But I was so emotionally tired and my mind was so confused that I was a bit lost when I logged off in the evening. Later that night, my friend Lance who is much more experienced helped me to see things as they really are and not as my aching mind was perceiving them. Moreover Mistress Natalia talked to me yesterday and it clarified things even more and comforted me that I was still were I wanted, beneath her feet, to serve Her and to be trained by Her for Her own pleasure and happiness.

I feel much better now as this struggle made me understand how to deal more efficiently with these moments of emotional stress. It does not mean it will be easy but I know that eventually what matters is that  Mistress Natalia has faith in me since she puts me through these struggles how hard they are. In fact, it goes well along with what Miss Rosa said  last night “great potential merits great challenge”. So I must be prepared and I will be. I am immensely grateful to Mistress Natalia who talked to me yesterday in such an accurate way as she firmly gave me  what I needed. It made me think deeper and understand better how to process my training. It has deepened my faith, my love and trust in Her. Being her property is definitely what I want from the bottom of my heart. It is a rare chance that I am extremely lucky to hold. I will always remember that when I am in pain because this is the strength She has given me and that will hold me secure for the journey She has chosen for us.

5/26 Day 23
Yesterday was a relaxing day.  I did not see much Mistress Natalia as she wanted some alone time. I missed Her but then I took the opportunity to do some tasks regarding the #maleentitlement project of Miss Rosa  and the slave auction project of Miss Seforah.  I have seen also Deloreen who wanted to make the mesh head better but definitely I don’t like it and Mistress Natalia neither so I will keep my frenchy’s head 🙂 I put some furniture in my room and enjoyed the privilege to be at Mistress Natalia’s home. Later, Mistress Natalia took me for a quick shopping trip and then kind of introduced me to Miss Nicole who is the owner of the parcel. She was kind and showed me her property and it was a nice way to know her a bit more than just crossing her path at DS. Last night was a bit more busy at DS and I enjoyed the attention of Mistress Natalia and also of Miss Rosa who explained me how exhausting it is to train a slave…

I keep wearing the chastity device when I come online and almost all day until I return home. I almost don’t feel it except when I have the slightest arousal that is then enhanced because my penis twitches and touches the cage boundaries  Every evening when I take it off, it is all wet inevitably. I feel owned and totally dependent of Mistress Natalia and that solely idea just arouses me when I think of it . When in my bed, I get a full throbbing erection but when I write these words, my cage keeps my penis restricted and it hurts but it is hurts good. I can’t hide that I love that Mistress Natalia restricts me. It is now more than 3 weeks that I haven’t ejaculated and my body is getting extremely needy at times. I could try to have intercourse with my wife but I don’t as I don’t feel I am allowed to seek that. I wonder how long Mistress Natalia will keep me like this. In some sense I crave to  stroke my penis at some others I crave she instructs me to stay chaste longer. I don’t know what I want. I have lost my will because Mistress Natalia is the one who decides all about what She owns. That is how I can feel Her ownership is totally real…

5/27 Day 24

Yesterday was the perfect illustration of what Mistress Natalia told me on Tuesday morning ” it’s the pain that makes the pleasure so enjoyable”. I spent the morning in DS, mainly performing for Mistress Natalia’s amusement, first to dominate a sissy scum and then to go down on  chigley. It was a pleasure to amuse Mistress Natalia (and also Miss Rosa) and have her attention. Later, Mistress Natalia allowed me the privilege to spoil Her in a shopping spree. The fact She allowed me that privilege was very arousing and the chastity device made this a deliciously torture that I loved. Also, She has a wonderful taste for clothing  that makes me always excited  to discover her new ideas of outfits.

But the best moment of the day was the afternoon that I spent with Mistress Natalia at the sim Opium S&M. It is a bdsm kind of club but we spent a non-bdsm afternoon dancing and talking about ourselves. That kind of communication that makes us closer in deepening our mutual trust. and lay the ground to go further. Those moments are essential to me not only to get closer to Mistress Natalia which is my strongest motivation but also to make me internalize the struggles I had been through before. It makes my love for Her more intense and makes me stronger for the inevitable future struggles. The strength she gives me by allowing me close to put up with the emotional abuse is indispensable. Mistress Natalia is wonderful and amazing, She is 10 times worth the struggles and the suffering I am going through at times. I can only be grateful to become so close to Her. I am a lucky and happy slave.


I am now in my 4th week of chastity. My penis becomes extremely aching for release and to be stroked. I have never been chaste so long. How much longer will I have to stay like this?  Only Mistress Natalia can make it stop…..I am staying strong but sometimes feel at the edge of begging to touch….

a masochistic role (see BDSM) wherein the role player achieves sexual gratification from experiencing varying levels of pain, usually at the hand(s) of a Master/Mistress.
That guy was such a pain slut that he was begging Me to punch him after I stomped on his balls.


One of my big turn ons, is a slave that enjoys suffering for me. I want all of you losers who sit on the deck and crane your necks when I  walk by hoping to get my attention, to make a note on that point.




An unexpected surprise came two weeks ago from a new slave to Divine Sadism named krissy. I caught him bragging about what a “pain slut” he was, and how he could endure; insert eye roll. What a perfect opportunity to test him! I had him burn six holes in his inner thigh with a lit cigarette; you know, one hole for each of the Divine Queen Bitches who maintain order around the sim.




