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My first encounter with DQB Tanarra occurred two years ago as I was wandering lonely in the Parlour Femdom sim. She was in a pirate costume and engaged me in a memorable Roleplay that was fun and hot and during which — armed with words as sharp as her pirate saber — she made me lose all dignity. I never heard from her again until I was given the task by Miss Rosa to interview her. That was quite a surprise!

If you meet DQB Tanarra on the deck of DS, it will be likely at night if you are on the East coast and you want to be prepared to be challenged by her sense of humor, a natural dominant verb that she speaks as fluently as English.but also by her pure sadistic whims (you better have your toolbox around). If you deserve it and if you are lucky, She will also offer you hypnosis sessions or even teach you meditation. I was delighted that she accepts to be interviewed and I am extremely grateful for her patience, her very interesting and complete answers and all the help she has provided to make our meetings possible even when the hurricane Irma was at the gates of Florida where she resides. Please enjoy!

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slave frenchy: Good evening Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra, I am so happy to meet you for this interview. Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

DQB Tanarra: Hello michel. I am rather protective of My privacy.  I do share limited information with slaves/friends who have earned My trust, but most details are general.  For example, I reside in Florida… but I will not divulge where.

slave frenchy: of course, I understand completely.. So could you tell me how you would present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

DQB Tanarra: As a person in the D/s lifestyle?  Or just a person in general, say that you’d meet in the workplace?

slave frenchy: i meant as a person in general

DQB Tanarra: As a person in general, I am very ‘low maintenance’.  I am peaceful, confident, calm, playful, goofy, spiritual, and geeky.

slave frenchy: so you are telling me that you do not present yourself by saying anything in particular but you show a certain behavior and let the other person analyze what he or she sees?

DQB Tanarra: Yes, I’m simply Me.  Most people tell Me I am warm, approachable, and make them feel ‘at ease’.  Shocking, right?  *chuckle* I often joke that I am the compassionate sadist.

slave frenchy : *smiles* I think it is absolutely charming Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra 🙂

DQB Tanarra: Well I’m so very happy to have your vote of confidence michel! 😉

slave frenchy: *smiles* You are from Florida probably American born and I have noticed you speak a very elaborate English (for what I can judge since English is not my native language). Is there a specific culture you feel you belong to?

DQB Tanarra: I am American born, 2nd generation Italian-American, which I’m very proud of . My heritage. I was born in the Northeast, but lived in the South most of my life.  Yes, I am in Florida. I love language, and am a creative writer, so yes, a bit verbose.

slave frenchy: I had noticed that two years ago already  *smiles*

DQB Tanarra: Yarrrrrr!

slave frenchy: Do you speak other languages except Italian ? 🙂

DQB Tanarra: I don’t speak italian, sadly.  Only a few words here and there.  Which is true for Me for many languages.  But I am semi-fluent in French.  Just don’t ask My slave that, who resides in France.  He’ll tell you “Mistress’ French sucks!” 🙂 He’s quite the brat. Merhaba (Turkish), Yasou (Greek), Hola (Spanish), Ciao (Italian), Konichiwa (Japanese), Guten Tag (German)… I know just enough to be dangerous!

slave frenchy: I am French too 🙂 I am sure your French  is good *smiles*

DQB Tanarra: Je parle un petite peu.  Mon mari (ex now), il est Quebecois. [ I speak a little. My ex-husband is from Quebec ]

slave frenchy: Oh, vous devez avoir aussi un charmant accent alors! 🙂 [ You must also have a charming accent, then! ]

DQB Tanarra: *chuckles*  C’est vrai! [ That’s true!]

slave frenchy: (looks at his notes to resume the interview according to his preparation not to digress too much) : Is your RL occupation being a writer and if not, does it allow you to express your dominant personality in your every day life?

DQB Tanarra: Writing is My hobby, though I have had a freelance business since 1993 as a copywriter, web designer, graphic designer, and general business consultant.  My full-time career is in Television, where I manage a live show team (15 people). So yes, as a Manager, I get to utilize My Dominant talents and skills to obtain the results necessary to produce quality content.

slave frenchy: Oh that’s very impressive… Do you need/like to be in control of every aspect of your life?  In other words, are you a control freak? ☺ I would also ask since I believe it can be part of that question…do you prefer to plan in advance or to improvise?

DQB Tanarra: It’s funny michel, I don’t consider myself a control freak, but I do like to plan scenarios.  I’m a creative visionary.  I see the big picture, and can identify the steps necessary to achieve an outcome.  However, I am an introverted (not shy) voyeur.  I prefer to be out of the limelight, and support others.  My whole life I naturally rose to positions of leadership, I think because of my confident and curious nature.  So it was just a natural fit. I’m also an excellent communicator.  I know how to speak to people, from all walks of life, and in all manner of speech.  So it helps to get to the root of issues.

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slave frenchy: What are your favorite book/movie/music that you like to share with the persons you are close to?

DQB Tanarra: I love arts, literature & culture, so it’s very hard to narrow down those interests in to just ‘one’ of something.  Neil Gaiman is a favorite author.  I have always loved comic books, and was a very big fan of his “Death” character, who I’ve been told I resemble.  I recommend The Endless series, or Sandman by Vertigo as great graphic novel reads.  For movies, I’m a fan of the original Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder, or Labyrinth with David Bowie.  For music, my tastes run the gamut from Foo Fighters to Vivaldi and all points in between.  Death Metal to EDM.

slave frenchy: I was certain that you were eclectic 🙂 maybe a last question before talking about bdsm… *smiles* Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL?

DQB Tanarra: I enjoy reading, crafting, gaming, ASMR, billiards, swimming… and LEARNING.  I love to learn new things. My first incarnation in SL involved building, and mild scripting.  Prior to mesh.  Then I took a hiatus, and returned to SL in 2013 with a focus on socializing and virtual BDSM.  I’ve been in the lifestyle (RL) just over 30 yrs.

slave frenchy: omg 30 years! That’s impressive…then I am more curious to know…in a world mainly composed of macho societies , it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

DQB Tanarra: So, I realized I was a different kind of gal as a child.  I was very resilient, nothing bothered Me.  I, again, naturally took charge, often ‘captain’ on the playground — but not bossy.  I was good at organizing and understanding people.  Sexually, I had a young awakening.  I’ve always enjoyed sex, and never felt hindered in any way by being a woman.  That confidence, not cockiness, attracts people.  They want to know you, learn from you, and yes, serve you.  I don’t abuse My power, but I command effectively.  Fun is always an objective, as well as making an impact, and impression.  I like to leave things and people ‘changed for the better’.  That has always been a goal.

slave frenchy: So it was a totally smooth and natural awakening? Did you realize immediately that you were going to be what we call now a Domina? In other words, has your dominance in general developed at the same pace as the one of a Mistress ?

DQB Tanarra: I’d like to go back to something you phrased, and maybe because English isn’t your native language, you didn’t mean it exactly in the way I understood “it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant.” Women may be conditioned from childhood to be submissive, to stay at home and take care of their man.  However that was not my experience.  I was told I could be whomever I want, achieve whatever I want, no holds barred. Always have been like this. So, I have always been an alpha, a top… but not out of need for control or to prove something.  I am just self-assured, positive minded, strong willed, and have a clear idea of who I am. I didn’t know the term Domme until I was about 18. Some gave Me a copy of The Story of O. And I was completely enthralled by it. I also ran in circles that were theatrical, and kinky. I directed My first orgy at 18. And it was so popular, that people begged Me to keep planning play parties. I did for a time, and I would orchestra events. This was back in the mid-to-late 80s. I’ve always been private, and not in to big local scenes.  So it was quite mysterious and selective.  Because of My love of reading, arts & culture, I found My niche in BDSM through the door of Victorian Discipline. The cane is My favorite instrument.  But I love high protocol, regimented behaviors, and strict discipline. I also have a limitless wellspring of ideas, which keeps interactions fun, fresh, and creative.

slave frenchy: * smiles* as you answer to questions I haven’t yet asked…

DQB Tanarra: Did I mention I read minds? *chuckles.* One thing I do want to share before I forget, is how very important My daily meditation practice has been in My life.  I have meditated since I was 15 years old.  I just turned 50 in early May.

slave frenchy (laughs at the comment on minds reading): I knew you were dangerous and you just confirms it *smiles* Can you tell us a bit more about this practice of meditation, how you discovered the need of it and what it brings you?

DQB Tanarra: Of course.  My brother introduced Me to yoga when I was a teenager.  He is quite a bit older than Me, and I idolized him as a young girl.  So, prior to the internet, I got My hands on every book I could to better understand it, and meditation.  I’ve always been introspective, and it appealed to My nature.  I’m also pagan — or as I also like to say, a recovering Catholic 😉 — so meditation is a means of learning, of raising power/energy, of healing, and of ‘getting outside yourself’.  Here in SL, I do hypnosis/meditative sessions with people.  Guided meditations to explore the self, the subconscious, and the psyche.

slave frenchy: How do you associate the meditation and the lifestyle? Are the hypnosis sessions meant as a short cut to our inner-self that we often hide because of social conventions or is it something totally different?

DQB Tanarra: Well one example is deep breathing.  Meditation uses breath to help the practitioner focus the mind, and calm the spirit.  In BDSM, proper breathing technique is crucial for managing the body.  It helps not only with ‘breath play’ but in managing pain, maintaining awareness, and keeping oneself balanced. Hypnosis is a way to alleviate inhibitions or mental blocks of the waking, conscious mind. It can help with reinforcement of behaviors, or beliefs.  It can help slaves connect to their subservient mindset.  Or, it can be used in SL for more playful purposes, like turning someone in to an object, or helping them to become more ‘slutty’. While I am not a certified hypnotherapist, I do feel My experience lends well to the practice of guiding someone through their own inner journey.

slave frenchy: It looks like an extremely powerful skill and it must require a strong mutual trust for such a practice. Is it something you would recommend to anyone or not?

DQB Tanarra: I think anyone who is inquisitive, or who has a mind — which may exclude most scum 😉 — can be receptive to hypnosis.  It is a fun adventure, exploring the power of the mind.  Those who fear hypnosis, or who might be apprehensive, likely fear it is a tool for manipulation, and that they somehow lose control of themselves.  This is not the case.  Not unless you are RP’ing such things. I feel I have a gift for putting people at ease, and helping them relax.  I’ve had some tell Me my voice is soothing to listen to.  That makes Me happy. I don’t think anyone would be happy if they were told, “Your voice sounds like a chain-smoking cat choking on a hairball.” LOL Interestingly enough, I did a session with someone who was completely deaf.  And I was concerned, because I do rely on voice as a means of inducing trance.  However, because of My understand of energy flow, I was able to communicate in text and bring about the same state of consciousness and it was a really great experience.

slave frenchy: That very interesting and I would have many more question on the subject but I think my duty is to go on on the interview. However I will ask this: Since reading and writing is an important part of your activity and your connection to bdsm and to meditation, are there readings you would recommend? Have you written on these subjects?

DQB Tanarra: I am the Queen of Unfinished Bestsellers, lol. I start with so many great stories, and then get the first few chapters out, and then I shelf it. But as for specific titles, I don’t really have any recommendations because My interests are so broad and varied.  I would just say “Google your interests”, there is an amazing level of content online.  Do your research. I can recommend however two tracks that I enjoy meditating to:  The Gayatri Mantra by Deva & Miten Premal and Reiki Starlight. Tina Turner is also putting out some amazing Buddhist chant music… For BDSM, perhaps TiedMoments  and Dominant Guide.

slave frenchy: Thank you so much, I am sure many of our community will be curious to read and listen to those links.

DQB Tanarra: you are very welcome, michel.

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DQB Tanarra disciplining the photographer

slave frenchy: My next question might sound provocative for DS but since it is not always the case for the Divines I have interviewed, I will ask it nevertheless. Are you a female supremacist?

DQB Tanarra: Absolutely. But again, the word ‘supremacist’ is a stigma that many fear. It doesn’t mean We hate men, or think they are invaluable.  Scum have their place in the Matriarchy. Women are natural leaders, nurturers, caregivers, orchestrators… etc. I do not focus on the biological supremacy that many female supremacies use to make their case for the belief. Are you a supporter of female supremacy michel?

slave frenchy: *smiles* I think it depends upon the definition but I agree with what you are saying that women are natural leaders, nurturers and care givers…

DQB Tanarra: Often people ask if I’m a feminist, and I say, “No, and neither are you (to other femdoms)” Because feminism is about fighting for ‘equal rights’.  In D/s, nothing is equal. If you are a femdom, whether you want to admit it or not — or identify yourself as female supremacist — you are.  If you put a man on a leash, you are a female supremacist. TPE is often tossed around in the lifestyle… you hear others say, “oh, submission is a gift”.  There is no power exchange for a female supremacist.  We have all the power. We are the Divine. The slave craves to be in Our presence, or they don’t survive. Divine Sadism is certainly not for everyone. And again, I think it is shocking to people who know Me when I confidently share I’m a Female Supremacist.  Because I don’t make them feel uncomfortable. I’m able to share a point of view, My life with them, and I’m not condescending about it. Seems contradictory no? I don’t rule with an iron fist, I rule with an emerald sceptre! *smiles*

slave frenchy: No, not at all contradictory why? but do you believe that any woman can or is in right to dominate any man?

DQB Tanarra: Yes, of course.  But the woman has to tap Her Divinity, Her birthright.  Not all women feel they are capable.  They have been conditioned to feel it is ‘wrong’ somehow. Because when you say ‘supremacist’ it infers Superiority, meaning “I am better than you,” in most peoples minds.  And that would lead you to believe you condescend, look down from your pedestal. However, I see Superiority more as a hierarchy of leadership rather than a ‘value system’.  As a Manager in the workplace, I am the Superior.  But My team is very valuable, and effective under My style of leadership. We call Our slaves scum because We are Divine Sadists. I am a Humiliatrix, but every slave I crush with words or command with physical prowess feels My confidence and control, and they trust Me because of it.  There is no room for them to doubt. Failure is absolutely essential for growth. So when I tell a slave, “You failed!” they should feel disappointment, but also hope, that they are learning.

slave frenchy: *nods” …one learns from our mistakes and this is so true in bdsm

DQB Tanarra: Yes, and that’s what I love about the DS community.  Such diversity, and a common mission to help facilitate growth, development, focus, and follow through.

slave frenchy: I think that leads naturally to my next question. What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

DQB Tanarra: I like humility.  I love a good sense of humor, but that also requires a sense of timing.  I like those who listen, who are actively engaged, and who put forth effort.  Our time is valuable.  It is Our LIFE.  I say that all the time.  I am exchanging minutes of My precious life to be here with you scum.  Value that.  I deserve your time.  You are lucky to have Mine.

slave frenchy: I totally agree Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra and be assured I am extremely grateful for your time right now!

DQB Tanarra: I feel that. 🙂 thank you slave.

slave frenchy: In your opinion and experience, what is the most difficult part in being a Mistress?

