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Subway interlude.

Posted: March 20, 2015 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Articles

While I am hard at work on my next project, it’s a fun one, so stay tuned. I thought I would go through some old pics that I never published, and put them out there. This was a set that I did with my former slave at the time, spunky. spunky is also my partner in this blog and does alot of the grunt work that lets me be “Editrix at Large”. He really is an asset. Please don’t tell him though.


One of my favorite pass times when he was my dedicated slave was doing fun, sexy, BDSM oriented photo shoots. I happen to know he loved doing these even more than me, being the total man slut that he is. I do recall the frustration of of explaining to him why he needed to buy a nice looking suit like he was a little child, until finally saying “Just buy it. Now.”

As a side note, want to impress me? Have more than just a free pair of undies in your inventory when you present yourself to me.


The shoot was sort of conceived as mysterious woman meets uptight business man in the grimy subway station and dominates him simply with her eyes. It was enormous fun to shoot(as were all of these sort of “one-offs” we did).


I do wish I took a couple more shots that provided a more linear story to it. Whatever the case please enjoy!

All Good Things Come to an End.

Posted: March 4, 2015 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires


It’s old news by now, but I wanted to formally announce the closure of Dark Desires.

It was a fun time while it lasted, but everyone has gone their separate ways.

To make it fun, I had spunky write an obituary:

BDSM Dark Desires
RIP 2011-2015
An idea, a spark and a bang – but alas no more. BDSM Dark Desires is finally closed down and the group will be dissolved.
An idea – BDSM Dark Desires sprang out of the idea that there were people in Second Life that wanted, needed, a more immersive BDSM experience. One where emoting trumped pose balls. One where there were actions that had consequences and one where the strong really would devour the weak.
A spark – When a spark touches kindling fire is created. And just as fire draws in oxygen to support it so Dark Desires drew in Mistresses, Masters, slaves and submissives. But not just players; it drew in the best builder in Second Life, AllyCat Foxtrot who weaved Her magic to produce the atmospheric castles and dungeons that made Dark Desires so special.
A bang – Dark Desires became a playground for dominants and a rite of passage for submissives. It released the repressed dominance of many Ladies to become the Mistresses and Goddesses of Second Life. Any submissive who served at Dark Desires can consider the time spent as a badge of honour that will enhance his or her CV.
Of course none of this could have happened without the inspiration and creative genius of the founder of Dark Desires, Natalia Kessell or Nats as She was known to Her Dominant friends. And while we may mourn the passing of a great sim, Nats may well again unleash something equally eclectic onto an unsuspecting and cosseted Second Life.

No matter how you look at it, life goes on.

Stay tuned for my next adventure.


-M. Natalia



slave chigley: Mistress Shanna, there are a lot of people in SL who would like to know more about You. Thank You for the opportunity to ask You some questions. However having read Your profile, I have to admit to be somewhat nervous about interviewing You today.

Mistress Shanna: and why nervous?

slave chigley: well You sound very much like Mistress Natalia in that You do not suffer fools gladly.

slave chigley feels his mouth going dry but stammers out the first question..

slave chigley: Firstly, would You tell us when You first realized that You were a Dominant?

Mistress Shanna: smiles … at an early age, perhaps 16 or so. I’ve always manipulated people from a very young age. There is a story from when I was 4 or 5 when I tied up and stripped the boy next door ….

slave chigley: And how would You describe Your style of domination?

Mistress Shanna: I’d like to think I’m a sensual dominant, but that’s perhaps a better question for one of my pets to answer. For me its about getting in someone’s head and exploring what’s there.



slave chigley: I see from Your profile that You own only females. Would You consider ever owning a male?

Mistress Shanna: I have owned males and sissy’s and have one now … the ones in my profile represent perhaps the cream of my SL experience. With me collars come slowly and relationships take time. If you notice those all are multi-year relationships. Boys and men, come in two flavours …. true subbies and those seeking to top-from-the-bottom. Unfortunately, many in SL are just here to play.

slave chigley: may i just take You up on Your previous comment… Don’t girls try and top-from-the-bottom just as much as boys?