Suffice to say, I was immensely impressed, as he immediately got my attention. Now that he has it, it remains to be seen what he does with it.

A message from the Divine Creator.

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Welcome to Divine Sadism.  I am Rosa Hunter, Divine Creator.  This letter is to increase the odds of your survival.  IF you are serious about being part of what we do here, keep reading.

Here you are nothing but scum, with no value but the pleasure you can provide the Divine.  Who are the Divine?  We are the most sadistic, intense, limit-breaking Dominatrixes you will encounter within Second Life.  IF you long to serve without limit, then you may survive long enough to meet us.

The Divine do not care about your feelings or your fetishes.  We are not Mommy Dommes. In our Divine eyes you have absolutely no worth beyond your service.   Here it is our WILL, not your thrill, that matters.  As a male, you are scum and a member of the Divine Sadism (DS) scum herd – a resource.

We are a no-limit sim.  Your presence in Divine Sadism is consent to be our slave.  You MAY be allowed to provide real life service.  Don’t mix Second Life and Real Life?  Do you ever get hard when “playing” SL?  Yes?  Realize that each erection mixes Second Life and Real Life.  While Divine Sadism does not own its slaves, we do track your growth.   If you are diligent and committed you may eventually earn the coveted “slave to the Divine” tag.

To be part of what we do here . . . . to survive, you need to do the following:
Read our Divine Sadism Rules and the Divine Sadism scum Survival Guide.
Have a collar open to “public” AND a working rlv that interacts with rlv devices.  If you do not understand what this means, read the DS scum Guide to Collars and RLV.

Complete a scum registry form.

Create a profile pick named “DS scum Log” and include the following information
Register you name on the scum Rating Board (off the main Deck).
Pay ATTENTION – when the Divine are present in DS, you are expected to be fully alert and engaged.

You will find the above “scum Survival Tools” in a basket next to the scum landing entrance, and in a basket to the right of the Divine Throne Circle.

Scum are not allowed to im the Divine without permission.  IF you complete the above seven tasks you have my permission to im me with questions about your role as a scum.  BEG me to answer you.  Do NOT waste my time with meaningless chit chat.  Get straight to your point.

If you are “wired hard”, if you find yourself longing for something more intense than submission alone, then you may find Divine Sadism is an answer to your prayers.

Welcome to this haven of pain and suffering,

Rosa Hunter
Divine Creator

One of our many pet peeves at Divine Sadism is when slaves feel entitled(see post on male entitlement) to put their filthy cross hairs on us and stare at us like we are pieces of meat. Who knows what the hell they are doing with themselves behind their keyboards & monitors?

I think the best way to curb that type of behavior, is to make an example out of one of them, and the rest of them will adjust their behavior for fear of the same fate. Jenni & I found just the right victim in eb(the soon to be tiffani). When I caught him laying his cross hairs on me, I reprimanded him; and the the minute that he took his off of me, he had the audacity to immediately do the same thing to Jenni! That does not work.


As a woman who has lived in NYC for most of my life; I have been objectified more times than I care to remember. Whether it’s been as subtle as a leering stare from a passing by a group of construction workers, to something more rude like someone grabbing your ass in a crowded subway car; the bottom line is that it sucks. Men are the most un-empathetic creatures on the face of the earth; so the easy solution to conditioning their simple minds, is to put them through the same ordeal they have a lack of understanding of. Jenni & I decided to employ our #hivementality, immediately went to work making sure this scum was going to know how horrible being objectified is. Please note the before and after pictures above of eb’s miraculous transformation into tiffani with an “i”.


Now just dressing him up to make him look like a trannny prostitute, and ridiculing him might have been mean enough; but it simply wasn’t. Indigo, Arianna, & myself were bored with watching him prance around, so we decided to take him to to the “Black Cock Motel”(that really is the name of the sim). We found a charming gentleman whom we offered the opportunity to objectify(in the loosest sense of the word) tiffani; as long as we could watch and make lewd comments while he did.

So let this be another lesson to all you dirty little perverts out there, that when you are not on your best behavior in front of one of the Divine, you face the wrath of us all!

BDSM is about consent.

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One of the foundations of BDSM is consent. It goes very much hand in hand with communication & trust, to constitute what a traditional BDSM relationship is built around. Since Divine Sadism has burst onto the scene, as one of(if not the top) sims for hardcore BDSM; I have been enormously amused by some of the 2nd hand chatter we have heard about how “mean” & “rough” we treat some of the slaves.


At the end of the day, nobody forces a someone seeking to become a slave to go to Divine Sadism; they manage to figure out where it is and come there all by their lonesomes. Now it does go without saying that we absolutely do inflict some of the meanest, nasty, sadistic, and sometimes utterly debasing punishments to the slaves that wander in unprepared, but again the rules are posted very clearly.

Sometimes our behavior sends the weakest & most pathetic running for the hills(or back to whatever “Mommy Dommey” sim they came from),  however that is the collateral damage involved running a sim like Divine Sadism.


The ones that not only manage to endure it, but thrive in this environment are the ones that savor the rewards of being able to serve a group of some best Dommes that have ever had the privilege of collaborating with in Second Life.

Can you endure?