DQB Tanarra: For Me?  Nothing.  Again, it comes naturally.  It is who I am.  It is not a hat I wear, it is woven in to My DNA.  But for others whom I’ve worked with, and heard from, they say they sometimes second guess their decisions.  Or they run out of creative ideas.  They have insecurities which can create fissures in a D/s dynamic. Particularly in SL, I see people (both Dommes and slaves) jump in to relationships out of a desire to have someone to rule over or be ruled by.  They don’t take the time to really sort out compatibility.  And that’s fine if you just want a quick fling or playmate.  But if you truly want to establish a realistic D/s relationship — take your time.  Evaluate subjects closely and rationally.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve. My slave, Jason, and I have been together since 2013.  He lives in France, but we have crossed over to RL and had a 1 month visit together last Summer.  It was fantastic.  We have a strong, solid bond and navigate the LDR very well.  Someday, if the fates allow, he will be My in-house slave. I met him here in SL at another femdom sim.  And it is an age-gap relationship, which is only stated to define it to others.  It doesn’t matter to Me at all.  He is 24.

note: LDR= Long Distance Relationship

DQB Tanarra & Jason ps(1)

DQB Tanarra and her slave Jason

slave frenchy: *smiles* That answers another of my questions *smiles* you really read minds Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra

DQB Tanarra: Part of My heritage.  I am strega. We commune with the spirit, both living and departed.  So that collective consciousness really helps when tapped into. 🙂 I suspect this will be your longest blog interview ever! At the bottom, please put TL:DR Tanarra is pretty cool. lol, do you know what TL:DR means? It is ‘geek speak’ for TOO LONG, DIDN’T READ.  So you summarize what the article or post is about in one sentence. And RTFM <— Read the fucking manual. You say that to people who don’t know their shit. 🙂

note: Strega = a group of pagan magic users (source )

slave frenchy: *laughs* What in Your opinion, makes for a successful D/s relationship; and what are. if any, the responsibilities of the Domme towards her slave?

DQB Tanarra: A successful D/s relationship is one with well-defined boundaries and terms that are negotiated and adhered to. A structure need a sturdy foundation on which to stand. If you do not have that in your D/s relationship, it will crumble to th ground. The Domme has incredible responsibility for Her slave. It is Her possession, Her property, Her investment. If I buy an expensive piece of jewelry, or custom haute couture, I wouldn’t just leave it in a dark closet to rot. No, I would take great care of it, and use it to showcase My taste, My style, My preferences. My slave represents Me, and will reflect My values.

slave frenchy: Do you mean that limits are negotiated between the Domme and the slave?

DQB Tanarra: You said a D/s relationship. Not a Domme/slave. In a Female Supremacy, Divine/slave dynamic, the only negotiating is at the landing. You stay, or you go if you are scum. You don’t waste Divine time.

slave frenchy: So in that case that means limits shouldn’t exist in a meaningful Domme/slave relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

DQB Tanarra: There will always be limits, no matter what anyone says to you. Even in consensual non-consent, there are limits. Oh W/we may not want them… W/we may push boundaries quite far… but to be safe, sane, and consensual, there will be limits.

slave frenchy : About successful relationship between a Domme and a slave, I would also like to ask you this: Do you think a strong D/s relationship is possible when the kinks/fetishes of the Domme and of the slave do not intersect?

DQB Tanarra: That is a stupid question michel! You could answer that one. Why would I waste My time caring about the kinks and fetishes of the slave? Hmm?

slave frenchy: Of course not Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra. I know people having different opinion so I was curious about yours *smiles and blushes*

DQB Tanarra: Well now you have it. * grins.*

michel waiting his fate ps

DQB Tanarra about to discipline the interviewer waiting for his fate

slave frenchy: You said you are a Humiliatrix. Is it what you enjoy the most? Otherwise can you tell us about your other favorite fetishes?

DQB Tanarra: I enjoy caning the most. I love the thuddy strikes that bring beautiful strawberry/plum colored bruising to the surface. Deep tissue impact, where the pain is lasting, for several days, if not longer. But yes, I love humiliating scum. I have many pleasures that I indulge in, from the silly to the severe.

slave frenchy: In some of the Sunday conversations, you said about the sharing of slaves, that the emotional bound was the hurdle. Could you elaborate on this?

DQB Tanarra: Yes. Many D/s relationships involve a romantic element between partners. Whether husband/Wife, boyfriend/Girlfriend, slut/Lover, etc. When people invest emotionally, whether they want to admit it or not, it impairs their ability to be fully uninhibited because they have ‘feelings’ which they worry about affecting — either their partner’s or their own. I’m not saying it is bad. I have that type of bond with My personal slave, Jason. But navigating those waters and keeping firm boundaries can be tricky. It takes time, patience, and strong effort on all involved.

slave frenchy: Does it mean when this hurdle is overcome, that the shared submissive serves his owner through the service to others? Isn’t there a kind of paradox here?

DQB Tanarra: the submissive? No, the slave. The slave always does his Owner’s bidding. That doesn’t change. No paradox.

slave frenchy: I also read that you enjoy the fear and uncertainty when you use the service an other’s Divine slave at DS. There are different kind of services. Some are very casual while others involves some intimacy. Do you think that a connection is needed for that kind of service? How is the sharing of slave possible in that circumstances?

DQB Tanarra: I do not think intimacy has to be involved to utilize a service slave. In as much as I need intimacy with a car wash to get My vehicle cleaned. If you look at the slave as property, sharing is easy. It is like someone borrowing your pen to write with.

slave frenchy: *smiles at the comparison* Do you still go to other BDSM or Femdom sim? I heard about a decline of their attendance. What do you like the most at DS that you don’t find anywhere else?

DQB Tanarra: I visit one or two other sims for discussions mostly, occasionally a dance, or some other special event. What i love about DS that I don’t find anywhere else is a true Female Supremacy sim where I can be as sadistic as I like without needing to apologize to anyone for My behavior, or for who I naturally am. Divine will is Law, as it should be.

slave frenchy: How do you evaluate a prospective slave during the first days you know him? What are you looking at first? What could turn you off?

DQB Tanarra: I like slaves who know how to converse. Those who have a sense of humor, but also a keen sense of timing. I like knowing they are listening and paying attention. I am most attracted to slaves that are selfless and don’t go off spouting their fantasies at every opportunity, or who beg to kiss My feet, and kneel at My side. If I want them there, I will make it known. Turn offs include whiny, needy, clingy slaves who can’t seem to function independently.

slave frenchy: Do you like always to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL or is your slave Jason an exception?

DQB Tanarra: Jason is My chattel, and has been for 4 years now. Our RL crossover was not anticipated in the beginning, but with time and relationship growth, that became an option. I do not seek RL crossover with other slaves, as I’m very private and reclusive in nature. I do occasionally voice/cam with My Divine Sisters and Our scum via Club Divine, but beyond that, SL interactions remain virtual.

slave frenchy: I know you enjoy role-playing. How important is it versus RL submission for you? Is it a way to measure the creativity or responsiveness of a slave?

DQB Tanarra: Engagement begins with the mind. Creativity is the spawn of imagination. So, what others consider RP (role play), I consider REAL PLAY. I am not playing a role when I’m here scening. I am Me. I act as I would whether in SL or RL. So, for Myself, ‘role play’ is merely a vehicle to connect with someone, to excite them, to get their creative juices (and other juices >:) flowing.

slave frenchy: * smiles* You have mentioned your slave and partner Jason. Would you consider to own other slaves or submissives?

DQB Tanarra: I’m not seeking that, but I also would not rule anything out.

slave frenchy: What are your best/worse memory about a D/s relationship that you had?

DQB Tanarra: Seeing My slave admire marks I gave him in the mirror (RL) when he didn’t know I was looking. (A BEST MEMORY)

slave frenchy: I always like to finish by this question…*smiles* ..What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

DQB Tanarra: Meditate daily. The world is full of wonder, go out and enjoy it!

slave frenchy: Thank you very much for allowing me to give this interview.. It was thrilling and I am sure the DS community will enjoy reading you.
Good night Divine Queen Bitch Tanarra.

DQB Tanarra: Well I wish you a good evening then michel… it has been a pleasure to chat with you. I am honored and flattered to be interviewed.




If you are a scum and have not yet met the Divine Goddess Jaminda on the Divine Sadism deck or in the shadows of the stone walls of her dungeon called the Abyss where she would put you in your place if you ever forgot you have one, then you certainly want to give your best impression the first time you cross her path. You might get the help you need by reading this interview She has generously accepted to respond to after inviting me to  her beautiful dungeon.

Goddess Jaminda has chosen the challenge to answer spontaneously to my questions in live without notes (smiles) and I believe it says a lot about her personality. Also, I am particularly grateful for the time She has devoted to answering every single question I dared to ask without dodging (we have met at least three times for this interview) and for her patience when I was shooting the photographs.

jaminda3frenchy : Thank you very much for receiving me and for accepting to do this interview Goddess Jaminda, we are all curious to know more about you and this is a great opportunity!

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Well this is a lovely opportunity

frenchy : Before anything, I would like to ask whether you are comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I am happy to share.

frenchy : Thank you Goddess.  I will have some questions about it but first of all, I would like to ask : how would you present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I am a complex person…. I tend to reveal more of myself over time and can be quite guarded initially. However I am always friendly and polite. Unless of course someone gives me reason not to be or behaves like an idiot. It largely depends on how I am approached.

frenchy (nods understandingly) : I saw in your profile that you are from the UK, would like to share anything about your social and culture origins and the path you have followed since your childhood?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Yes I am from England….My family traveled a lot in my early years and we didn’t settle for some time. I had a very sheltered upbringing in many respects. My generation was one that did not have access to instant information and the internet. Often I laugh about how innocent I was compared to young people today but in a way that was a good thing, I have had a wonderful and exciting path to where I am now and it would not have happened that way otherwise

frenchy (smiles) : The internet has indeed allowed people to see quite a few things they would not in their neighborhood or family …

Divine Goddess Jaminda: And also to meet people of a like mind. The internet has opened up so many opportunities for people in so many ways.

frenchy : Indeed… What is your RL occupation? Does it allow you to express your dominant personality in your every day life?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I work with school nurses…Its an all female office and is a lot of fun. They are the nicest group of people I have worked with although the job itself is pretty mundane and boring – I am surrounded by paper and files. We are in the process of going into an electronic system and it’s a complete nightmare! I also work in what I call “the box” it’s like something out of the dark ages – it has to be seen to be believed chuckles. …as for expressing my Dominant personality in rl to a degree I can and do, although not anywhere to the extent that I do in second life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by open-minded people both at work and in my personal life. I am fiercely independent and have surprised those closest to me in other areas of my life so they have learned to expect the unexpected. I am not saying they wouldn’t be surprised if they knew EVERYTHING I did but definitely not shocked.

frenchy : Maybe my next question will sound silly now but let me ask it still please 🙂 Do you need or like to be in control of every aspect of your life? In other words, are you a control freak? ☺

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I LOVE control but would not call myself a control freak as I enjoy and use improvisation too much to be one. Realistically you can’t be in control of everything and the joy of improvisation would be lost.

frenchy : Then it is a balance between control and improvisation…I was going to ask if you like to plan in advance or prefer to improvise but I think you partly answered that question 🙂

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Yes I love to improvise….I find it exciting to think on my feet. It actually challenges me too to be imaginative and creative. Often I will have a plan of what I intend to do but it is exciting to see what happens and the twists and turns that improvisation provides

frenchy : (nods and smiles) Before moving to the crux of the matter, I would like to ask a few more questions about non bdsm topics. What are your favorite book/movie/music that you like to share with the persons you are close to?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I am not a great reader….but I love music. I have a broad range of likes however classical music is my greatest love…I listen to it even when I am driving to work just to soothe me and get me in the right frame of mind to face the day ahead (laughs). This is a love I share with my rl friends and family. I go to concerts as often as I can. As far as movies are concerned I watch very few. I prefer a good period drama in most respects, the movie has to have a good story to engage my interest.


frenchy : Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I would love to travel more! I have been lucky and seen some amazing places in my time. I would love to go to Iceland…and am planning to go there in the next year or so, I want to see the Northern Lights. I am more drawn to colder countries than hot ones, I prefer more wild and landscape type holidays in beautiful places to cities. I would love to go back to Africa (probably Kenya next time I went to South Africa previously) I was lucky enough to go on safari and absolutely loved it. Being in the bush and being surrounded by wild animals was exceptionally thrilling. However I would go in their spring or autumn. I am not good in hot weather.

frenchy : I have seen you like to enjoy dancing and the music events of SL. Would you like to tell us more about your other interests in SL except BDSM?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Yes I love the creativity here in SL and the challenge it takes to put on a performance in a 2d world.. I am a big fan of the arts in both worlds. I love the theater, ballet and visual arts. I go to cultural events/exhibitions in real life as often as I can and similarly here in SL it’s the same. .

frenchy (smiles) In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : No even in western societies women are not actively encouraged to be dominant or aspire to be. I discovered my dominant nature over quite a period of time. I experimented with the very basics like face-sitting and spanking early on but then felt a deeper desire to explore my darker side and it grew from there really. .So there was a lot of experimentation initially which became refined until what it is now. So it has changed my life on virtually every level from my relationships with men to how I go about my daily life.

frenchy : So it was quite late that you realized you wanted to be a Domme?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : oh yes.

frenchy : How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I enjoy many aspects of domination but if I had to choose one it would be humiliation. The more degrading and perverted it is the better… it keeps the creative juices flowing as well

frenchy : Are you a female supremacist? Could you explain the difference between female supremacy and what we could call “female entitlement” (smiles) ?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Female entitlement to me is to expect something because you are a woman. A supremacist is something quite different. Am I one? I am not one to label myself as I am me and that is enough. I certainly enjoy the Female Supremacist lifestyle and think that men have failed on so many levels in patriarchal societies I certainly believe that women would do a far better job

frenchy : For you, what is the most difficult part in being a Mistress?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : A lot believe a Mistress’s role is easy but it’s complex and can be demanding. It is why I have striven for a balance in all things so when it does get like that (which is very rare) I go off and do something else.

frenchy : Is being a Mistress just a SL thing or does it carry over to your RL? Do you have a slave or slaves in Rl, as opposed to SL crossovers?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : It’s SL with RL crossovers at the moment. Am very open to it becoming real life however that would have to be at the right time. It’s not practical at the moment for a number of reasons. Also it would be imperative to me to find the right slave which takes time and consideration so I am in no rush. If the right slave came along at the opportune moment then yes it could well happen.


frenchy : May I ask a bit more about your bdsm tastes. You have said that you love to humiliate and degrade men. What is the profound reason you enjoy it in your opinion?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : For me its the power the total control I have over a slave, To be able to make it do things it really struggles with or even repulses it thrills me. When I say thrill that is not just an erotic charge it is a very complex multifaceted feeling.

frenchy : Does that mean that humiliation and degradation is for you an expression of this control and power?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : It’s my favorite method of expressing power, however there is a multitude of ways of doing the same thing. I like to mix and match methods. Variety is hugely important and keeps the dynamic between myself and the slave I am with more interesting. I have been described as unpredictable which is very true. I am a woman of moods and it keeps a slave on their toes as they really don’t know what will happen.

frenchy : What excite you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : The feeling of control without a doubt. I enjoy inflicting pain, don’t get me wrong and there is a thrill in that for sure. But the power is what excites me more. Either way you can be creative whether its inflicting pain or degrading a slave but the TPE is what I think drives a lot of us Dommes and its what drives me for sure

frenchy : As many submissives I believe…(smiles) ….Putting humiliation and TPE aside, are there any other fetishes among your favorites that you want to mention? or are the fetishes just a mean to express your control and they are not so important?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I find fetishes fascinating… there are so many of them and yet you still find more that you have not heard of chuckles. I don’t have an overall favorite but I enjoy most of the usual ones face-sitting, boot/foot and ass worship too, I also enjoy trampling and this one may surprise some people I enjoy tickle torture. Some people may think that is rather “lightweight”  but believe me if your slave is ticklish it is pure hell for them and of course I make sure it is 🙂

frenchy (smiles and nods in agreement.) : Would you say then that fetishes are a fundamental part of the personality of a Domme or a slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda :  I can enjoy fetishes for their own sake, but most of the time if I use them they are an expression of my control. I think they are fundamentally part of the slave personality and make up. For a Domina they are one of many tools.