Mistress Shanna: of course they do! I just find it more ….. rampant ….in men

slave chigley: In Your experience, what do You believe makes for a successful D/S relationship in Second Life?

Mistress Shanna: As for success …its devotion, in both directions …. so few understand the Ds dynamic … they don’t understand that the submissive chooses to submit every day, and that the Dominant needs to work to maintain that choice

slave chigley: Now this is the big question that is on everyone’s lips and i hope you don’t mind me asking it… Do You ever switch?

Mistress Shanna: In a true Ds sense I do not switch; that said, I’ve had lovers of course!

slave chigley: Do You believe in Female Supremacy?

Mistress Shanna: Of course!

slave chigley: What are Your views on FinDomming?

Mistress Shanna: I think FinDomme is easily misused, and often it is in SL ……..Its slippery … I have no issues with tributing, or findomme as a kink, but often it becomes a way of life for the D and an exploitation of the s … that I’m not really a fan of.   That said, to each their own.  For instance, I have a ‘ProDomme’ card in my profile, but truth be told I don’t charge for my time in SL, its more a way to say “No” without making one feel bad. Add to that the very real issues of cost of kink …The Armory for instance costs me $300USD a month to maintain …. and a girl needs shoes ….so there is balance in all things.



slave chigley: This is where all the subbies and slaves will be making notes….What do You see as positive and negative traits in a slave, and do You have any tips on how a slave can impress You?

Mistress Shanna: I believe each is an individual, I want to understand them, I need openness in submission which makes one vulnerable. They need to get past that and invest time in relationship building for “us” to be a success. They should be polite, honest, invest in themselves, and be prepared to communicate clearly knowing I’m listening. And of course, tell me what they like ….I’m not a cookie cutter Domme …. I expect to tailor myself, from my collection of kinks and skills, to fit the subbie …. to do that … they need to be open. Also, its not a contest, I’m not interested in convincing anyone to submit. They either want to or they don’t ….

slave chigley: so if they said they were into A but B, You would go along with that assuming that You liked A and weren’t bothered about B?

Mistress Shanna: If A and B are in my repertoire, great, if not, perhaps I’m not the one for them. I’ll do things I don’t enjoy for a deserving slave as a special treat, but I really hate it when they say I like A but are just saying that because they want B but think they can get me to give it to them if they start with A …. I mean, if you want to be whipped, or disciplined, out with it ….

slave chigley: Do You think a Mistress has to be a sadist to be strict?

Mistress Shanna: Not at all … I mean the whole yelling bitchy Domme stereotype makes me crazy.

slave chigley: Could You describe a favourite scene or activity?

Mistress Shanna: I like pegging …. men …. owned men …. caged and controlled … it focuses them in such a delightful way.

slave chigley: And finally Mistress Shanna, could You tell us how many items You have in Your inventory and if SL or Your PC crashed deleting everything what would You miss most?

Mistress Shanna: I have 33,352 items in my inventory. I would miss the people and the relationships; but things are easily replaced, and my SL inventory is like my closet… full of things I don’t need anymore.

slave chigley: Mistress Shanna thank You for taking the time to answer these questions.








As I am breaking in new slaves that make the cut; a mandatory “sleepover” at my dear friend & colleague’s sim, Starbuck’s Lair is usually a part of my conditioning of them. Why you ask? For many reasons. First & most importantly, I like my slaves to say “yes” to everything; and this is always a good way to test them as many are not as “open to anything” as they say. Another reason is that when they come back, they are so used to being used and abused, that they are very attentive to my needs; not to mention terrified to death that I might send them back if they are not on their best behavior.  Finally, it’s always fun to be around hot, sweaty men that take impeccable care of their appearances.