After ten weeks under the training of Mistress Natalia, I see myself becoming more and more addicted, submissive and obsessed. Every day, the desire to please and serve Her is enhanced by the feeling of a growing emotional bond making me do things I had never done before. Giving up more control, enduring more abuse and at the same time becoming more vulnerable; but also working on growing a thicker skin to cope with the emotional stress. And then, discovering the blissfulness in the intimacy of an erotic moment acting as a miracle remedy against the torment of the emotional pain. It’s the roller coaster of emotions which I was evoking in the introduction of the part 1 of this log.

Mistress Natalia is always in control, making sure the relation does not become stale or monotone with a genial intuition of taking advantage of any random circumstance. She use them to amuse Herself but also to make me learn and adjust my training when it’s needed. It helps me to perfect my ways to please and serve Her and embrace my submission fully but maybe more importantly this keeps reminding me how lucky I am to be on this journey with Mistress Natalia.  Hopefully, you will keep an interest or amuse yourself in reading more about what actually happened in this 5th sequence of my chastity log.

4/12 Day 6

Yesterday was the second day with the chastity device. Mistress Natalia did a photo shoot and humiliated/teased me with her strap-on which kept me twitching and leaking pre-cum all that  time. This sensations of frustration and excitement all at once are intense, addicting like an edging  and is accentuating the frustrating effect of the chastity.
I kept the device from 11 am to 6 pm continuously and each time I was interacting with my Mistress the circle twitching-growing- hitting the boundaries of the cage-leaking went on. At lunch time, I went out with it and I could never forget it was there. When seeing other women, especially attractive ones, I could not help imagining what they would think if they knew. Since just that thought would make me twitch,  I  tried to focus on other things which was actually difficult because the contact of the device on my penis is a constant reminder of my submission to Mistress Natalia.  When I came back online, Mistress Natalia and Lady Pearle had organized a “play date”. It was actually quite fun. I do enjoy dominating other submissive(s) with the my Mistress’s encouragement, knowing She is amused by it. I hope we have more of these things. It’s very entertaining.

Yesterday night Mistress Natalia told me she has seen subliminal messages in this log about my urges for orgasms. It was a bit of a surprise because the orgasm is what we call “la petite mort” and as this French expression could suggest it is not actually the best part. More exciting are actually  the foreplay, the teases and  the physical act (before orgasm) that one would ideally keep as long as possible, which would be an edging if one doesn’t orgasm. I guess these messages of urges just occur as a result of my body’s frustration to cum after the tease, the dirty thoughts and the chastity which is imposed. So it’s my body speaking…not me. Anyhow, as a result, Mistress Natalia instructed me to masturbate 10 times today….I will record the result tomorrow in my log.

4/13 Day 1

The night before Yesterday, I woke up around 4 am. I was not horny but I was thinking about what I will have to do. Then I started willingly to think about things that should arouse me. From thinking one thing to another and without touching my penis, I felt the arousal growing so much and so fast that I started to throb and leak in no time.
It was an increasing dream or/and reality about my relationship with Mistress Natalia and the result  was almost breathtaking. It felt like my arousal could be controlled by pure thought which was of course an illusion. I now only remember a fragment of the things I thought.I wish I could have recorded it.

I slept longer and woke up a bit before 6 am. I could not wait longer to masturbate a first time. I did so in the bathroom to be alone. As my mind was fantasizing about my Mistress, the release was sweet and delicious and it felt like I ejaculated most of what I had been keeping in my testicles. I returned to bed and slept one more hour. When I woke up I was alone in the bed so I did it a second time slowly but without edging willing to save my energy for the next 8 times to come. I slept again one more hour and repeated the process almost mechanically two more times. I did not take much pleasure of it. Each time the amount of sperm was smaller obviously. My only motivation was to obey and please Mistress Natalia and I would get aroused by just thinking about pleasing her and being obedient. I arrived in my office around 10:30. I wrote my log and worked and then  went to lunch. I did the 5th time around 2pm. I did it fast mechanically with the same fantasying images in my mind but with a sad “petite mort” ending. The repetition starting to become depressing. I logged to get some distraction of the boredom and the solitude this little game entails.  I did not stay long as some colleagues knocked at my door to ask some technical questions. It was a good distraction one hour after which I did it a 6th time by looking at some porn pictures of Dominatrix on the web. I took my time and I could enjoy it a little bit more thanks to some sexy photos that I found. I did the 7th and 8th time similarly but with much less amusement and much more frustration of how boring it was becoming. I returned online after the tea break but did not feel like doing anything and just wrote my log knowing I had 2 more to go, knowing it will be boring and depressing to do this alone again mechanically. Eventually I accompanied Mistress Natalia to a shooting in an urban zone scene. As I was there, waiting pathetically that she does her shooting, I did it one more time drawing some excitement from the humiliation to be waiting in her presence. Surprisingly I still had cum to ejaculate. For the last and 10th times, I did it at home after isolated myself in the bathroom. I fantasized again about my submission for Mistress Natalia and got very aroused and  very hard however how hard I tried I could not cum. I tried one more time an hour later with the same result. My testicles must have been emptied after all…I felt lonely, depressed and pathetic pretty much as I felt the whole day.