frenchy : So are there for you like a way to get leverage over a slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I can use a fetish in a multitude of ways over a slave both as a reward or a punishment for example however I think its more complex than that. The dynamic between myself and a slave is driven by many factors than just leverage.

frenchy : Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go and how important is role playing versus RL submission for you?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Yes absolutely I give real life tasks regularly I think they are essential. I only do this when I get to know a slave and think they are worthy of my time and energy. However, my time is limited and I want to work with those that take it seriously and not just an extension of their own thrill but as a way of truly serving me. I have done skype and had slaves perform for me as well in different video formats.. If I role play it’s always done for entertainment purposes only. Real life submission is always far more important to role play for me.

frenchy : I would love to ask more on this subject but time forces me to move on…so here is my next question … Can you single out the reasons that brought you the desire to dominate men? Is it for example because you think they are better to be led or is it because you have always preferred this kind of relationship?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I think it’s largely the way I was brought up and that I never had it in my head that as a woman I could enjoy that kind of relationship. Looking back there were clues that I enjoyed being dominant I just didn’t piece them all together for a while.. I think the desire was always there it just took time to see it to its full potential. So it wasn’t that I preferred this kind of relationship it was because I didn’t realize it existed. Since realizing this and experiencing it I would not accept anything less than a D/s relationship now as it is the most deeply satisfying one in all respects.

frenchy (nods in understanding) : What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave? On the other hand, what could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Most important to me are intelligence and mindfulness with a deep driving desire to serve NOT just getting their fetish(es) fulfilled. I don’t want a puppet that sits like a vegetable and just responds to orders – I want someone who is fully engaged and absorbed. Is committed to growing, learning and pushing him or herself. So a strong person both in body and mind. I like a sense of humor and wit too its important to have fun in the process. Turn offs are one fetish wonders, those with an attitude, sense of entitlement and whiners. I want someone who is NO limits and genuinely strives for it, not the ones who say they are then when you really test them fail at the first hurdle.


frenchy (smiles) I see that you have been partnered with your slave Bryn for 3 years already which is fantastic. would you be open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up or you don’t have time for that?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I am a passionate believer in the seriousness of the collar and that it seems to be treated so casually in-world anyway. It is a serious commitment and time should be taken to ensure it’s the right decision for both parties. So for me to take a new slave would be a BIG thing. I am not planning on getting a new slave or looking for one. However if someone exceptional did come along I would not rule it out.

frenchy : A related question and I apologize and please discard it if you find it too personal but I am particularly curious about the evolution of a D/s relationship on the long term like the one you have with Bryn compared to a classical vanilla relationship. Is there anything you have noticed worth mentioning on this subject?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : All I will say is that my 4 years with Bryn (this year) there is no comparison with any vanilla relationship I have had which have lasted longer time wise. I have never been closer to anyone – the trust and bond between us is nothing I have experienced in a vanilla relationship when you own someone its on another level. It is totally satisfying in every respect.

frenchy : (nods and smiles) Congratulation for the 4th year Goddess Jaminda!

Divine Goddess Jaminda :  (smiles) Thank you.

frenchy : I totally understand indeed. In your opinion is a D/s relationship incompatible or not with Romance and in what degree?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: No I don’t think its completely incompatible however it really does depend on the individuals concerned. I think for most its pretty irrelevant or maybe with one person in particular they are romantic with who is their slave/partner. On a personal level I am not a great fan or romance which does not mean I am not loving. I think the two can be quite separate.

frenchy : Do you think men are more submissive in nature but that our society make them think they have to be dominant or do you believe otherwise?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I think it’s a combination of society, our personalities and our upbringing that is the case for both genders which contributes to who we are and that would include submissive or dominant traits. Men I think are more pressured to be dominant than women, there is still an expectation that they should be the ones to take initiative. In some parts of the world men would be ostracized for being openly submissive so the expectation for them to be dominant is certainly still there in certain cultures. However on a more positive note I do feel that over time this is being challenged and changed I certainly have seen this in my lifetime. I don’t believe anyone is BORN submissive or dominant this is way too complex and has many factors which can influence it.

frenchy : Have you ever submitted to a man? Would you ever consider it with the right person or is it out of the question?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I engage with playful banter with men and I would never restrict myself totally, however the likelihood of me submitting to a man on any remotely serious level would be extremely unlikely

frenchy (smiles) : Do you sometimes consider female slaves? If so, how different are your expectations and training with them ?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I have had female slaves in the past and I would certainly consider another one. I am bisexual and enjoy women very much. However there is no difference in the expectations or training of either gender as a slave.

frenchy : What is your best/worse memory about a D/s relationship that you had?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: my best memory is when Bryn was training to be my slave. I had such a thrill see him transform and become who he now is. To see how much he absorbed and embraced our lifestyle. from being a complete beginner to a full slave was an absolute joy. My worst experience was trusting someone even when my instincts were telling me not to to find out they were a complete fraud. A lesson I have not repeated. This person claimed to be a slave but was actually something quiet different. But painful experiences are good ones, you learn from them.

frenchy : Sometimes people say that a slave in a D/s relationship holds some control too. What is your opinion about that?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I think a slave will always have an element of control particularly in second life where one can log off if things get too uncomfortable, run away from their collar, choose which sim they go to etc. For the true slave however TPE should mean what it says and any control given in their existence would be what their Owner chooses to give them. My only exception would be where control for the slave is essential is when the decision is being made to be collared. The slave must take full part in this process and consent for it to have any chance of working long term.

A successful D/s relationship has to have honesty, openness and trust. One quality is also patience which is not often mentioned as not everything that is desired will happen and its important to acknowledge that. Regular reviews to ensure that the dynamic is working between the two parties is imperative in order that complacency does not settle in or start to fester. I think one of the main killers of a long term D/s dynamic is complacency and becoming too comfortable. There always has to have an edge to it.

frenchy : What could you tell us about your BDSM sim the Abyss? How conceptually different it is from other BDSM sims and in particular from DS? and finally what was your motivations in creating it?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I created the Abyss as I wanted a public Femdom dungeon although I do not suffer fools gladly I do enjoy meeting people who embrace our lifestyle and this seemed to combine my interest of having a Femdom public space and a gathering area. I have a private dungeon at home but didn’t want to open it up to anyone. Bryn is my slave and I wanted an area just for us so I can focus on our dynamic and relationship. The Abyss is a “drop in” type dungeon. It’s an area where Dominas can take their slaves (male or female) and enjoy the facilities that are there. It’s also open to events and Femdom gatherings as well. On a personal level I take specific slaves there who engage my interest for a variety of activities. I don’t think the Abyss is unique and it certainly is not like DS.

The rules are very simple at the Abyss provided all activities are Femdom, the rest is between the individuals concerned (I don’t get involved unless there are issues, neither do I take a personal interest in most who visit). Those who drop into the Abyss can be anything from those curious about Femdom to long term slaves. The only slight difference is I insist on MALE nudity and enforce it like a zealot. Many have said to me in their exploration of other Femdom sims (this does NOT include DS) that nudity is restricted to certain small area, not welcomed and actually frowned on which I find ridiculous! A male specimen should always be naked on his knees! The whole plan was to keep the Abyss simple in its running and in its ethos. I had noticed also in my travels that a lot of Femdom areas had different rules for different areas making the whole thing so complex you would need to read an essay before you entered the place. I avoided that at the Abyss everyone knows where they stand and they can just enjoy it.


frenchy :  Do you like to use other Divine’s property at Divine Sadism or do you prefer to be served by those who are not owned to check them out?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Yes I do not have an issue at all with using chattel, I have taken part in group work as well with other Dominas and their property and it has been wonderful. On a one to one basis it can be more restricting sometimes as owners may have put certain controls on their property but you do not have any commitment – use, abuse them and send them back home. However I treat chattel as I would any slave they have to perk my interest before I will entertain any use of them at all . A collar does not make one special or different in any way. They have to go through the same process as anyone else.

frenchy : What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  First thing to say about limits are they are barriers to progression. Therefore there only use is in highlighting obstacles that need to be removed. When I hear a slave has limits my question to them after saying to them – you call yourself a slave and have limits? Is – why is that a limit?. Is it merely about safety and practicality or is there another reason which is actually a hindrance to them reaching their full potential and becoming more of service?

Limits are predominantly about personal taste and often demonstrate a bad attitude i.e. I don’t want to drink piss because the idea disgusts me (yes I have heard that from someone!). A slave will struggle in areas of Femdom that is inevitable and accepted but what the focus should be is towards overcoming that barrier than even thinking of setting a limit.

Trust and limits are very much intertwined though. In areas of general SUBMISSION now I have heard countless time from boys that they would not have a limit for a Mistress that they know and trust that they would have for someone else. However a slave should never have that attitude and if he does it needs sorting out!

In my experience in long term D/s relationships limits are irrelevant they just disappear due to the trust and history the two share.

frenchy : Now talking about serious slaves, by this I mean those worth of the attention of the Divine…..In your opinion, what are their main motivations for going to the Abyss and/or to Divine Sadism? Do you meet the same kind of slaves in both places? Then I will ask the same question regarding Dominas.

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  I have met slaves at my sim which I later find at Divine Sadism or vice versa. I think in second life where the slaves traveling around from sim to sim it is because they are restless. A true slave is driven to serve and when he is not doing so feels lost and goes looking for what is missing. At Divine Sadism slaves have said to me they had had found their home which I think illustrates the point – the more focused and united the community/sim is the better. Dominas I think come to DS as they know what they will get. A female supremacist community. No limit use of slaves who have been well trained or in the process of this and an opportunity to work in a community where there is a real supportive and creative atmosphere between Sisters. My sim has a different ethos it is very specific though and that’s what draws people to it.

frenchy :  Your sim has been around for about two years if I am not mistaken, how do you explain its success? has there been any conflict that you had to deal with?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Yes the Abyss was 2 in January this year. Although we have moved sims in this time what has not changed is I have kept things simple and not changed its ethos. A lot of sims come and go because they have too high expectations of what it can achieve in a short time. It takes a long time to get established. Many then start making too many compromising changes to attract people and frustration sets in when it doesn’t work out. Coupled with the fact that land is expensive in SL can be the breaking point. I kept the Abyss affordable and always said it didn’t matter if I had 1 visitor or 67,000 what is important is that it is a public area for myself and my Sisters to express their Dominant nature and slaves to be of service.

I have not had any major conflicts. Any issues have been minor and been resolved quickly. Most who visit the Abyss (on both sides of the collar) value it and have told me so they enjoy the atmosphere and the simplicity of it. One of the most pleasing feedback was one slave told me he had met his owner at the Abyss which has turned out to be a very successful collaring. If my sim has assisted in the process of one successful collaring then its done its job.

frenchy : To finish, my ritual question is …What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Never compromise on who you are and embrace your differences. It’s what makes the world go around!

frenchy : Thank you very much for these very detailed answers. I am certain the everyone will learn from them. Goodbye Goddess Jaminda.

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  (smiles) it has been very enjoyable. Goodbye frenchy.

About a year ago, I got myself lucky not only to cross the path of Mistress Natalia at the Hellfire club, but also that She found some interest in training me. Anyone who knows Her would not be surprised that I got an instant crush, that left me breathless and immediately eager to follow Her lead. Yet, I had not a clue which path I was going to take albeit I anticipated it would be intense.

Of course, I already had some experience as a submissive and at that time I had somehow overcome the struggle and denial period that many men experience when they discover their desires – I should say “needs”- to submit to a Dominatrix. I was also wise enough not to have any expectations and even if I was worried to fail, I was not scared to throw myself into Her hands to do the best I could to reach the high level of service She requires. Indeed, even if I ignored how much struggle there was ahead, I could recognize here an amazing opportunity and I took this chance very seriously.


at the Hellfire club with Mistress Natalia

At that time, I was really just hanging around places to indulge my cravings to be disciplined in the service of a Dominatrix. I have to admit that most of the time, I was really playing this as a fantasy and I was not looking for any relationship probably because the previous one had been really disappointing and led me to get out of it. Maybe for that reason, I was very much centered on my senses when interacting with a Mistress and that was making me do silly RP emotes – as I was reminded by Miss Rosa – when I had  a conversation with Her, a few weeks before meeting Mistress Natalia, and during which I was ridiculously biting my lips every other minute.

Still, as I said, my experience was not nonexistent, and I had learned how my enthusiasm to please and serve was above every other need. I knew also that my fetishes were all conditioned by this fundamental desire: I was not concerned to satisfy any specific fetish except the one to please a Dominant I would feel connected with. I was even ready to make some sacrifices if they were within certain limits which, I thought were necessary and healthy in any D/s relationship.

The emotional shock of meeting Mistress Natalia changed everything in a matter of a couple of hours. In the next days, weeks and months, my desire to please and obey took another dimension with Her. It made me powerless before anything She challenged me with, even when, what I called my limits, were at stake. Little by little, I learned what it means to really serve and I saw myself swallowing my pride in order to comply with anything beyond my limits as I was emotionally tormented just for Her amusement. It was also a lesson of how to serve properly as I was really punished when I deserved it, but also genuinely rewarded and encouraged when I was improving. Most of the time, I made substantial progresses by going through the struggles that I overcame by digging deep into my growing passion for Mistress Natalia just to get the resources and the strength to endure the most challenging moments.


Mistress Natalia and Her bitch

Of course, this would have been impossible without the wonderful connection that we share and Her amazing talent  for  communication in order to create a trusting atmosphere between us. When I look back, I now recognize where She set some of the building bricks of the solid mutual trust that we share now. Undoubtedly, it made me evolve as a submissive or a slave when I understood that this very trust allows me to remove the limits I previously had. It’s not something that was acquired in a few days or without difficulties, but the reward of this relationship is worth a thousand times the price of the struggles, which were inevitable and are now here to witness my growth.

In the last 12 months, I have therefore thrived on giving in unconditionally to my desire to please, to submit and to follow Mistress Natalia’s lead in this relationship. She knows my desire to submit fully and She trusts me to obey on anything as I do not put any limits in my submission to Her. My trust in Her is what makes me strong about it, and I know when it is a good time to speak about my concerns if I have some, or if I need to ask Her help in case I am unsure about something. I quickly learned than trying is never an option as it just shows an inherent acceptation of the possibility to fail when failure is unacceptable, and working the hardest is the only way to go and to grow as a slave. I have also grasped how to read Her mood or desires, and to do always my best to anticipate Her whims. Each time I see Her, I feel at the same time excited and anxious to be at my best to serve Her like I was the first times we met.