Without boring you too much further, below is “sprinkles” account of his long weekend there:

Knowing that She was to be away for a few weeks, Mistress Natalia decided it would be a good opportunity for Her slave to receive some training. Her new slave, being straight, would be lent out to a Master of a gay Dungeon to be taught how to better serve Male Dom’s and to have his place re-enforced to him. Mistress leashed and presented Her new slave to Master Starbuck. Her slave would be confined to his Lair where he would be used to entertain and offer himself to Masters & guests. Mistress was clear to Her slave that he was to do as told and that She would get a full report on his performance and actions while at the dungeon. Ownership of his collar was handed out to Master and his assistant and She left.
Soon after Mistress walked out, Master Starbuck roughly strapped his new trainee to a bench and Him and Master Andy began introducing him to what he would expect over the weekend. Master Andy, spit into the slaves mouth before ramming his cock into it and Master Starbuck forced his cock into the boys ass. As Master Starbuck fucked his ass and Master Andy fucked his mouth, the rules were explained to the slave. He was to be always naked and spend the weekend being used to entertain and serve his guest, being sure to offer himself to all. Master Starbuck pounded the slaves ass to stretch it out as his neck was extended back as Master Andy aggressively fucked his mouth. Both Masters drained their cock into the boys ass and mouth. Master Starbuck, not being fully satisfied decided to cum again in the boy’s mouth after fucking him. The boy was then ordered to clean them up and get to his place.. naked, dancing like the slut that he would be on the pole. Master made it clear the boy was to emote often and embrace the role he was forced to take for the weekend.