4/14 Day 2

Yesterday, Mistress Natalia allowed me to not redo the 10 forced ejaculations which was a relief since I was really dried out from the day before. Instead, I was officially invited to join the editors of the blog of Mistress Natalia. I was happy for the trust She demonstrated in me and to be able to participate more in this adventure. She has given me the task to publish posts about this log. This is forcing me to reread what I wrote 2 months ago and see how I was compared to how I am now. In that sense it is quite interesting. On the other hand, it exposes myself to a larger public on things that were only intended to be read by Mistress Natalia. It is not that I am shy but it is a bit intimate. On the other hand cutting off certain parts would probably not represent well how I live my submission. I am still pondering how to proceed…

Regarding my chastity and arousal, the same pattern has continued the last 2 nights: In the middle of my sleep, I wake up thinking of my Mistress and without touching  I feel instantaneously my penis grow hard, throb and leak for Her, making it difficult for me to return to sleep.

4/15 Day 3

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful time with Mistress Natalia who spoiled me at my place where we shot photos. Mistress Natalia loves to do shootings and she has an amazing  talent to edit Her photos. Spending time with her feels my heart and there is nothing like being able to please and making Her happy whatever it takes to do so. In these moments, more than others, the bond we have is strengthening in  trust and openness. It intensified my love, my addiction to Her and this feeling of being Hers. We also tried to shop for Her at Collabor88 but the lag was awful. I hope we have another opportunity to spoil Her as She deserves. Last night again, I woke up with a strong arousal for my Mistress and I stroke thinking of Her but chose not to ejaculate…


4/16 Day 4

Yesterday night Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa had fun in teasing me to end up leaving me alone. I wasn’t really worried that it would last very long and I was waiting when Miss Rosa sent me a teasing IM that I interpreted as a desire to see how miserable I was feeling to be up there. So, I replied in that sense and I sent a similar comment to Mistress Natalia afterwards. Eventually Miss Rosa teleported me and I was privileged to witness and slightly participate to a very erotic moment between Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa. After which, Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa told me how they were unhappy about whiny the IM I had sent to Mistress Natalia was. I felt miserable and the emotional abuse that followed made my heart shrink and stomach tighten so much to realize how I had deceived my Mistress.

I knew it was going to come and for one reason or another I did not see it coming.
Was it because I was a bit drunk or because I felt overconfident and “entitled” with a special status as they suggested? I don’t think so. I don’t feel entitled or better than others. Especially because how new and inexperienced, I am in this sadist and supremacist
female world I try to survive in, motivated by my desire to please my Mistress.

By now, I know that it doesn’t matter how good I (try to) behave  if these  two amazing
machiavellian Dominatrix (I am so privileged to spend time with) want to fuck me emotionally,  I have no way to escape it.

There is no better way to feel fucked in this manner when you intentionally do something
to please and that the result ends up to be interpreted (intentionally or not) as a bad behavior. I will never know for sure if this was intentional or not but it does not really matter. It hurts anyway. It makes me feel guilty and stupid to have been off guard. However I can be confident  about my deep intentions, my honesty and my ability to please, it makes me feel miserable. Well accepting my fate is also part of the pleasure they have about it. That was their goal anyway and it is reached.

Most of all, I am miserable because I love and want to please my Mistress and I can never
know for sure of the proportion of pleasure and deception she has about me. Rationally,
I believe I stand well,  but these emotional abuses perturb things in the most perverse way. Still I will take it and submit because I love my Mistress and if that is how she wants to train me I will accept it without complaining. I desire to show her that even if I make mistakes, my intentions are always honorable and I will therefore gratefully accept the punishment  to learn to serve Her better even if that means suffering more.



4/17 Day 5

Today was a beautiful day in New York. I went to the gym this morning and I went out for lunch and spent most of the afternoon in Central Park. I tried to go around and do things normally but I could not stop thinking about Mistress Natalia and how guilty I felt to have displeased Her on Friday night. I cannot stop thinking about it and how I should adjust myself so that this mistake never happens again. I can measure in these moments how much I need to make Her always happy and how I am dependent of doing so  in order to feel calm and happy myself. Yesterday, I felt up side down as my previous entry could show. I did not know what to think, how to process what happened. My emotions mixed with my rational thinking and I felt a bit lost at times. I am working on Miss Rosa assignment and it takes me some time to think about all this before I can write anything down but it helps me to process what happened.

I can’t wait to talk to Mistress Natalia in order to do a reconciliation and show Her that making Her happy is and will always be what motivates me.


4/18 Day 6

Yesterday, I was so happy to see Mistress Natalia, to speak with her about what  happened and  had the pleasure to shoot photos for my next chastity log post. It is always a pleasure to do these shooting with Her and I think I have dome some nice ones. I will work on editing them with gimp this week. I felt relieved to have had this reconciliation  moment with her. She gave me my punishment  that I will carry for one week and endure it for Her as I must.

So for my punishment I was left in an unknown Sim with the instruction to return to DS by foot and with very strict RLV restrictions.  More precisely the restrictions are no TP, no IM, no ability to fly,  no Inventory, no names visible. I discovered quickly what the parcel was.  However, I was on a full Sim region without any adjacent region making it impossible to leave it by foot. I visited all the parcels but none were very interesting and I found myself stuck there and bored to death. I started then to wonder if I was not supposed to find my way back to DS in a metaphoric sort of way, something I would have to figure out with Mistress Natalia the next day.