Of course, this constant preoccupation and desire that Mistress Natalia is pleased and happy, makes me Her totally subservient bitch, something I assume peacefully as I am entirely convinced that this dynamic is not only what I need, but also what is best for Mistress Natalia and for me in our relationship, even if at some other times, we have non BDSM interactions.  Indeed,  although I have been struggling in the past about my submissive side and my needs, being half the time in denial and not understanding it, I have come, under Mistress Natalia’s leadership, to embrace it completely like never before. In fact, I believe that I have now succeeded – thanks to Her – to get rid of the male entitlement that was probably the main obstacle to genuinely accept the obvious of my position as a bottom in such a relationship while staying totally confident about myself. This fact combined with our mutual trust,  allows me to follow Her training in depth and be totally putty in Her hands without holding back. Moreover I feel that being under Her is where I always needed to be as being successful in serving Her fills me and makes me complete as my desires stay intact and keep me eager to always do anything for Her happiness. One can see this as being totally captive with the need to do always more and always better. In that sense, I am objectively completely owned by Her and nothing makes me happier.

Snapshot_002 copy

a special moment with Mistress Natalia

We interact through SL, but our relationship is very real. It involves emotions and a genuine devotion on my side as Mistress Natalia assumes the full responsibility of Her leadership. Recently, She gave me the honor and privilege to be Her partner. It made me absolutely elated as I see it as a recognition that I make Her happy and that She desires I keep doing so. It is an amazing motivation and encouragement to do even more for Her and I will keep working hard to be at the highest level of her expectations.

written by frenchy on March 1st, 2017.



If you are lucky enough to cross the path of Mistress Alina on the deck of DS, you would want to be prepared to give your absolute best impression to Her. If reading through Her very interesting and educational profile did not give you enough clues on how you might spark Her interest, the wonderful interview She gave us the honor to respond to will help you without a doubt. Also, I am extremely grateful for her generosity to offer us more, via this interview. I am sure you will be as much impressed as I was by Her incredible understanding of the philosophy of D/s and by Her crystal clear way to explain it.


frenchy:  Greetings Mistress Alina and thank you so much for agreeing to give some of your precious time to respond to this interview.

Alina: Hello frenchy, you are welcome.

frenchy: So let me start by asking this. How would you present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

Alina: I hope that I present myself in a way that tells you not to waste my time with trivial conversation. I am not here to make small talk or make friends. These things come naturally on their own as you meet like-minded people.

frenchy:  Do you need/like to be in control of every aspect of your life?  In other words, are you a control freak? ☺

Alina: LOL. what a question… of course I am a control freak!

frenchy: (smiles) Then, are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Alina: I typically improvise. Even at work, before a meeting, I consider myself “already prepared” and will wing my meetings fully confident that I can answer any question and lead the conversation in whichever direction I want it to go. This is part of my personality and it has served me well so far.

frenchy:  How does SL impact your RL and your RL influence your SL?

Alina: That’s an interesting question. I like to think that I am the same person in SL as I am in RL, which is fundamentally true. However, the topics that I discuss and the activities I participate in are surely separated between these two worlds.

frenchy:  Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL?

Alina: I am here for D/s. I enjoy discussing D/s and exploring D/s. If I want to play a game, discuss movies or go dancing, I can do it in my RL.

frenchy:   In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Alina: My introduction into D/s was in the form of submissiveness. As I explored that part of my personality, my owner recognized that I had dominant traits and suggested that I express them. Once I did that, I found that I was extremely good at it and enjoyed the dominance that I exerted. From there, I  became very interested in the psychology of D/s… the how and why. This opened up the doors for me as I wanted to experience and explore every dark corner to see how and why it worked.

frenchy:  How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Alina: Another difficult question… How I present myself the first time is entirely dependent on who the person is, how they present themselves to me and, of course, what kind of mood I am in at the moment. I try to always be polite and will maintain that attitude until the person gives me reason to act differently.

I really don’t know that I have a “style” per se. I guess you would have to ask those that have been under my heel to answer that question. My goal is to explore fetishes and the roots of those fetishes. To do this, I employ a heavy mix of physical, emotional and psychological D/s to crack the submissive and then I have fun looking around inside, exploring deeper and deeper and unraveling all the little secrets they hide inside.

frenchy:  Are you a female supremacist? Could you explain the difference between female supremacy and what we could call “female entitlement” (smile) ?

Alina: I am not. I am just me. I don’t believe any one generalized attribute such as gender can determine whether you are above another. I do believe, in general, that women are smarter and more in-tune with the emotional and psychological aspects of D/s whereas men typically prefer the physical. However, I have seen many women that are more clueless than a child and many men that have an absolute clear line to the D/s philosophy.

frenchy: What brought you the desire to dominate men? Is it for example because they disappointed you and are better to be led or is it because you have always preferred this kind of relationship?

Alina:  Honestly, as i said, i do not discriminate between men and women. Each has their own psychological distinction and offers their own unique exploration into D/s. While there is a difference in “how” to dominate a man vs a woman, the end goals are the same and if you truly want to explore the dominant side of D/s to its fullest, you will need to experience dominating both.


frenchy:  Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Alina:  I do and I couldn’t be more happy with her progress. I am extremely selective and I have to see a lot of potential in someone before even considering them and then, I have to see if the path I want to take them on is actually a path I want to go on. I hate to walk backwards. I have to admit, what I am looking for isn’t exactly rare… it’s just that I haven’t met many people in SL that are at that level yet.

frenchy:  What is your best/worse memory about a D/s relationship that you had?

Alina:  Best memory – that moment when my slave crossed a line in D/s that could not be uncrossed… the power exchange was beyond anything i can’t even explain.

Worst memory – when I realized that no matter how well connected a domme is with their slave, there will come a point when one outgrows the other and at that point, the bond will weaken and eventually die.

frenchy: Oh but that sounds a bit pessimistic? Isn’t it actually true for any human relationship and not only D/s? Or do you see something special to D/s here?

Alina:  D/s is obviously special. In this regard, a D/s relationship is formed so that each, the dominant and submissive, can fulfill a need within themselves through the domination/submission of the other. Because of this, when one outgrows the other, that need becomes greater and it is unrealistic to expect that the partner will be able to fulfill that in you. It isn’t malicious but… that void can be consuming if it is not fulfilled.

frenchy:  How do you deal with slaves who top from the bottom? Do you think there are ways to cure them from this bad habit?

Alina:  Ha ! good luck! There are many cures to this… the last of them being goodbye.

frenchy:  What is the most difficult part in being a Mistress?

Alina:  Well, to be honest, being a Mistress is extremely difficult. A lot of people assume that I’m being waited on hand and foot. But really, the level of responsibility that I take over my slaves life and their overall well being takes a lot out of me. Not only do I need to balance the slave’s lifestyle, I also need to create and define a path for them to follow so that they can walk the path of D/s with me and then constantly monitor and adjust based on their reactions.

frenchy:  Is being a Mistress just a SL thing or does it carry over to your RL?

Alina:  So, I was a RL Mistress years ago. I had a RL live in slave. It was an amazing experience. I didn’t find the D/s lifestyle and being a mother to be compatible with each other, so I gave up the RL aspects to become slaves to my children (grumbles) and use SL to continue exploring myself in a D/s setting.

frenchy:  What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Alina:  This is a great question. The very first thing I look for is intelligence. I hate stupidity. If they can pass that little requirement, I’m looking for sincerity in submission. Without this, there is nothing to build on.

frenchy:  What excite you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Alina:  Total control. Getting you to do something you don’t want to do, guiding you into doing it and then exploring your thoughts and feelings after you’ve done it. Anyone can beat you into submission… It takes skill and patience to guide someone beyond the physical aspects of D/s and unlock their true submission.

frenchy: Do you enjoy to humiliate or even to degrade men? If so, is it because it is a way to assert your power and superiority or because it can be considered as a mental pain they deserve because of the damaging effect of their male ego? If not can you explain why?

Alina:  Hmmm… this is a silly question. Or perhaps it is worded incorrectly. I enjoy humiliation and degradation. It has nothing to do with asserting power or superiority. I enjoy it because i enjoy exploring the psychological and emotional effects they create.

frenchy: (blushes slightly and smiles)  Do you get often discouraged about men’s behaviors or don’t you have any illusions about them anymore?

Alina:  Absolutely. If you take 100 of these so called male subs/slaves… only 1 of them will have the qualities that I really seek. And even they display the traits of an idiot. I won’t name this particular man I met here in SL not too long ago. When I spoke to him, I could sense the sincerity in his submission. His profile did not reflect that at all and he couldn’t find the Mistress he was looking for. I helped him update his profile into what I would expect from someone like him and now I can see that he is owned. I get tired of boys coming before me with blank profiles, useless profiles or even worse, the seeking strict mistress profiles. I always say, what you put in is what you get out.

frenchy:  Do you sometimes consider female slaves? If so, are your expectations or/and training very different ?

Alina:  I love female slaves. Women are typically smarter than boys. a D/s relationship isn’t all D/s. there has to be some non D/s interaction going on, especially in my type of relationships where I have my fingers into everything from what you eat to what you do with your time.


frenchy:  Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go?

Alina:  I accept nothing less. The foundation of D/s is built upon trust. As such, I expect absolute and total control over my slaves RL. With that, the slave must trust – and I must take responsibility for – that I have their best interest at heart and that I would not do anything that would compromise their RL security or privacy nor would I put them into a situation which would cause them failures in their RL.

As for how far that component goes… let’s put it this way, I consider that a slave has no rights. instead, these former rights are considered to be privileges and that I have the right to grant or deny privileges as I see fit.

frenchy:  What are you favorite fetishes?

Alina:  What can I say… I love them all… Even the ones that nobody wants to mention. I find fetishes to be so fascinating. There is a reason that things turn people on and I want to know what they are… how they work… and why.  To answer your exact question, I would have to ask, what are your least favorite fetishes? Whichever those are will be my favorites for you to explore.

frenchy:  How important is role playing versus RL submission for you? Do you think role playing outside his comfort zone requires much sacrifice from a slave?

Alina:  I don’t enjoy RP at all. I find it to be a fantasy. If I want a fantasy, I can read a story or close my eyes and play a fantasy. I don’t need someone “closing their eyes as they lower their head” to help me explore my fantasies.

I require RL submission. If someone is unable, unwilling or incapable of that, they need not apply nor waste my time.

frenchy:  What could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Alina:  Stupidity and Insincerity.

frenchy:  How do you evaluate a prospective slave during the first days you know him? What are you looking at first?

Alina:  First days? I run evaluations for a much longer period of time. The first thing I am looking for is whether I believe the subject is in tune with me and is capable of submitting to the level I require. If I believe they are, I may enter into an evaluation. From here, I want to ensure that our online times are actually compatible. After that, I am in exploration mode… what makes you tick, what do you like, what do you not like, how do you react when I hit you, humiliate you, degrade you, abuse you…

frenchy:  Do you go to other BDSM or Femdom sim? What do you like the most at DS that you don’t find anywhere else?

Alina:  There are others? Do let me know where you can find any other real D/s sims.

frenchy:  (smiles) Do you like to use other’s Mistresses slave at DS or do you prefer to be served by those who are not owned to check them out?

Alina:  Only with the absolute rare exception will I never use someone else’s property.

frenchy:  What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Alina:  I don’t accept a slave giving me limits. I do accept communication though and I will take that communication into consideration. However, I do consider my decision to be final. I’ve already stated that I want to explore all the things you don’t want to do… limits are a way for a sub to maintain control.

With that said, limits can serve an important function. They allow the submissive the ability to safely explore their fantasies / fetishes while maintaining absolute control over their submission. For those that are just starting to explore D/s, this is important.

frenchy:  You told us before you have once submitted to a man? Would you consider it again with the right person or is it now out of the question?

Alina:  Absolutely. My first RL Master was a godsend. He exposed me to this wonderful lifestyle and showed me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me… that this was in fact normal. And he introduced me to my dominance. I don’t think I would be the person I am without his guidance…..I have tried submitting to a man again but, not that it has anything to do with gender, it is not easy to dominate me. You have to be more dominant than I am to inspire my submission. If you’ve read my profile, you understand what I am talking about.


frenchy:  Sometimes people say that a slave in a D/s relationship holds some control too. What is your opinion about that?

Alina: Well, we have to break the generic term D/s down if we are going to get technical. There is Dominant/submissive and then there is Mistress/slave. We clarify this as D/s vs M/s. If you understand this, then you also understand the difference between the submissive and the slave and the Dominant vs the Mistress.

In a D/s relationship, the submissive has all the control… they set the rules of their submission, get their nifty little safewords and set the scene… The dominant is there merely to fulfill the submissive’s needs. This in turn means that the submissive is actually the dominant.

In an M/s relationship, it is quite the opposite and the slave only has the control that their owner allows them. And, that control can be stripped away at will whether the slave likes it or not… agrees or not.

I know a lot of people feel that they are in complete control of their submissive and “respect” the limits that have been imposed on them. Perhaps the dominant even shares some of these limits… but the truth is, if the submissive is dictating the terms of their submission, I am sorry to say, but they are your dominant, not the other way around.

frenchy:  What in Your opinion, makes for a successful D/s relationship?

Alina:  Well look… a D/s relationship is something unique to the people that are involved. At the core of this relationship is the sincerity of the slave. Without that sincerity in submission, there really is nothing. With the core in place comes the foundation of trust. As this builds a relationship can be formed. However, the key to a successful D/s relationship (outside the core and the foundation) is counter equality. An advanced sub/slave is not going to do well with a dominant that is just starting their journey. And, vice versa, an advanced dominant is not truly going to grow with a brand new sub/slave. There must be a level of counter equality. If a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and there is not counter-equality, neither can truly grow.

frenchy:  Can you be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Alina:  Absolutely. Most sadists aren’t actually dominant at all. they just get pleasure from causing pain to others and being dominant isn’t about causing pain, although we do love to give it.  A real Domme understands that D/s isn’t just about pain… its about exploring dominance and submission on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Sadism is but one aspect to a very large picture.

frenchy:   To finish, let me ask you the ritual question. (smiles) What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Alina: “It is not enough to survive… we must excel.” I try to apply that to everything I do.

frenchy: (smiles and nods). Thank you very much Mistress Alina for your amazing and truly enlightening answers. We are learning a lot from them, about D/s and also about you! Good bye Mistress Alina

Alina: You’re very welcome frenchy.











If you have come to DS during the US Eastern Time evenings, you most certainly have had the pleasure to cross the path of the Divine Mistress Copper accompanied by her faithful slave nathan. However it happened, either by enduring her merciless teases or by enjoying her conversation adorned by an endless sense of humor,  she has undeniably not left you indifferent.

A few weeks ago, Divine Mistress Copper has  enthusiastically accepted to respond to my interview request and generously  invited me to her beautiful medieval castle surrounded by purple shadows. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet but also for those who have, here is your chance to know more about the purple eyes Divine Mistress Copper…

Please enjoy the read!


frenchy: Greetings Miss Copper, thank you so much for accepting this interview and for inviting me to your beautiful castle. I am sure many of us can’t wait to know more about you. So please, let me start. What is your country of origin and the culture that you belong to?

Mistress Copper : Hello frenchy ! I am a Canadian living in New Zealand at the moment. Next year I will make a small segway home for a while before I continue on to the UK for an undetermined amount of time. I really enjoy seeing new cultures and travel. My own culture is naturally polite, respectful of other peoples personal 3 feet of space so to speak …  ~laughs~ … Needless to say, some aspects of the things that I enjoy in the BDSM lifestyle are quite contradictory to how I have been raised ….

frenchy: Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Mistress Copper : I am a Gemini so I am both. Anything to do with travel or projects that need to be done I am very organized, but my style in BDSM is rare to never organized and practically totally improvised and spontaneous.

frenchy: How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Mistress Copper : I am not the type to start barking orders at someone. My first time meets usually come off more like an interrogation, but I have often been told in a pleasant way … I fire off questions so we can bypass the minutiae of small talk and find out if there is a foundation worth building on some common ground. I don’t beat around the bush, if you know what I mean … not until I know you’re worth beating … ~winks

frenchy: Is for you BDSM a lifestyle or is it only something that you indulge yourself with in the bedroom?

Mistress Copper : I live the lifestyle in real life but naturally there is a balance of vanilla as well. It is by no means restricted to just the bedroom though.

frenchy: Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Mistress Copper : I do have a slave who is one of the best I have ever come across in my almost 10 years in SL. I think a slave is a reflection of yourself and your training, and he has made me proud to have him heeled at my side. I AM open to considering another slave, but he would have to be really worth my time and effort to be considered.

frenchy: What is the most difficult part in being a Mistress?

Mistress Copper : You have to be leading, guiding, training all of the time. If you don’t have decent feedback AND engagement from your slave it can get exhausting. A balance of interaction. I can’t stand a slave who just sits there and waits for the next order. I hate micromanagement. The slave is there for my entertainment …. they should at least attempt to amuse me without me having to instruct their every movement.


frenchy: What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Mistress Copper : I like my slaves to be alpha males. There is nothing more intoxicating than a big strong man, on his knee’s, begging to please me. Not broken … but deftly controlled, forced and conditioned to know his place. ( ~purrs~ mmmmmmm)

frenchy: What excites you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Mistress Copper : Control is my addiction, but don’t misunderstand that. I am the first person to say yes to some spontaneous suggestion someone else might make … but that control over a man …. especially one that isn’t a doormat (not into these at all) is a very heady drug …. Of course inflicting some pain at the right moments is always gratifying too … ~grins

frenchy: Do you get often discouraged about men’s behaviors or don’t you have any illusions about them anymore?

Mistress Copper : Men can be so predictable as a gender on whole. There ARE exceptions to the rule of course, but so few that I have found. I am not discouraged though and I certainly have no illusions. As a matter of fact, I particularly enjoy some of the consistencies that their on-mass behaviors tend toward. It is easy to use such things against them for manipulation and modification.

frenchy: Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go?

Mistress Copper :  I DO enjoy some RL component in my SL D/s relationship. What fun is it to deny someone an orgasm in SL but not RL ???  ~laughs …. How far it goes totally depends on the slave. Naturally some have more flexibility/responsibilities than others.

frenchy: What could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Mistress Copper : Slaves that think by telling me what their fetishes are….. they are going to get them !  ~laughs~  Or ones that top from the bottom by making ‘suggestions’ of what the Domme might ‘do’ to them … ~yawns~  It couldn’t have more of an opposite effect on me. I want to ensure they receive none of it. Now someone who never tries to get what they crave, makes me curious to find out what makes their cock hard.

frenchy: How do you evaluate a prospective slave during the first days you know him? What are you looking at first?

Mistress Copper : How engaging he is. How fast he responds. How eager he is. Attention to detail.



frenchy: Do you go to other BDSM or Femdom sims? What do you like the most at DS that you don’t find anywhere else?

Mistress Copper : I do go to a lot of other lifestyle sims and what I love most about the Divine, is the amazing camaraderie among the women there. Everyone is so welcoming and not cliquey(a childish side effect of some sims). From the moment you arrive at Divine Sadism, you are greeted and made to feel at home whether it is your first time or your hundredth; and not just by the scum, but by the women as well. I also love the roleplay. You won’t find that kind of role play in local chat going on at any other lifestyle sim. The women are imaginative and spirited, and I even give the scum some credit. Being witty while still remaining humble is hard to pull off and some of them do it brilliantly. I have laughed so hard in real life at times. Divine sadism is a plethora of endorphin some days …

frenchy: Do you like to use other slave that belong to other Mistresses at DS, or do you prefer to be served by those who are not owned to check them out?

Mistress Copper : I enjoy engaging anyone who wishes to be used and who has permission to do so.

frenchy:  Do you think it can be a problem for a Mistress to have an inflated ego or is it justified and only men should learn humility?

Mistress Copper :  Let’s be realistic here. Anyone can have an inflated ego. The world is full of them in both sexes. As to the lifestyle … anyone who is a true Domme … doesn’t have to shout it to the rafters for all the world to hear. Anyone standing around singing their own praises all the time … is far from what they claim to be and more than likely have extreme insecurities …. True dominance should be an unspoken thing, that is heard by all, with no words needed ….

frenchy:  Do you believe that almost any man can become a good slave by the right amount of training and conditioning?

Mistress Copper : Not a chance in hell. Some men are incapable of being trained. These ones are just a waste of space and a drain of energy. I have learned to recognize them quickly and dismiss them from my presence.


frenchy:  What in Your opinion, makes for a successful D/s relationship; and what if any responsibility does a Domme have towards the submissive?

Mistress Copper : Continuity.You must have a balance of things you both enjoy. The more mutual tastes in the lifestyle, the more likely you will have a successful relationship. ~smiles

Of course a Domme has responsibilities towards the slave. Care and well being. Just like owning a pet. They must be fed, watered, and kept from accidentally harming themselves.

As a Domme … (without going into a soap box rant as some are want to do about this subject) …. you must know where danger lurks … and act accordingly. This includes not just their physical well being but their mental health as well. I especially speak to those whose SL relationship cross over into RL here.

frenchy: To finish, I will ask you the ritual question. (smiles) What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Mistress Copper : Don’t be afraid to take risks. Nothing ventured nothing gained. See as much of the world as you can, it’s much smaller than you think, and has SO much enrichment to offer. On your death bed, the only thing that is going to matter is your memories and your loved ones.

A final thought to real life in this SL world of beautiful AV’s ….. I think you will find, as you go through life …. that the more you grow to like a person …. the better looking they get ….

frenchy: Thank you again for this wonderful interview Miss Copper. Goodbye. (smiles)

Mistress Copper : You are welcome. Goodbye frenchy ~smiles~

It is certainly unnecessary to explain who Miss Rosa is for Divine Sadism. I have been lucky enough to meet Her the same day I met Mistress Natalia a few weeks before She decided to create Divine Sadism. I have had therefore the privilege to witness the birth of Divine Sadism and its incredible expansion during the following 6 months. And there is no words to say how much I keep being amazed by how Miss Rosa not only manages the sim She has created, but by Her vision of Female Domination that She has successfully  given shape to at Divine Sadism.

As my co-owner, Miss Rosa’s guidance in my development as a slave has been always very strict, but also very comforting when She has always generously acknowledged my progresses after pointing out my mistakes. Her  “Maieutic”  way to teach showed itself extremely efficiently when I was able to keep up. Needless to say, I have been extremely lucky to have received the attention that She has given me as a Mistress, but also as a person who I admire equally. Also, I was most excited when she agreed to do this interview, which I am certain you can’t wait to read.

Please enjoy!

RH Interview 4

frenchy: Greetings Miss Rosa and thank you so much for accepting and finding the time in your busy schedule to realize this interview that many of us, the Divine and the scum have been waiting so much.

Miss Rosa: So frenchy, you finally cornered me for this interview.  I actually love to talk, in real life it is one of the ways I make a living.   As Divine Sadism is about to celebrate a six month milestone, I feel I can take a breath, stand back, and reflect on what I have created – created with the help of  some of the most amazing women I know, along with the courageous males who comprise our scum herd.

frenchy: Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL?

Miss Rosa: I have always been a “alpha” female – by that I mean I walk into a room and when I have something to say, people stop and listen.  From kindergarten on my intense energy was both a blessing and a curse. Too often I have to “turn down” that intensity to deal with the many variances of work and relationships in RL.  I have very “big” energy that is works beautifully within the context of BDSM activities, specifically as a Dominatrix and an sadist.

After growing up in Los Angeles I have lived in rural communities in Washington, California, and Oregon.  In real life I am currently intensely focused on my career.  I am a widow, having lost my husband to cancer.   I also lost my beloved partner after he helped me through an extremely challenging graduate program.  Animals are an essential part of my life;  I have a horse, a dog, a cat.  I am an artist, a reader, a kayaker, and I love hiking.  I was an avid backpacker until a serious knee injury two years ago.

At this time of my life, as for so many, Second Life provides a venue to express and experience an essential part of who and what I am.

frenchy:  What is your country of origin and the culture that you belong to?

Miss Rosa:  While I live in the United States I want to stress that there are many cultural “rivers” in this county.  Politically I am a radical liberal  and will not comment further.  I grew up poor, my family a blended culture of settler farming and immigrant working class families.  In general women were viewed as having less worth than males.  Girls were not encouraged to express themselves.  As IF I could be so stifled.  Education was my salvation.  Today I am equally comfortable cutting Madrone firewood, butchering a goat, talking down a 250 pound biker in a bar, trimming my horse’s hoofs, serving on a non-profit Board of Directors, and commanding a slave to give himself 50 lashes to serve me.

frenchy: You seem to be a very organized person who plans in advance, is that right or do you prefer to improvise?

Miss Rosa: HA!  I am not at all organized.  I am careful to develop and maintain RL routines that help me compensate.  In my thinking I am highly organized, which is reflected in my work, and in my development of Divine Sadism.  While a certain Bestie of mine has used the phrase “control freak” on more than one occasion, I do not experience a “need to control” in RL.  This needs to be distinguished from a LOVE of Control – of using my Will to shape a slave’s mind, emotions, and life within D/s.  Of course I love Control in that way . . . . “I hate being in control” said  NO Dominatrix EVER.

What I am is an information manager and a “big picture” person.  I use information and communication to change minds, hearts, and lives in RL.  Information and  feedback systems, are essential to the creation and maintenance of Divine Sadism.

RH Interview 7_001

frenchy: How does SL impact your RL and your RL influence your SL?

Miss Rosa: I have a very intense job working closely with people.  While I am wired “alpha”  I am also an introvert.   ( To learn about introverts visit this link at the  Huffington Post ) At the end of the day my “dealing with people” energy tank is totally drained.  I am also still somewhat bereaved from too many deaths in too short of a time.  When I am done with work the last thing I want is any social scene or obligations.  Where I live there is no local kink scene that is . . . hmmmm, remotely safe or appealing.  SL provides just the right balance of interaction AND it offers a safe way for me to express a huge part of myself.

frenchy: How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Miss Rosa: My “style” changes with every slave I use, yet there are some things I most enjoy in approaching D/s.   I closely assess my property, gathering “data”, developing long term goals and plans.  While my slave gives me the gift of power over him, within the TPE  I wield that power to deepen their growth and skill as a slave.  My choice of strategies is partially defined by my experience, judgment, acquired knowledge of human nature, and what I identify as the specific skills I want my slave to develop.  One thing remains constant, the slave exists for one reason – to serve.  To serve they must obey.  Period.

As an Owner, I strive to be transparent, ethical, and willing to speak honestly of mutual experience.  I will not tolerate any attempt at manipulation or guilt.  I despise “topping from the bottom”.  As a sadist I am inventive at long distance, real life methods of inflicting pain.  I use a variety of virtual “leashes” that enable me to extend my control into real life.  Before I claim a slave, I thoroughly screen, interview, and require a rigorous probation.

My property serves a purpose, has a function.  I adore my four wheel drive, F150 Truck.  Any expression of appreciation I share with scum is very similar. I rarely have actual “pixel” sex with my property, in part because I do not want them to develop any notion that they are my “lover”.  Also because honestly, pixel sex is utterly vanilla and boring for me.  I do enjoy using voice, love the Power simple voice adds to the D/s connection – how it can facilitate the controlled arousal of a male animal and provide rewards when I allow them to share in my own arousal and orgasm.  The most valued service of all is when I can hear my slave suffering for me.

RH Interview 2

frenchy: What attracts you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Miss Rosa: First, why do you limit potential submissives to male?  While we work primarily with males in DS, I enjoy both males and females.

I have little interest in working with anyone who does not understand the difference between submission and consensual, non-consensual slavery, someone who longs to be a slave.  To attract my notice, one must be keenly intelligent, articulate, and witty.  They need to understand I am a sadist who will be aroused by their suffering.  I enjoy mature males, who are clear about their essential nature.  There must be a sense of “affinity”, the intangible ingredient that allows for a deep connection.  Willingness to serve in real life via long distance domination is absolutely essential.

Little makes me angrier than hearing our slaves disparaged by soft submissives who have not the slightest idea of the courage it takes to serve as a slave at Divine Sadism.  Most of our “scum” are highly successful men who are respected professionals.  To serve the intensely sadistic Divine requires great strength, endurance,  and a clear sense of oneself.

frenchy: What could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Miss Rosa: Whining, entitlement, stupidity, & lack of focus.

frenchy: What excites you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Miss Rosa: Seriously frenchy?  SERIOUSLY?!?  What good is one without the other.  I am aroused by pain – sexually and intellectually.  I am deeply satisfied, sometimes aroused, and always fully engaged and fascinated by what is created between people through a Total Power Exchange – both during the immediacy of a session and through long term Ownership. I enjoy control even if no pain is involved . . . it is a creative process for me, like painting.  Add pain and things start to get hot, energy begins to flow, I feel deeply connected to the male I am using, feel a very immediate, almost spiritual connection.  The infliction of intentional pain is an erotic sacrament.  Add the degree of Control we wield within Divine Sadism, willing and directing a male to use their hands and teeth to hurt their own flesh in service and worship . . . THAT creates a linkage so intense for me that I become deeply aroused.

frenchy: How important is role playing versus RL submission for you? Do you think role playing outside his comfort zone requires much sacrifice from a slave?

Miss Rosa: Role-playing? *yawns* I have little interest in just role-playing.  Combine the visual imagery possible in SL with chat or voice, add real life, and NOW you are starting to get my attention.  It is deeply erotic for me to see a picture of a slave whose flesh is marked with bruises given by their own hand – a hand that moved in service to my Will.  What arouses me is the sound of a slave grunting in pain as they hurt their own body to please me.  BDSM – for me the preferred letters in the acronym are DS – Domination & Sadism.  Yes, it is intentional that DS also is used to represent Divine Sadism.

RH Inteview 6

frenchy: What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Miss Rosa: What I “think” about limits in BDSM is reflected by limits in Divine Sadism.  I have no interest in working with “subs”.  Those allowed to serve me become my slaves.  This means they are property without rights.  Yes, I mean exactly what I said.  There is one critical and essential “choice”.  That is the choice to become my slave, thereby entering into a consensual non-consensual D/s experience.  With the pixelated world of Second Life and Divine Sadism this is absolute.  Divine Sadism slaves give their consent by remaining in DS.  There ARE no limits!

When we consider limits and real life, the parameters shift.  I do not require service that endangers real life family, profession, or the community standing of my property.


frenchy: Is this a good time to tell us a little about your decision to create Divine Sadism?

Miss Rosa: I am delighted to talk about Divine Sadism frenchy.  When I first came to SL I adored the dark side of folklore and the living archetypes within BDSM.   The archetype of the “Dark Mother” is one I find deeply appealing.   As a child my chosen “role models” were the Russian witch Baba Yaga, Maleficent, and Circe. I rooted for the witch in Hansel and Gretel. My personal “F-list” is long, dark, and very perverse.  Embodying the “Dark Mother” in SL was the perfect “form” for my love of dominance and sadism.  It led to developing Rosa’s Tower, which was my private home and dungeon.