However, this predicament also gave me time to think again about my mistake and my condition. I felt happy and grateful to my Mistress for this punishment that I receive as a teaching to serve Her better. That isolation gave me that peace that allows you to think with some detachment but also with the comfort to know that there will be an end to it. It makes me feel more submissive and more enslaved to Her and therefore more where I belong and desire to be as Her full property.

4/19 Day 7

Yesterday morning I explained to Mistress Natalia what my predicament was in the sim and She instructed me to keep trying to find my way out. After my return from the PhD committee I was in and drank some Champagne in honor of the successful candidate I came back online to  keep exploring the  sim and try to find some trick to leave that region but after considering all the possibilities, I just put myself on the beach in a sort of meditation. It was just a short while before Mistress Natalia came to visit me and check that the region was indeed a real prison. After what, She generously parked me somewhere else and I figured quickly I was in the same region as DS but just  on the other end of the sim. So even without orientation tools, it was still easy to find my way back to DS and I rejoined the discussion group where Mistress Natalia, Miss Rosa and other Divines were in company of a couple of scums. It was a bit frustrating to follow well the conversation or to respond since I could not see names, however I immediately noticed when Mistress Natalia or Miss Rosa were talking as they both have a very special way to communicate. It was an interesting and comforting observation which made me feel like at home since I could recognize the voice of my Mistress even though I was kind of blindfolded. Before she left for the night, She generously told me my punishment was over and that we can go back to business (of course I am keeping the restriction until Monday). I woke up early today since I have some work to do in the morning and I wanted to have time to see Her before she leaves for DC.

4/20 Day 8

No much to say about today since it was a very busy day at work and I came online tonight  just to write in my log that I woke up thinking about Mistress Natalia which produced a throbbing erection that became harder at the thought of her desire to have me stay chaste as She mentioned yesterday morning.

4/23 Day 11

Friday was another busy day at work. I finished it with a dinner with my wife and my host in a good Spanish restaurant in my neighborhood. However during the night and this morning, I woke up thinking of Mistress Natalia and I felt aroused and throbbing, leaking as it happens very often now. Seeing myself becoming more and more dependent of Her, being Her property, unable to even consider to disobey Her commands but only craving them and discovering an incipient desire to become more vulnerable by giving Her more RL information.

I entered in the shower with this throbbing erection. As I felt my testicles aching not to be allowed to have an orgasm, I decided to shave my penis and scrotum instead since Mistress Natalia might require me to wear the device next week….

This morning, when my wife was out shopping, since the weather was so nice, I took some air in Central Park with my headset listening to some good tune. As I was walking,  I thought about the theme of entitlement that is dear to Miss Rosa since I saw she were organizing a discussion about that theme. And, I was wondering if I was entitled, I could not think I was but I realized that the idea of not being entitled to any rights but instead needing the permission of Mistress Natalia for anything was extremely erotic to me and as I kept walking, I felt a strong arousal like I have during those nights. I am sure it was visible to any good observer since my throbbing and leaking penis was extremely hard… stayed there for a while as I was trying to think of something else before returning home….Mistress Natalia is always in my thoughts, She is taking possession of my every breath…. It’s not only my penis and body that She owns and controls, but also my heart and my mind that she is imperceptibly rewiring….

4/25 Day 13

Sunday was a lovely day. I went to the gym and then spent again most of the afternoon out. Of course, I was visited by the thought of Mistress Natalia several times. In particular, when after exercising I went in the steam room, I was alone and I could not help but to think of Her which brought me an uncontrollable erection. It was extremely difficult to hide since I had only a towel around my waist but I was lucky enough to be able to succeed to think of something else to get it down. I think also that after 13 days of chastity I am getting horny quite easily now and leaking all the time when I am near my Mistress.

Monday, I got my RLV restrictions released and this is most comfortable to be able see names, IM and travel freely. Mistress Natalia wanted me to prepare a shooting  for my logs but I was not quick enough to do this. I must prepare better myself to these shooting whenever I have some free time so that I can be ready whenever she wants to do them. It makes me feel bad, guilty and aching to see I am disappointing her. I must work better, faster in anticipating Her desires…. I feel totally powerless, incredibly submissive and enslaved to her…as my feelings for Her don’t stop getting stronger….

I came online during  the evening to make some research for the shootings and to send my log  to Mistress Natalia but instead I have had a conversation with Miss Rosa that was very helpful. She has been very encouraging and said she is proud of me for my progresses.  She thinks I am not yet able to be a mentor for my lack of experience as a slave but that I am growing and deepening well.

After I went to bed I thought calmly to the set-up I wanted to do for the shooting following the advice of Mistress Natalia and came up clearly with what I desired to do before I fell asleep. I will tell Her when I see Her next.

4/26 Day 14

When I arrived online yesterday, I had instructions from Mistress Natalia to prepare an interview with Lady Pearle. I was excited about it and started to prepare questions that one does not have often the opportunity to ask a Mistress. When I rode the subway, thinking of Mistress Natalia and Her way to give me instructions aroused me with an erection difficult to hide. Later I realized that there was a confusion  about the instructions that left me a bit disappointed since I did not have to prepare this interview after all. Still I was happy that Mistress Natalia trusted my ability and wanted me to do this task.