While I enjoyed meeting other Dommes, I never felt engaged by the many SL Femdom sims, with the exception of Sadism Island.  Nicole Kessel and Rachel beDeviled created the perfect Femdom venue – there were no pesky limits as to how I chose to use males at SOS.  Even better, I could make them bleed and scream in partnership with like-minded Dominas.  This was HEAVEN!!  I had so much fun, laughed harder than I had in years, and met some of the Dominatrixes I am honored to still work with in Divine Sadism.  One of these became my Partner and ultimate BESTIE – Natalia Kessel.

When Sadism Island shut down, I was bereft.  Standing around in a certain fetish sim watching everyone watching everyone made me crazy.  Sitting in throne circles listening to males babble made me crazier and pissed me off.   There was simply no SL Femdom venue for those of us who like it hard, who would much prefer staking a male to a cross and applying cock and ball torture over getting a pedicure or being served a lovely tea.
Starting my own sim seemed overwhelming, yet there was just no other option if I was going to continue to enjoy the dark side of Femdom on Second Life.  Since I am a pack rat, I had a huge BDSM inventory.  I found a good deal on land, with decent prims for $40.00 per month.  That was affordable. I could experiment without feeling stress or pressure to pay the tier.  I do not have to depend whatsoever upon tribute from males, yet such tribute has paid 100% of the Divine Sadism tier and provided for many of the toys and tools used by the Divine.

frenchy: That helps explain what motivated you to develop Divine Sadism.  After almost six months, how are you feeling about what you created?

Miss Rosa: Oh frenchy, I have to stress that Divine Sadism is much more than just “my” creation! From the beginning there has been a team of brilliant, sadistic Dominatrixes – the Divine, sharing their time and talent to build our Community.  My original three goals were to create a Femdom sim that encouraged the no-limit abuse and humiliation of males; supported the collaboration of Dominas with similar sadistic tastes; and offered a Community that might grow over time.  These goals have been achieved, and provide the foundation for the continued development of Divine Sadism. To learn more about that, watch for the upcoming post about our plans for the next sixth months in our little haven of pain and suffering.

frenchy:  We all will! Thank you again Miss Rosa for doing this interview and telling us so much about you and your vision of Divine Sadism. It has been thrilling! Goodbye Miss Rosa.





It has been now a few weeks that the Divine Mistress Kelly has been tormenting the scum at DS and I know that she has already  made some of the scum’s head spin. Her dominance and assertiveness has certainly been noticed by all of us and she is undoubtedly one of the prominent Divine that the scum must fear. She has graciously invited me to her delicately decorated home for this interview and showed me her dungeon that would not leave indifferent the strongest among us. Please enjoy the read!


frenchy: Good afternoon Divine Mistress  Kelly. First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview. It is not the first time we met, as I had the pleasure to be introduced to you by Mistress Natalia who is a long time friend of yours. But, if I am not mistaken, you are relatively new at Divine Sadism and I am sure that many of us at DS are very curious about you.(smiles). As a start, could you tell us what your country of origin is and the culture that you belong to?

Divine Mistress Kelly : (smiles) Hello frenchy,  I am British and living in the UK.

frenchy:  Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Mistress Kelly : I am very comfortable sharing information about my RL self. I have no issues discussing openly my feelings, thoughts and views about any subject including myself.  I do however respect that for some that is difficult for whatever reason.

frenchy (nods); Thank you. This is good to know and I won’t ask more about that here but just  let those who are curious ask you directly. (smiles). Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Divine Mistress Kelly : I like to plan in advance most things in my life, SL included.  When I enter into a scene with a slave, I have usually spent some time thinking about it, not always but 8 out of 10 times; the reason  for this is because after initially meeting and talking with the slave I have a somewhat general view on what the slaves strength’s and weaknesses are and of course better prepared to use it to my own advantages creating a more intense scene for myself.


frenchy : and what are you favorite fetishes for these scenes?

Divine Mistress Kelly : Depending on my mood I would say my top 5 are strapon, CBT, breath control, electricity play (voilet wand) and flogging.

frenchy (swallows at the thought of these);  I think it makes sense to ask you this now. What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Divine Mistress Kelly :  I think this is where RL and SL differ. In SL slaves are physically safe. It is impossible for them to feel any real physical pain and SL is a place for exploration, experience and to take those extra risks you probably wouldn’t in the real world. Although understandably for some, there is impact emotionally and mentally which effects there real selfs in the real world for which my advice would be don’t go to a no limit M/s sim – full stop!  In RL I have found that with submissives I have played with on a long term basis their so called hard limits melt into soft limits which eventually dissolve all together.  Limits are always interesting for a Dominant for so many reasons, even our own.

frenchy:  In your opinion, can one be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Divine Mistress Kelly :  Yes of course, a sadist does not have to be a BDSM Domme. And a BDSM Domme does not have to be a sadist – She can do as she damn well pleases!  I often ask a similar question about slaves ” Does a person have to be a masochist to be a BDSM slave? ”  Or a ” BDSM slave to be a masochist? ” I don’t think so, but it sure helps.


frenchy: Do you think it can be a problem for a Mistress to have an inflated ego or is it justified and only men should learn humility?

Divine Mistress Kelly : A Mistress at a no limit, sadist sim can do as she pleases.  Common sense and integrity should play a part though between the other female Dominants present.

frenchy: Do you like to use other’s Mistresses slave at DS, or do you prefer to be served by those who are not owned?

Divine Mistress Kelly : Personally for myself I would never play alone with Owned slaves if invited along with a slaves Mistress to a scene, then of course, but generally I do not play with others property. However, since I go to DS on a regular basis, I have started to enjoy to play with other’s properties more…(smiles)

frenchy: Can you explain why? Is it because, when you play with a slave, you contemplate the possibility to own him eventually if you like how the scene goes?

Divine Mistress Kelly :  No not at all, its mainly because he answers to her, as he should of course. Imagine this frenchy – I am playing with an owned slave, lets say 30 minutes into it and his Owner logs into SL demanding his company, he then has to leave the scene immediately. I am not very keen on that at all for obvious reasons.  Of course RL emergencies happen from time to time and that cannot be avoided.

frenchy: (nods in agreement)  What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Divine Mistress Kelly : Most attractive qualities for me would be a really funny sense of humor, a slave that has learned the art of humor in balance with the correct etiquette, not so easy to do.  Also I enjoy boys who are sexually turned on by BDSM.


frenchy: Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Divine Mistress Kelly : I do not own slaves and I am most definitely not looking to own one.

frenchy: How do you deal with slaves who top from the bottom? Do you think there are ways to cure them from this bad habit?

Divine Mistress Kelly : I deal with them at a distance, a very long distance.. its my most dis-likeable quality in a slave.  I am not sure if it can be cured, in SL maybe its a typo or not understanding how a scene works or very new to the lifestyle etc….. either way I have little time for it, and restructuring my play scene to ‘teach’ the proper way is very annoying.

frenchy: To finish, I would like to ask you. What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Divine Mistress Kelly :    “To thy own self be true, for as sure as night follows day all things will come to pass”

frenchy;  I would like to thank you for being so kind to accept this interview and for being so patient when I shot the photos. Goodbye, Mistress Kelly (smiles).

Divine Mistress Kelly: You are welcome, goodbye frenchy (smiles).



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On my last trip to Los Angeles, I was so delighted to share the same time zone with my absolute bestie Rosa Hunter, that we coined a new phrase #westcoastbitchiness. True enough to form, our 3 favorite pets managed to all majorly fuck-up on the same day for different offenses.

Without getting into the semantics of what they did, I decided to examine to the root of the problem which was that they to varying degrees had gotten comfortable in the coveted positions as our slaves.

Completely unacceptable. In a thought provoking punishment they were to all email me in 300 words or less, why it is unacceptable for a slave to become comfortable or complacent. In addition they were to write #westcoastbitchiness on a part of their body that they could easily conceal to remind them what happens when Rosa & I are on the same coast.


Why is it bad for a slave to be comfortable? The answer seems simple but it struck you even more when you experience the consequences which make you learn this lesson the hard way…

Almost by definition, when you are comfortable, you don’t see the dangers that could put you in a critical situation. For a regular person who is in a safe environment, that is totally fine. In this case, being comfortable is actually a good thing. However if you are in a hostile environment, then the situation is completely different. Any danger that sneaks in can be fatal to you.

By nature, a slave is bound by many constraints, needs to serve anytime, must keep the irreproachable behavior that his owner taught him and has to be ready to answer any demands of his superiors. This is not really a safe environment, is it? When he gets too comfortable, he could either forget to serve, ignore an order from a superior, lose his focus or just forget to behave according to his training and return to his bad habits. Needless to say that if this slave is closely watched by his owner, the consequences for him could range, according to the level of the blunder he made, from a simple timeout to a severe punishment that will make him then extremely uncomfortable.

For those who are familiar with the game of chess, I’d like to finish by a little analogy. When a chess player is overconfident of his position, he will overlook the hidden threats of his opponent and he will most likely do a blunder that will ruin his game and make him probably the loser. Now think of a slave as a chess player against a computer and you will understand why he should never be comfortable.


Why a slave should never get comfortable.

Mistress Natalia there are core reasons why a scum should never get comfortable. A scum has no place doing that is it should always be on it’s toes to serve and please the will of it’s owner.

Getting comfortable only leads to mistakes and complacency. Assuming and taking things for granted which is one of the worst things they can do. Senses always need to be heightened to anticipate and learn, which is critical for a slave. They should always look to make sure every detail is taken care of…comfortable…sounds like watching tv on the couch waiting for it’s owner to get home. That is quite the visual.

It all truthfulness comfortable has no place in this type of relationship, a comfortable slave is a lazy slave…it has forgone all it has been honored with and begins to expect things. That is the best and surest way to displease an owner. Bitch did not state anything about the consequences for the slave….those are not, or should not be the priorities. It should always be on it’s owner and it is impossible to do that correctly if comfortable.



300 words or less  in a NC on why being comfortable is so counter intuitive for a slave.

Comfort.. death of a devoted slave.   In the beginning, we strive for perfection. We are always on our best behavior.  It is the courtship phase, always trying to impress.  Looking our best, minding our language.  Paying attention to all the cues.  Anticipating wants and needs.  Always striving to be the perfect slave.  Hang on every word, every command.  As we progress, things become routine.  What starts out as contentedness and comfort-ability eventually and unknowingly transforms into complacency.  Complacency is like running on auto-pilot.  No thought or conscious effort is involved.  In time it give the appearance that we don’t care, whether true or not, it is the perception that counts.  It is a maintenance setting.  Little or no growth occurs.  The relationship stagnates and dies.  It is important to re-vitalize and stimulate things.  Change things up a little, work at it.  The care and feeding of a relationship goes far beyond just showing up.  Constant vigilance is required.  It is all to easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.  There are no short-cuts.  Constant effort is required.

The word “Complacent” is defined as pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied.  Smug is another word that comes to mind.  In order to combat and avoid complacency, one must be aware of the state we are in.  Are we overly pleased with our situation? Or are we always striving for more.  Do we feel we have advantages over others?  Are we happy with our situation? Or do we strive daily to improve?

Left un-checked, complacency can be terminal.  However, if we are vigilant and recognize the signs, we can avoid it all together and grow to new, never before imagined heights.

If you have read the last post of this chastity blog, you must remember I was left with the RL challenge to go to a strip-club as I was all locked-up in my chastity device and to order a lap dance to add to my humiliation. As I could not even think of not doing it, I was still unsure how to do this. However, as you will read again this time, it is only one manifestation of my submission and dependence upon Mistress Natalia who not only holds the keys of my chastity, but who also can punish me emotionally when, too comfortable (see the up-coming post of Mistress Natalia), I made the worst kind of mistake. The challenge at the strip-club then appeared as a playful recreation compared to the blunder I made and the emotional stress that followed. I can only be grateful to Mistress Natalia for how She helped me go through this intense moments of my submission. To know more about it, please keep reading. I hope you find this instructive as much as I did and that it amuses at least as much as I ached.


5/12 Day 9

Yesterday morning as I was writing my log, Mistress Natalia arrived online unexpectedly. After checking I was wearing my chastity device, that I have been getting a hard time to put on since I am slightly aroused when I start putting it, she wickedly  but also deliciously teased me. My arousal restricted to the size of my device cage  ended pitifully to be just desperate convulsions of my penis and abundant leaking, leaving me frustrated but at the same time extremely excited especially after the nice words from Mistress Natalia I definitely fall deeper for… She left as she was making me guess something about how I am and what makes me  special to Her eyes and I am still unsure of what it is….

Later, I saw Miss Rosa who promoted me to the rank of “Guide” at DS, a sort of junior Mentor. I was happy to see She is pleased with me to give me this responsibility.
But more importantly, yesterday I looked for a strip club in NY where I can go to. According to Yelp and some other reviews, the best place to go to is something called “Rick’s cabaret”. Another good one is called “Penthouse Exclusive Club” but it opens only at night and it’s for me more difficult to go in the evening. I could invent a lie to my wife with the pretext of a professional dinner but that makes me very uncomfortable …. and I might keep some residue of women scents on me when I return home just after that….So it’s better if I go in the afternoon….

Otherwise, yesterday as I will today I kept the device locked up with the actual lock all day so about 10 hours in a row. I felt the lock swinging slightly when I was walking and the vibration echoing with the feeling of being owned by Mistress Natalia aroused me a few times. I feel so happy to be Hers…

Now that I read what I wrote earlier, I cannot send this log without saying the terrible thing that happened today.

During a conversation at DS with a Divine, bitchy and lance , I fucked up and recklessly say some joke saying something I should not have. I was clearly not thinking and Miss Rosa is furious and so much pissed at me that she even de-friended me. I am devastated. Knowing what could have been the consequences of  my reckless and stupid chit chat makes me sick. Losing Miss Rosa’s trust and friendship is irreparable and knowing I have probably disappointed Mistress Natalia is crushing me even more.

5/15 Day 12

After a terrible night, I logged on Saturday morning and talked a bit with Mistress Natalia about what happened on Friday. She was of course disappointed by what happened but She generously told me “she would clean up my mess” which of course means also she will “rub my nose with it” as she said.  However she kindly said nice words so that I can relax for the rest of the day which I did. I felt very grateful of these simple words which showed she really cares for me.

I also spoke with Miss Rosa who generously got me back into her friend list. I did not stay long after writing a NC explaining my analysis of what happened  and I wrote another one about the conversation with lance. Miss Rosa appreciated what I wrote and how I analyzed the situation. She today generously told me that all this was almost behind us and that Mistress Natalia and Her decided they will go easy on me because of my genuine repentance. She also told me today lance and I will be auctioned next month at Dominion. I feel proud that they think I am worthy enough for that but I am nervous about the terms of this auction…whoever auctions me, I will miss Mistress Natalia during the interval of time I will be serving someone else….

The rest of the Saturday was well spent. I went to an Indian restaurant with my wife and then we enjoyed some time in Central Park. At night, we went to the movies and watched “The Man who knew infinity” about the romantic figure of S. Ramanunjan who was an Indian mathematician of the 1910’s. It was quite moving and very accurate of the life.