Later, we shared a very nice moment shooting photos that will be used for the next blog post. I love every minute spent in Her company. On my way back home, during the subway ride, I got an erection  again  and so did I several time yesterday evening at the thought of Mistress Natalia and Her effect on my submission and training. Overall the last few days, I feel becoming steadily more and more submissive to Her in a totally natural way. When I think about how my relationship evolves and my feelings deepen, I keep having strong and throbbing erections wherever  I am or whatever I am doing….is it because I am having been chaste for two weeks now or is it because I feel more and more at ease in my submissive state? Probably a little of both….

An interview with the Divine Miss Rosa & Mistress Natalia.


Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia thank you this evening for allowing bitch to kneel in your presence and be allowed to offer these questions to you to create an interview for your followers and other fortunate souls to read.

As per your will, Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia, per your will here is the first question:

Mistress Natalia could You tell us how You two met and what attracted You to each other?

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl:To answer your question bitchy…….you know better than anyone……….. I caught you perving on me at the old Sisters Of Sadism sim. After I disciplined you …………I had to find out who had trained you so well to be such a perfect little abuse sponge.

Rosa Hunter: HA! And I got this great IM about the bad behavior of my animal . .  who did not disappoint . . .  but continued to make some very bad choices.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Sooo many bad choices!

Rosa Hunter: And given the pleasure of collaborating in RL with Mistress Jezebel it seemed natural to offer Natalia shared ownership of your pathetic self as a natural consequence for your agreeing to interview for Hellfire without my permission.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl : Who knew my “evil twin” was on the other side of your leash?

Rosa Hunter: And it took about two im’s to sense that Natalia matched me perfectly in perspective and expectations regarding the use of males.

What inspired You to set up the two sims, The Hell Fire Club and Divine Sadism?

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Well Hellfire was already in motion when I met Rosa. Divine Sadism was really Rosa’s brainchild, that was able to fill the void left when SOS closed.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: We always like to joke about the two sims being a Private Club and a Dive Bar.

Rosa Hunter : I was an Officer in Hellfire . . . an exclusive venue – and found I that adored collaborating with other Dommes in the unrestricted, freeform abuse and humiliation of males at Sadism Island. So when it closed, it was not acceptable for me to “submit” my desires to the rules of other Femdom sims . . . . I was inspired to create Divine Sadism. I am a sadist and a Dominatrix that delights in the unrestricted abuse and humiliation of males . . . . DS is the perfect venue

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: It’s been a tremendous amount of fun helping Rosa launch her vision; and the success that Divine Sadism has achieved in such a short window has been amazing.

Rosa Hunter: Where ‘submissives” are turned into hard core no limits slaves.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Watching Dommes & slaves alike from other much longer standing sims flock to DS has really validated what Rosa has built there.

What is the difference between The Hellfire Club and Divine Sadism?

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: You want to handle that one babe?

Rosa Hunter: “Laughs” DS draws scum out of the “wilds” of SL.

Rosa Hunter: Males who are tourists, whiny subs, wannabe slaves, and a few true gems. All are welcome IF they can survive the scrutiny of the Divine. It is a “boot camp” for idiot males, and above all else  a slave training facility…. the best…. the gems…..laughs…. even idiots like you bitch may be allowed to apply.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: We have found 1 or 2 “winners” amongst the muck.

Rosa Hunter: AND interviewed many losers who did not make the “mark”

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Way too many!

Do You have any projects in the pipeline that You can share with us?

Rosa Hunter (sunderezz): what? OMG you have GOT to be kidding,that is one of chigley’s stupid questions. YES BITCH,  DS is a growing community and Hellfire may have some surprises in the near future. So look forward to upcoming slave hunts, slave auctions, and scuminator games patterned of the gladiator of ancient Rome . . .  THEY knew how to work with slaves.

Do You think that The Hell Fire Club and Divine Sadism can act as a gateway from SL to RL BDSM?

Rosa Hunter: Think? I KNOW

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: They do.

Rosa Hunter: DS demands RL and SL simultaneous interaction and the BS about SL and RL being separate? Oh please!!!!!

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Slaves who want to come here and “roleplay” get very little attention from either of us.

Rosa Hunter: Any male that has had his cock grow hard in RL while “playing” in SL is a flaming hypocrite  to claim they “don’t do real life”.  Slaves do not get to choose their limits.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl :  We are looking for animals that are willing to put some “skin in the game”.

Rosa Hunter:  Not those who are chasing their own fetishes.


What do You see as positive and negative traits in a slave and do You have any tips on how a slave can impress You?

Rosa Hunter: + = focus, endurance, commitment, lack of annoying limits, intelligence, and wit.

How do You deal with slaves who try to top from the bottom?

Rosa Hunter: Me? Thinks of a certain pp rainworm wearing the signboard “pushy bottom”.

Rosa Hunter: Natalia is far more tolerant.  I tend to opt for the ban or block button.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Severe discomfort, and not the fun kind; though I am a little more tolerant. #hivementality

Rosa Hunter: Pushy “bottoms” and “brats” disgust me, along with whiny subs.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Brats are zero tolerance for me, compared to pushy bottoms which in my opinion is a behavior flaw.

What have You found to be the different abilities of male and female slaves?