In my reflection about my blunder, I thought of an analogy between being a slave and playing the game of chess. In that game, there are usually two human opponents but one can also play against a computer. A computer never make any blunder or mistakes but the human does. Actually even the word champion can’t beat the computers. A slave fighting his bad habits, his male ego or entitlement and working to follow the rules given to him by his owner is like the human chess player against a computer. Even if he works hard and perfectly, the slightest mistake will punish him. Like in a chess game where a  blunder can lead to the loss of the game even if he has played perfectly until then, the punishment is immediate. I was thinking to elaborate this analogy and write a small text for the blog of Mistress Natalia. I have thought also about a couple of other ideas that I will tell her when I see her next…

I keep missing Mistress Natalia as if She never leaves my thoughts for very long…

5/16 Day 13

Yesterday evening, I watched the film of Tom Ford “A single man” which I recommend. It was the second time, I watched it and I loved it even more this time. The visual aesthetic of the style of the 60’s, the perfect acting of Colin Firth and the amazing music of Abel Korzeniowski are stunning. The sadness is not forced nor mushy but has a transcendental beauty that is rare. I really enjoyed it even though I was impatient to come online to see Mistress Natalia who I missed despite my anxiety for what was waiting for me.

The instant I got logged in, I got what I deserved, Mistress Natalia rubbed my mess into my nose as She said and I endured Her emotional abuse for about an hour before I begged Her to dismiss me. My heart was aching and pounding all the time, my stomach was tightened and the pain would not let me  able to stay focused on anything. I had to implore Her to let me go offline so that I can try to gather some relief to be able to write the 300 words She wanted before this morning, which I did right after. I took some pill and went to bed but I could not sleep anyway. I felt a weight in the middle of my chest almost all night and probably had not more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Despite of the last words She told me last night, that She would not bother with this if she did not love me, despite I know I deserve this punishment, I woke up with the same weight on my chest this morning still feeling vividly the scars of the last night abuse. When I think about last night, I wondered if I am too sensitive or if I am just too much in love with Mistress Natalia making me extremely vulnerable to the slightest emotional abuse and even wonder if would  hold on better with a hundred blows of a real life whip on my back.

I wonder how Mistress Natalia feels, when she punishes me like that, what She thinks. My pain is mixed with a feeling of gratitude as I know she does this because she loves me and is confident that I can  improve but also with a feeling of guilt about how stupid I was. I still feel I have a lot to learn but I also sometimes doubt if I am made for this.  Only my deep trust in Mistress Natalia keeps me on the track in these moments even if I am confident that  I have a lot to give to make Her happy. And I hope She sees that too.

5/17 day 14

As soon as I arrived in my office I put on my chastity device and I kept it all day until 7pm just before returning home. I even kept it during lunch time and during a seminar. I was not aroused at all by anything so it did not bother me too much. I went online after my seminar and discussed with an old friend. I enjoyed to talk to her.  Then Mistress Natalia arrived. I was happily surprised as I did not think she would be online after a probably tiring flight. We talked about different things, it felt like a ray of sunlight in my day.  Under her instruction, I also went to DS. She did not stay very long there  though but I had to stay and endure the games of Mistress Seforah and Goddess Suprema who did not let me leave very easily. Each time now Goddess Suprema does that, asking me to beg 10 different times and using all the synonyms she made me look for. She can be grateful to Mistress Natalia that She has left me there at her disposal for that race game. When I eventually got allowed to log after what I think was  more than half an hour of begging without response, I was in rage of frustration. When I arrived back online yesterday night she had left me this offline.

[20:08] Goddess SUPREMA (jayjurak.zheng): (Saved Mon May 16 19:20:39 2016)french fry…I am very strict on you bitch.. because.. you have good potential to serve..  and elevate the sim . I say this..I am disappointed you not participate in race but that was My Apprentices call.. I wanted you to be in race..

I think that was actually the reason why she would not let me go….there are worse things than that of course, but as Mistress Natalia said it…I might not be not the perfect slave for DS. Anyhow, I went to DS to greet Miss Rosa and she asked me to “fuck the hole” of declan. So I did the RP of fucking declan as I dominated him harshly when as the same time Miss Rosa was humiliating the hell out of him. It was fun and declan told me right after that it was hot and that he enjoyed a lot how Miss Rosa and I were onto him…As it was late, I went to bed shortly after that.

Last night, I got several strong throbbing arousal (and leaking without touching) when I thought of Mistress Natalia and how I feel more and more owned by Her and progressively completely deprived of my will, but yet serene as I trust Her.  I also thought of what I have to do today (the visit to the strip club) and it did not help to calm the arousal but only mixed it with anxiety….


5/18 day 15

So, I went to Rick’s cabaret on 33rd street. I am writing this as I am just back from there.  I am still a bit drunk because I got 2 strawberry cosmopolitan’s and one glass of Cabernet. I was a bit anxious before going  there but not too much. I took the subway and got off at Penn Station walked one block and got to the Entrance of Rick’s. The body guard looked at my ID and led me to a table after I checked my  jacket. I was not very far from the dance floor where a half naked slender girl was dancing. The room was not totally empty but there was no one between me and the dancer and the girl was like dancing for me.
She was very sexy with brown curly hair, beautiful legs and small breast but I could not see her face in the half-light.  At one point, she took off her bra and throw it at me. When she walked to my table later, she said she wanted to check me up.  Not much later, a sexy waitress half Vietnamese half American came to my table. She sat next to me and was very sweet, showing me the menu, touching my arm or legs which sent chills in my body and twitches in my locked-up cock. I ordered food and a Cosmopolitan and started to relax and to enjoy the show.
A few minutes after she stopped her shift, the girl from the dance floor came to me said a few words and since I was having some food she said she will come back.  Like the waitress, she touched my arm and my legs in a natural and sweet way that made me feel extremely comfortable. Not long after I finished my calamaris another girl came to my table and asked if she could join me –  An extremely sexy brunette with blue eyes who was wearing a blue bodysuit and fishnet pantyhose.- we chatted up a bit and then she offered a lap dance. My heart raced but I agreed. She was sweet, sexy, and hot with a perfect tanned slender body with beautiful breasts.  She sat on my lap, flashed out her tits in my face, rubbed her ass and thighs on my crotch, touched my chest caressed my neck. She also let me touch her as I was holding her waist, ass cheeks and even tits.  It was very exciting but so frustrating at the same time. My penis was twitching without being able to get hard. I felt pathetic and frustrated especially as she was rubbing her leg on my crotch intentionally I could not feel what she was trying to do on my locked up cock.  She did not say anything but she must have felt what was between my legs or thought that I had a particularly small penis…even if she suggested we go to a private room at the end…I felt a deep humiliation inside.

Later on another girl from Panama came to my table and chat me up. She was not as beautiful but she was talkative and we chatted quite a bit after what I got another lap dance that was impossible to refuse although she was far from being as attractive as the previous one. I kept enjoying the show as I was finishing the last drink I had ordered. Some other girls came after but I declined the lap dance…it could have lasted all afternoon and I could have tried more girls but I would have just been more frustrated.. However I was not expecting there would be so much touching, that the girls would be so much friendly and engaging. Over all the girls were young beautiful and sexy but sounded a bit superficial. It was sweet, cool and relaxing  but  at the same time also extremely frustrating and humiliating ….I need to say that the most I got excited was when I was thinking of the reason I was here and of Mistress Natalia of course. Also, it showed me as, if I did not know already, that vanilla does not excite me as much as D/s. These almost 2 hours with those sexy girls all around me, were not half as exciting as having the attention of Mistress Natalia whose tremendous attractiveness leaves me always the weakest as does the pure thought of being her property.

I want to finish this post by saying I am extremely grateful to Mistress Natalia to have given me this challenge. It made me feel even more that I am Hers and unable to imagine to do anything but what she tells me to do. When She gives me a challenge such as this one, I can’t think of not doing it. It puts me in some predicaments that I crave to overcome to please Her by doing what She expects. Just the fact She desires something from me is a privilege that is always source of excitement. What makes me even weaker is that She seems to have no doubt that I will obey. Her confidence disarms any resistance I could have before it even appears.

5/20 Day 17

Yesterday, I saw Mistress Natalia after almost 3 days since the last time as She has been busy with work. I was so happy to catch up with Her on everything and have Her feedback on what I have been doing…in particular the field trip at Rick’s cabaret. I felt happy to see She was so amused by my report and She generously promised me a reward. The best reward is to see Her happy and to spend time with Her no matter what we are doing. But She asked me to choose what I wanted to do this afternoon and I opted for some bdsm time. She then decided I will be Her pain slut for a session and asked me to get ready for it.
It made my heart pounding but went out to get the small “nasty” binders and the rubber band she wanted to use on me.

At my return, She was with Miss Rosa at the new land and I joined them. During the conversation, I unintentionally said something that made me sound testy with Her making the up-coming torture/punishing session entirely justified. Back at Hellfire, heart pounding, I waited patiently for Her as She was dressing for the session. She appeared 5 minutes later with the sexiest red lace underwear and my heart races even faster. She quickly  made me hang by the wrists on one of the Hellfire device and made me put (in RL) the binders on my nipples. The bite was hard and sudden and almost cut my breath. The pain and the thrill to do this for Her made me shake and sent twitches in my caged cock. The binders kept biting as She asked me to put the strong rubber band around my genitals to make it snap hard on them at Her commands. It was quick inflected pains that hurt sharply and more each time. She made me do it many times as she was interrogating me or giving me instructions and it hurt like hell but I loved and was absolutely happy to see Her purr from what I was enduring. She also again brought up my hole to be plugged and I felt a twitch in my cock. The all session was intense and very erotic, the only worries I had was to get visible bruise on my nipple which were hurting but that was easier to endure than the hardest snaps of the rubber band. I kept the binders more than half an hour and when Mistress Natalia made me removed them it hurt even more for a short time. The hours later and even this morning I have kept feeling my nipple extremely sensitive  to touching.  I also noticed bruises on my scrotum from the elastic band snaps but I am proud and happy to have them as a gift from Mistress Natalia. When I removed my chastity device later, it was all wet making quite obvious I am Mistress Natalia pain slut now…

About my chastity state, every night, I am having those throbbing arousal when I think of Mistress Natalia and my submission to Her. Yesterday morning my arousal was so intense that I had a hard time to have my penis go down. It is extremely sensitive and I am dying to touch myself at times but I have no will for it. I am chaste since 2 weeks and a half and I am proud to be for Mistress Natalia. My penis is Hers as is my heart and my soul.  I have no desire for an orgasm if she does not want to. I will hold it as long as She wants. Hopefully my body will not be too difficult to tame. My penis grows and hits the cage boundaries when I am writing this….


5/21 Day 18

Yesterday would have been a wonderful day, spending time with Mistress Natalia and moving in at her house, if I did not act stupidly in greeting or rather manifesting my presence home to Her in an inappropriate way when I arrived online at night. Even if my intention was just to be playful, it was displeasing and inappropriate  the way I did it. Knowing Mistress Natalia was unhappy made me feel awful and has ruined my mood for the weekend. I was so happy she invited me to move in Her house that my joy and enthusiasm took me off balance and I obviously got carried a way. I am ashamed of this faux pas. I should stay aware that each time She allows me closer, the privilege she generously gives me implies more duties and in particular I should be more careful and attentive.

I feel like I am walking up on a tightrope, approaching slowly closer to Her and that at each step I slightly lose balance from the excitement and I need to adjust my pace to not get carried away. I do not want to fall as it would be profoundly devastating…

I was particularly overwhelmed emotionally last night also because I forgot/did not think to ask permission to Miss Rosa to distribute the notecard I had prepared for collecting the opinions of the Divines about the topic of a blog post I am preparing. The justified anger of Miss Rosa combined with the unhappiness of Mistress Natalia achieved to put me in a completely depressing mood and I asked permission to go offline. Needless to say I did not sleep much and that I still feel a knot in my stomach.

I feel completely vulnerable with my fate in the hands of Mistress Natalia who I love and the closer I get to Her the more I crave to make her happy.

5/23 Day 20

The week-end went smoothly and It was somewhat enjoyable but my mood has mainly been  and still is under the shadow of what has happened Friday night. I have had the chance to see quickly Mistress Natalia on Sunday after my return from the gym but it was mostly frustrating since, I did not have much time to speak with Her. I also talked to Miss Rosa Sunday evening about the reasons I should have consulted Her regarding the interview project and how I must be more consistent in asking permission to Her regarding actions that are related to DS.

My chastity state is making me more and more itchy (when I see a sexy silhouette in the street or if my penis rubs some fabric for example)  even though I had no special reasons to be excited this week-end  probably because of my mood. I suppose that  after almost 3 weeks without release it is to be expected that my body starts to be itchier. I did not have any trouble to wear the chastity device to day though. It has become almost a routine now like a normal thing I have to do as my penis belongs to Mistress Natalia as well as my arousal.

My soul is uncertain and pessimistic. My heart is aching.  I feel a bit more broken and I am more vulnerable than ever. I listened to “Stillness of the Mind” by Abel Korzeniovski on my subway ride this morning.

5/25 Day 22

Monday was again a difficult day for me. I went from being on my own  to being emotionally abused in the morning and in the afternoon.  After the emotional stress of the last few days that I did not process well, it felt like my reason got blurred and my ability to be efficiency was going down, making me more subject  to get into trouble for stupid reasons. Retrospectively, I should not have been so down since I now have the brand of Mistress Natalia on my avatar through the knife of Miss Mancipia. That is a symbolic gesture that means I am loved. But I was so emotionally tired and my mind was so confused that I was a bit lost when I logged off in the evening. Later that night, my friend Lance who is much more experienced helped me to see things as they really are and not as my aching mind was perceiving them. Moreover Mistress Natalia talked to me yesterday and it clarified things even more and comforted me that I was still were I wanted, beneath her feet, to serve Her and to be trained by Her for Her own pleasure and happiness.

I feel much better now as this struggle made me understand how to deal more efficiently with these moments of emotional stress. It does not mean it will be easy but I know that eventually what matters is that  Mistress Natalia has faith in me since she puts me through these struggles how hard they are. In fact, it goes well along with what Miss Rosa said  last night “great potential merits great challenge”. So I must be prepared and I will be. I am immensely grateful to Mistress Natalia who talked to me yesterday in such an accurate way as she firmly gave me  what I needed. It made me think deeper and understand better how to process my training. It has deepened my faith, my love and trust in Her. Being her property is definitely what I want from the bottom of my heart. It is a rare chance that I am extremely lucky to hold. I will always remember that when I am in pain because this is the strength She has given me and that will hold me secure for the journey She has chosen for us.