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: I don’t know. We get so few real female slaves. What do you think Rosa?

Rosa Hunter: One of the Divine Seforah, has skillfully and creatively used female slaves to humiliate scum. Having them piss on, and otherwise abuse the males in ways Sef felt were beneath her dignity.

Rosa Hunter:  Personally, female slaves bring out my darkest “tastes”,  and I tend to be even more sadistic.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: I play way too rough for when we do get the odd female who wanders into DS.

How are you and Miss Rosa the same and how are You different?

Rosa Hunter: What a great question… giggles.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: The paradox is amazing.

Rosa Hunter: I think we share the same beliefs about D/s.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Our philosophies are almost identical.

Rosa Hunter: That any male used by either of us must absolutely put OUR needs and will first.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: But very different personalities & the way we go about it.  Rosa is much more methodical, where my style tends to be a little more whimsical.

Rosa Hunter: Natalia surpasses any Domme I have ever seen for the immediate verbal humiliation, and domination of a male. I plan…. study….and weave long term complex plans to remake the mind and emotions of those I allow close. But…. when we are together… sheer magic happens.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl:  Smiles at Rosa while nodding

Rosa Hunter: A synergy that is a force of nature.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Don’t think I have ever had the same connection with another Domme, like I do with Rosa.

Rosa Hunter: Nods in agreement; in  working with Natalia, I find a depth of D/s can be attained that is unique.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: I do think it is fair to say we inspire each other quite a bit.


What is the most memorable experience You and Miss Rosa shared so far?

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: ((Poor devil))…looks at Rosa.

Rosa Hunter: looks up at her Sister and laughs in delight

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Finally a good question!

Rosa Hunter: #hivemind bitch

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Write that down bitchy: #hivementality

puttouseplease: Noted Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia

Rosa Hunter: So often we think, say, or act EXACTLY the same;  it is exquisite.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: To start, there was a “manipulative piece of shit” that thought he could run his games on us and ended up epic-ly failing. Or there was another that wronged one of the Sisters in our coven and had to be dealt with harshly.

Rosa Hunter: And there is that moment when a male…who has been poisoned by male entitlements lets go and “gets” what is truly the essence of service as a slave . . . that is exquisite both.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Or there was another that we cuckolded.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: But to be honest; my most memorable moment having Rosa as a dear friend & confidant, is knowing that I always have someone whom I trust & admire that I can count on.

Rosa Hunter: Natalia has my back, as I have her’s in all things.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: Preach it Sister.

How desirable/enjoyable is it to have SL extend into RL for a sub/slave in Your service?

Rosa Hunter: For me it is essential; I have no interest in working with a slave that I cannot shape in RL.

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: I don’t think of it as enjoyable, as much as I do as a requirement.

Rosa Hunter: Exactly Sister a requirement!

How do you feel about financial control (FinDom) as part of the overall ownership and control environment?

Rosa Hunter: It is a huge trend in Sl . . . one Fimdomme sim has over 37000 search hits… yet…I prefer for a male to know that my use of its mind and body is occurring for it gives me pleasure to hurt it, to break it, to reshape it as I choose, because I choose it. I will not take males lindens. Now to apply the concept of tribute to DS…

ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: FinDom is the most misused word in Second Life. A slave should want to surrender all his earthly possessions to it’s owner: his focus, his time, his effort as well as his resources. However, the level of tackiness that I see it passed off and called FinDomming, is appalling to say the least.

Rosa Hunter: I do believe it is essential for scum to maintain DS through tribute. It is one of the few real “virtual” ways that scum can truly “serve”.  But their lindens do not benefit me,  they ensure the survival of Divine Sadism.

What do You see as positive and negative traits in a slave and do You have any tips on how a slave can impress You?

Rosa Hunter: positive?

Rosa Hunter: Do slaves have positive traits?…..looks shocked… + = focus, endurance, commitment, lack of annoying limits, intelligence, and wit, – = whining, self-focus, excuses, reasons, entitlement, arguing, greed

How much of Your SL spills over into RL?

Rosa Hunter: I have RL long distance control for any slave I allow close, and that concept is woven into Divine Sadismηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl: My answer sort of mirrors Rosa’s. Slaves know what does and doesn’t work for us.

Rosa’s lazy bitch: Sets down pen…Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia that is the last question bitch was provided for the interview. it want’s to thank you for the time in answering, and allowing bitch to be part of it. With that unless there is anything else bitch can do for you, it begs to crawl off and edit bitch’s scribbling to return it to you.

Rosa Hunter: What is this like for YOU?

Rosa’s lazy bitch:  It takes reflection in answering….for bitch it means after all these years (And there have been quite a few) that bitch is finally doing what it was meant to do. That being of use and service to women, specifically Miss Rosa & Mistress Natalia and the Divine.  Over the past year, and with your guidance (certainly patience your patience too), bitch has been changed into one that is rewarded in serving your will and direction.  It truly lives to serve another, to perform without hesitation and question. It thought is was doing that a year ago…how wrong it was.

It wakes up every morning only wanting to serve and please….and curls up every night asking itself if it did, how and if it did not, how it can do better. Even if it feels it has done well the last thought is has it how to do better and anticipate better. Bitch feels it is where it was destined to be and thinks of all the experiences both amazing in servitude and being owned and excruciating painful when bitch screwed up or sent adrift.

Thank you Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia for allowing bitch to conduct this interview & serve and be in your world.


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Every now and then we get a slave who thinks that he is smarter than us. slug is one of those slaves who thought he was not once, but twice. He first tried to manipulate Rosa & myself against each other by being too dumb to realize that there is no “me” & “her”, but rather an us. Our philosophies are the same, our taste in slaves is the same, we finish each other’s sentences, and when we get into rhythm pure D/s magic happens. It’s a true hive mentality.

Most lesser  skilled Dommes would have muted and/or banned slug for these transgressions, but that would have been letting him off far too easily. We have made him sign one of our unconditional slave contracts instead as a means to reconditioning his mindset and place in the world.

We want him to shove a banana up his bum and take a picture of it to prove it? He does it.

We want him to pay the tiers for the sim for the month? He does it.

We want him to write the word “nothing” all over his body to re-enforce what he is, and take pictures of it; doesn’t even matter if he has to go to work the next day? He does it.

For all you loser, “want to be slaves” out there that think you are smarter than the Sisterhood of Divine Sadism; let the note from slug, below serve as a warning. Your low IQ & pathetic schemes are no match for #hivementality.


Dedicated to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia

2016-04-30  by slug

On my ordeal since i signed the slave contract

As i write this testimonial i am down on my knees, naked, wearing a collar and plug, in honor of Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia. i know that i am Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias loyal devoted dedicated property and slave. i also realize that i exist solely for Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias pleasure and happiness. Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia are in full control of my body, mind and sexuality. my knees are used only for the purpose of kneeling in front of Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia as I beg and drool for Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias attention and acceptance. i know that when Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia punish me harshly the pain which i feel is for Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias pleasure.

Since i signed the slave contract, non consensual slavery to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia has become the natural order of my life. i internalized that i am nothing, nothing but an inferior animal, a pathetic pig on its knees, nose to the floor in worship of Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia who own me. The contract settled me into a life of total female servitude. to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia demonstrated their power over this weak willed creature . i spent hours and hours locked in a cell an never felt any freedom again.

Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia have completely conquered, captured, molded and reprogrammed my mind, body, emotions and soul and i know that they can release the tight vise like extremely possessive grip of their ownership over this lowly slave whenever they want to do so and dismiss me forever. my previous vanilla life has become a blur of what it once was. my slave soul has become completely dependent on Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia and i am their prisoner and bound to them. my peace comes from bowing to their ownership and possession.

i am aware of the fact that that Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia have absolutely no interest in my point of view and i am devoid of making any decisions or choices and my demeanor is now one of complete subservience, servitude and strict obedience. i now fully understand and embrace the fact that pain and pleasure are intertwined and are one and the same and realize that my entire existence evolves and is focused on proving myself worthy and providing Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia with pleasure and happiness in any and every way imaginable. When i am on public display for purposes of humiliation or at their lair i always project the proper attitude befitting the slave that i have become and i never question Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias commands and follow blindly down the path of Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias desires, any pleasure which i feel is solely derived from the pleasure i provide to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia.


i try to improve my skills and take the chances to get deeper under Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias spell and also which helps to keep me completely focused on my life of slavery and devotion to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia. i can see in Mistress Rosass and Mistress Natalia eyes and also in their demeanor that they derive great pleasure from her slaves accelerated development, which is and ongoing never ending process. i do not care about my satisfaction, and again i must reiterate that my peace and happiness comes from bowing to Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias ownership and total possession.

in my minds eye i see Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias pleasure, eyes, face, lipstick, hair and rhinestones as they torment and turn me into their tool for submission, my cage is my badge of her ownership and absolute control. i desire to be locked in for long periods while the only key is in Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias possession. i am only allowed to crawl and i have completely surrendered my masculinity for Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias control, desire and safe keeping. I relish and embrace the fact that Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalia  keep me in extremely strict mental bondage while they degrade, humiliate, torment, torture, tease,and force me to be nothing but an inderior animal all with a devious pleasing smile on their faces. i could go on and on however it is truly difficult to fully articulate the joy and elation i feel being owned and a slave to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia. One thing that I must practice is my tone of voice, Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia however have partially rectified that issue by forcing a gag on me not allowing me to speak and / or respond according to their will. i noticed that this has forced my tone of voice to become softer. I am grateful for their reinforced power on me when i do errors. i do know that i am a work in progress and try my best to be worth the effort.

i yearn for Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias collar around my neck for all to observe her Ownership over their slave, i wear it with the utmost pride.

i work very hard and without hesitation at making Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia proud of her acquisition. I do see the restrictions Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia put on me as a further dive into my complete transformation to a groveling and begging toy and slave.i kneel, supplicant before Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia, my will offered up in quiet acquiescence awaiting their approval or reproach, the fine line between pleasure and pain becomes ever sweeter with Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias absolute control with every touch, command, smoldering embers are kindled tormenting desires awakened. i quiver captured by heat and hunger, bend me to Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia show me and teach me what Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia  most desire. my purpose is but to serve through your dominion. Mistress Rosa and Mistress Natalia, the Owners of my body, emotions, mind and soul are treasured above all.

Mistress Rosas and Mistress Natalias lowly slave in waiting