5/26 Day 23
Yesterday was a relaxing day.  I did not see much Mistress Natalia as she wanted some alone time. I missed Her but then I took the opportunity to do some tasks regarding the #maleentitlement project of Miss Rosa  and the slave auction project of Miss Seforah.  I have seen also Deloreen who wanted to make the mesh head better but definitely I don’t like it and Mistress Natalia neither so I will keep my frenchy’s head 🙂 I put some furniture in my room and enjoyed the privilege to be at Mistress Natalia’s home. Later, Mistress Natalia took me for a quick shopping trip and then kind of introduced me to Miss Nicole who is the owner of the parcel. She was kind and showed me her property and it was a nice way to know her a bit more than just crossing her path at DS. Last night was a bit more busy at DS and I enjoyed the attention of Mistress Natalia and also of Miss Rosa who explained me how exhausting it is to train a slave…

I keep wearing the chastity device when I come online and almost all day until I return home. I almost don’t feel it except when I have the slightest arousal that is then enhanced because my penis twitches and touches the cage boundaries  Every evening when I take it off, it is all wet inevitably. I feel owned and totally dependent of Mistress Natalia and that solely idea just arouses me when I think of it . When in my bed, I get a full throbbing erection but when I write these words, my cage keeps my penis restricted and it hurts but it is hurts good. I can’t hide that I love that Mistress Natalia restricts me. It is now more than 3 weeks that I haven’t ejaculated and my body is getting extremely needy at times. I could try to have intercourse with my wife but I don’t as I don’t feel I am allowed to seek that. I wonder how long Mistress Natalia will keep me like this. In some sense I crave to  stroke my penis at some others I crave she instructs me to stay chaste longer. I don’t know what I want. I have lost my will because Mistress Natalia is the one who decides all about what She owns. That is how I can feel Her ownership is totally real…

5/27 Day 24

Yesterday was the perfect illustration of what Mistress Natalia told me on Tuesday morning ” it’s the pain that makes the pleasure so enjoyable”. I spent the morning in DS, mainly performing for Mistress Natalia’s amusement, first to dominate a sissy scum and then to go down on  chigley. It was a pleasure to amuse Mistress Natalia (and also Miss Rosa) and have her attention. Later, Mistress Natalia allowed me the privilege to spoil Her in a shopping spree. The fact She allowed me that privilege was very arousing and the chastity device made this a deliciously torture that I loved. Also, She has a wonderful taste for clothing  that makes me always excited  to discover her new ideas of outfits.

But the best moment of the day was the afternoon that I spent with Mistress Natalia at the sim Opium S&M. It is a bdsm kind of club but we spent a non-bdsm afternoon dancing and talking about ourselves. That kind of communication that makes us closer in deepening our mutual trust. and lay the ground to go further. Those moments are essential to me not only to get closer to Mistress Natalia which is my strongest motivation but also to make me internalize the struggles I had been through before. It makes my love for Her more intense and makes me stronger for the inevitable future struggles. The strength she gives me by allowing me close to put up with the emotional abuse is indispensable. Mistress Natalia is wonderful and amazing, She is 10 times worth the struggles and the suffering I am going through at times. I can only be grateful to become so close to Her. I am a lucky and happy slave.


I am now in my 4th week of chastity. My penis becomes extremely aching for release and to be stroked. I have never been chaste so long. How much longer will I have to stay like this?  Only Mistress Natalia can make it stop…..I am staying strong but sometimes feel at the edge of begging to touch….

All of you know about the Divine Mistress Seforah. She has been around Divine Sadism for some time now and if you have had the opportunity to interact with her, her personality has likely not left you indifferent. She has been the creator of the scum auction at Divine Sadism that some of you may have attended. As the slave in charge for this project, I have had the privilege to work under her supervision and it has been very motivating.

A few days ago, she has generously accepted to respond to an interview request that Mistress Natalia demanded me to conduct for the blog of the Hellfire Club and Divine Sadism. After the interview, when doing some shooting for this post, Miss Seforah granted me the privilege to witness more about the other sides of her SL: some of the sims she goes to and the houses and gardens she constructs and where she demonstrates a creativity that is no less original than the one we have seen in her organization of the DS auction or than what you will read in the interview transcript below. Also, I am very grateful for her patience, her kindness and her help  when preparing this post.


frenchy: Greetings Divine Mistress Seforah. Before anything, I would like to tell you  my deepest gratitude for accepting to answer to my interview request. I am sure that many of the DS members will be delighted to know more about you!

Divine Mistress Seforah: Hello little toad! (smiles)

frenchy: So here is my first question.  Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  It is a well known fact that the riot police and criminals are much more violent when they wear a mask. To enjoy as much as possible in a sadistic and dominant way, to feel free, I like to keep my RL as far as possible from SL.

frenchy: But then, how would you present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  In SL? If that ‘someone’ is a person, I say “Hello, sister, nice to meet you. If you need my help, just tell me.” and I smile because I’m happy to see her.   On the other hand, if that ‘someone’ is nothing but a scum, a toad… then it’s a ‘something’, not someone and I just kick him as your ass knows this very well. (smiles)

frenchy (smiles and blushes slightly): What is your country of origin, Miss Seforah? Can you tell us  what is the culture that you belong to?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  What did I answer to your first question? Slap yourself! It will stimulate your brain. … Um…  Well done.  I’m European, from the European shore of the Mediterranean sea. That’s all you need to know about my origins. About my culture…. Mediterranean is the word… I think. We do not have dirty business, but  the family of the movie of Coppola “The Godfather.”  is the kind of old and traditional big family I belong to.

frenchy (smiles but slaps himself blushing) : What is your RL occupation? Does it allow you to express your dominant personality in your every day life?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I’m taxidermist, I embalm little wide mouthed toads like you, who ask too many questions.

frenchy: Do you need or like to be in control of every aspect of your life?  In other words, are you a control freak? (smiles)

Divine Mistress Seforah: Absolutely Not!

frenchy : Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I’m chaotic and organized at the same time, just like an hurricane.  I think there is a structure in the jungle of my mind, but most of the time, I can’t see it. I’m very intuitive.

frenchy : How does SL impact your RL and your RL influence your SL?

Divine Mistress Seforah: SL gives me the chance of satisfy some natural sadistic inclinations I can’t express in RL, and it makes me feel less frustrated. Frustration is the root of violence, so SL makes me feel more kind and more pacific in RL. Does RL influence in my SL? Yes. My RL avatar, made of blood and flesh, needs to sleep. : )


frenchy :  What are your favorite book/movie/music that you like to share with the persons you are close to?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Book: William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer.  (Read the Wikipedia, toad; I feel like Molly sometimes… and many others like Wintermute)
Movie: I can’t choose one and Music: All classics, from Vivaldi to Freddy Mercury; from Lady Gaga to Ravel.

frenchy:  and what is the last book/movie that you read/watch? Did you enjoy it?

Divine Mistress Seforah: : I’m reading a valuable volume of the six penny English books from 1915,  “A heart’s atonement” by Esther Miller. I like the style of the language of the novel: The sentences, the elegant words. Despite the structure and the theme of the story are poor, I find  the mind of the heroine interesting, an English lady from the times of the World War I. She is weak, submissive… not by Nature, but by Culture. The character is nothing but a cliche, an archetype… She is “How a lady must to be… in 1915” It is interesting to observe our evolution when  looking at her and looking at ourselves now.

frenchy (nods) Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL, Miss Seforah?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I like building a house and a garden in a sky-box, I add flowers and furniture and when everything is perfect and cute, I delete it.

frenchy : I have seen then, they are very original creations. You could save them and make a store to sell them… (smiles)

Divine Mistress Seforah: I build for me, looking for peace, just to play.

frenchy : What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Know yourself, accept yourself, Go Ahead … and if you can not take the third step, take it easy. (smiles)

frenchy (smiles): In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I was very young. It was summer. I was in our old farm, under the shadow of the vine in the porch, at the door of our little white house. It was hot , the sun was crushing the soil. I was sitting in front of my grandfather, wearing  my new first bikini. It was a red bikini. It was the first time I had to hide my tiny breasts. I was feeling so adult and so womanly…

Then My grandfather looked at my thighs and moved his head, in a sight, and he looked  to my feet. I shrugged (my shoulders) and he smiled and watched again. When I looked under the chair I was sitting on, when I looked between my thighs, I discovered the most ugly, the biggest, the most terrible spider I had ever seen in my short life. I cried, and I jumped in the arms of my grandpa all in tears. He laughed, hugged me, and kissed my hair and told me “look”. He was smoking all the time… always…. he took his zippo lighter from his pocket, bent over my chair,  lighted it up and put the flame close to one leg of that ugly, dreadful, terrible monster. To my surprise, the leg of the spider burned like paper. The spider tried to run away to it’s web… but my grand father burned it, In a flame; and the monster was smoke. “Back to your chair. It’s yours, it does not belong to the spider” He said, and gave me his silvered lighter. “Keep it, BUT do not burn my house”

Then, I felt something … new. I would not say I was excited… but I lighted the zippo lighter and I blushed. My heart was running fast.

The next time I felt something like that was when a little old man touched my rear in a crowded bus. The first touch, I thought it was an accident, But the second one, I opened my eyes, just surprised… and when he put his hand on my thigh, I got scared for a second but then I slapped him so hard that my hand hurt.  He looked at me with his hand on his cheek, the bus stopped, the doors opened, I looked at him and he was scared! I saw fear in his eyes…. He rolled and ran away.  I blushed because everyone in the bus was looking at me. This time… I was 24 years old…. this time I got excited, not at that moment but later, at home, just because I had discovered the disgusting little toad was scared of me. I did nothing special after that, but It has been in my mind since then.The only reason why I can say this here, it’s because it is SL. I never told anybody in RL.

frenchy (nods understanding) : Thank you for sharing this very interesting and personal moment of your life Miss  Seforah. Now could you tell us how old you were when you first realized you wanted to be a Domme?  Was it long after that episode?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Like I said, I realized it when I was 24… but I could not accept it until some months ago. Something happened in my RL and later in my SL that made me get angry, that made me feel hate with all my soul. I channeled all these feelings towards that men I could punish without feeling guilty and without hurting anyone. Later, the anger disappeared (most of it) and I discovered the pleasure of domination, a pleasure that I try to enjoy as much as possible (wide smile here).


frenchy (smiles back) :  How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I don’t have a style and I don’t need one. I’m just a bad girl playing with my dolls (you, dirty toads). If I see or I imagine something fun, I do it to get pleasure.  There are some things I like more than others… humiliating,  kicking, making you punish yourself via RL interactions… But I would not say it’s a style. These are nothing but preferences. Except for punishment, (when I’m sure the toad hates it),  I don’t find interesting to make males have sex with each others because I feel they enjoy it much more than me. I can enjoy humiliating another woman if I feel she likes it…. but hitting her, even to make her feel pleasure…  Well, I don’t enjoy it.

I don’t have pleasure using others with a strap-on fixed on my hips, males or females. Because of that and because I never offer my rear, some pure lesbians said I am too straight to be a good lesbian. However I have the same interest in being qualified as a good lesbian, no more, no less, as being qualified as a good straight girl. That is to say NO INTEREST at all.

frenchy : Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I want it all, and I give nothing. It’s not a good deal for most of the people, and it’s not a good deal for most of slaves. Some ones get excited under my power and obey me looking for pleasure; but they can’t be exited all the time,  and  I’m not here to please them, so, eventually they leave me. 🙂  Yes, I have no problem in accepting and saying that slaves, eventually, always leave me. I give them good reasons to run away!  I would do the same if I were one of them! (smiles)

I could think about their pleasure instead of mine… I could take care of their feelings…     I have forbidden them say they love me, when I could force them to say it and play with their heart and their feelings to keep them with me… But why should I do that? Once upon a time I loved and gave myself, but now I’m selfish. It’s a nonsense to make any effort to retain a slave that is useless to me because he is not slave enough to be happy serving and adoring me and feeding my selfishness.  There are lots of toads jumping around my sisters and me. If one leaves, two new ones come to my feet.

Will I be found some day by  the kind of slave that can be happy and stay with me, just for the pleasure of being treated like a despicable rat? (I’m not looking for slaves, they look for me) Who knows? It does not matter.

frenchy :  What seduces you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I want to be the sun of his Solar system and all his planets must turn around me in my gravity camp. He must surrender without a fight.

frenchy :  Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  YES.   How far? At the moment, I have commanded an animal to slap himself… I have commanded him to put cloth pins on different parts of his body, I have made him lick from a dish at the floor…  I have commanded him to brush his teeth, wash his hands, crawl, take a freezing shower… or eat a candy thinking about my lips.  I have commanded him to write my name on his skin, keep a feminine pad under his pillow, kiss it every night before going to sleep, wear it after a couple of days and finally cum on it.  Sometimes I ask some photos of this objects, but I have no pleasure in observing you while you touch yourself and I have a low interest in your body. I just want some evidences of your submission.  Will I go further? Why not?

frenchy: What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Divine Mistress Seforah: Sex is communication.  At the biological level, sex is the first step of the reproduction process, and the sexual reproduction is nothing but communication, if we keep in mind that DNA is nothing but information; and sex is the way to communicate that information to the next generation.  In other words: I’m going to build a baby inside me and you have to give me your part of the plans of the building project.: Your 23 chromosomes in a little pack named spermatozoa. With the 23 of mine, packed in my ovule, it will amount the 46 chromosomes we all have inside each cell of our bodies.  Above the biological level is the psychological level of sex. At that level sex is much more than reproduction, but it still is communication. Communication of feelings when I look inside your eyes before you kiss me, for example…  The point is this: All form of Communication has this elements:  Emitter, Receptor, Message, Channel, Code, Context.

In verbal communication, Emitter talks, Receptor listens, Message is what you say, Channel is the air, Context is the place you are, and Code is the language, English for example. In sexual communication, Emitter grabs your hair and put her lips in yours, Receptor opens his mouth, Message is “You are mine, stupid”, Channel is the silky skin of my lips, wet, hot and touching your skin; Context is a dark room, you are tied at my feet; and the Code is BDSM.

In English, “chat” is a verb; it means “People talking”. BUT In French, “le chat” it’s a cat. In vanilla sex, a big slap in bed during sex is an offense, while in BDSM, between a mistress and her animal, slapping his face hard is a way of expressing domination and giving pleasure.

Limits? In BDSM, limits are like silences in verbal communication. Silences express more than words sometimes, and Limits (or lack of limits) express something too. The point is: What is it that you want to say with this limit?

The English language of teenagers is not like the English of Shakespeare. The same: Each person has her own BDSM, and you must be sure about what kind of BDSM language you use to express your dominant side; and you must to be sure that your partner understands you. In my personal BDSM, I set the limits of my animal. He WILL NOT set his limits to me. I will set my limits for him.  I’m sadistic and selfish…  What can I do?  (smiles)

frenchy : Sometimes people say that a slave in a D/s relationship holds some control too. What is your opinion about that?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Not with me.


frenchy: Do you impose chastity to your slaves?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  A Japanese woman has to be ready, and wet  when her husband arrives home because if he wants sex, he must not wait…. So, in revenge…I command to my “little whores” to be hard in my presence ready to be used by me if I want to. It’s difficult for them. They love it at first, but they suffer later. Fortunately for them,.. I don’t stay long with them…(smile)  I am also very interested in the “refractory period” of men. It’s a mystery to me how they can lose all their sex desires in one second… And the way their mind change once they cum… After the orgasm they are different… And I ask to myself who is the real one of both men, the  one before one or the one after?  I have observed it. The worst ones are the ones that become an animal after the orgasm: a freezing one. They don’t want to look at you, don’t want to talk…don’t want your cuddles…they are very far away. I HATE it…Sometimes I do the same to men as a revenge: “You cum, you are useless to me now, leave” (smiles).

frenchy (smiles) Can you be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Divine Mistress Seforah: Being sadistic without being a Domme? Feel pleasure making suffer someone who does not enjoy it?   Yes I can, the name of this practice is REVENGE. At the bottom of this behavior is revenge always, even if the sadist ignores it in a process of transference. To be a person, and not to become a monster, I choose not to do that.  But yes indeed that I could if I wanted to.  (smiles)

About being a Domme without being sadistic… I could try… some day…. when it snows in the hell…

frenchy (smiles): Thank you again for taking this interview Miss Seforah. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have the chance to know more about you and your world. Thank you also for your time and your patience during the shootings. Goodbye Miss Seforah.

Divine Mistress Seforah: You are welcome. I have enjoyed it. I like to be on the focus (smiles). Goodbye little toad!