Not soon after going to work on the pole, the boy was requested by another Master, taken into the back room and used for over an hour. The slave cleaned boots, sucked cock and was made to present his ass for fucking. The slave’s body was basically a piece of meat, to be used as anyone saw fit until his Mistress returned for him. Mistress made it very clear to the slave how important Her report from Master Starbuck would be so the slave completely embraced his role and aggressively threw himself at the feet of Masters, groveling to please them. A few other guests happened to stop and watch while the slave was violated. He was then forced onto his knees to masturbate himself like a slut to entertain the guest.. he complied but had to beg the Masters to stop stroking as he was under instruction not to cum… Was a new experience for the slave to beg NOT to cum and he stopped when ordered. When the Master finished with him, the boy was ordered to mouth fuck the other guest, swallow every drop of cum and was then dragged back to the pole for further use.
All in all the slave spent over 8 hours on the first day at Master’s Liar, being used by at least 6 Masters. Swallowing loads of cum and having his ass split wide open. A few of the visitors being very harsh to him, beating and fucking him. It became quite clear to the slave what his place would be.
The next day was much of the same for the slave, he arrived to a waiting Master and picked up right where he left off… being requested by Masters and being obedient to their wishes. Master Starbuck then arrived and leashed the slave up next to his throne. After asking nicely, the boy was allowed to clean Masters boots. This seemed to please Master Starbuck who then gripped the boy by the hair and mounted his mouth onto his cock, the slave focused on his cock and went to work aggressively. During this time Master summoned one of his slaves and both boy’s went to work pleasing Master Starbuck. Most of the slaves use was very public. Some guests that arrived to see the slave being used either waited or returned to request him. Seems that some were notified that this house slut would be available all weekend. Once done, the slave kissed the boots of Master Starbuck and thanked him for allowing the boy to serve him. The slave was then ordered back onto the pole. Throughout the day, a few Masters found use of the boy.. his body, now tired and aching from use was offered to guests all day and evening.
He then had the pleasure of meeting Master’s female slave, Summer. The boy would refer to Her as Princess. Princess spent time speaking to the boy, what he was and would become. Told him how to better behave and how to act. She was familiar with Mistress Natalia, so she had a pretty good idea what would be expected of this slave. Princess insisted that the slave become more aggressive in offering himself, even suggesting he wear a miniskirt and heels on the pole. She also wanted him to be more slutty on the pole and emote heavily. She had him purchase a cock ring in case She felt the need to leash him. Before leaving, She instructed the slave to take some pictures of him while being used and send them to Her. Princess wanted proof that the boy was doing as told and he did just that. He took a few shots of his mouth being used and sent them. Princess seemed pleased and also said that She would be happy to train the slave further if his Mistress allowed.
After being used by about 10 Dominants, the boy returned on Saturday night to work. He wanted his Mistress to be proud of the amount of time he put in being a slut for the house. It was Saturday night that Master Anders arrived. Having been told of the slave, he walked right up to him, introduced himself, and told the slut he would be serving Him. He then took the slave to his private quarters. Master knew that the boy was straight and spoke to him about how to properly serve men.. things like the correct posture while on his knees sucking cock, to always softly kiss the tip of a Masters cock and thanking him before being used, things to do while sucking to further please. How to present his body to a Master to be fucked. Master made it clear that the slave was to not just know his place but to embrace his place. He wanted to the slave to be aroused, to want to please men… To learn to crave being used and most importantly… to serve and exist for his Mistress. Although the slave has no attraction to men, he began to want to please Masters who demanded his respect. Random “Masters” who came in and used the boy were one thing…… but to be used by such respectable and and impressive Masters as Anders and Starbuck was a privilege and the boy started to embrace that. Master Anders had the boy spread on the floor in front of him and jammed his boot into his neck while he spoke, further re-enforcing his place. The slave then spent the next hour plus being used and fucked my Master Anders. After thoroughly cleaning him up and bowing at his feet, the boy was dismissed. Master Anders told the boy that he was pleased with him and told him that if his Mistress allowed, he would request him again for further training. It gave the slave some sense of worth to know that Master Anders and Princess both seemed to think the boy was worth some of their time.
The boy then returned to the pole, entertained guests and was again requested. Barley catching his breath he then spent over an our serving and being used. Also, During his time on the pole, the slave received some tips that he immediately forwarded to Master Starbuck since he was on loan to him. Master seemed pleased.
Throughout the weekend, the slave met and became friends with one of the Lair Hosts. Calum, who has since gone under the collar of Master Anders. Calum was very welcoming to the new slave, giving him tips and telling him about a few of the Doms that requested him. Even during sessions, the slave would get an IM from Calum making sure everything was ok.. looking out for him. The boy felt assured knowing that a fellow slave was keeping an eye on him. Calum was an immense help to the boy over the weekend…..made the slave feel welcomed and not alone. Master Starbuck did well to make Calum a host, he is very welcoming. The slave was glad to have such a new friend. They also spent time together on the same pole dancing which seemed to very much entertain visiting Masters.
Sunday was much of the same for the boy. Dancing, sucking, fucking… being verbally and physically abused. Often returned to the pole cum stained since he was cummed on and told to let it dry like a good slut. The slave often danced with cum dripping down his legs and chin with other pools dried up on his body. Calum seemed to chuckle as just as the boy would sit down, he would be called away. At this point, the slaves ass was stretched and the ass fucking did not hurt like it did at first. This enabled the boy to better perform, moving and riding like the slut that he became. Master Anders was clear on how to embrace it and he did.. moaning and whimpering like the slut that he had become as he performed. His dancing also improved as he crawled and grinded his cock on the floor, presenting himself as a motivated slave… crawling and groveling towards Dom’s that he offered himself to. Master Starbuck seemed impressed with his desire to improve. This increased his use as Masters who came for a visit would get turned on and and used the boy. It seemed by this point that the slut was a good addition to the Lair.
By Sunday night, the slave was exhausted. Having spent the large majority of the weekend at Master’s dungeon. He was dismissed for the night after a Master used him for his 3rd time. He drifted to sleep dreaming of the moment he would lay eyes on his gorgeous Mistress. Having been among nothing but men and cocks for 3 days, the slave instinctively started craving the touch of a female. Although the boy would embrace and aggressively please men.. this weekend further confirmed this boys absolute desire to please females, exist to worship them. He was originally trained under a Domme who very much ingrained female superiority and this weekend most certainly confirmed the boy’s belief in that.
Monday the boy arrived back to his place and was requested by a Master he had yet to meet. This Master spend over 2 hours with the slave and was extremely hard on him, very strict… using and verbally abusing the slave extensively. He was an Indian Master and had a big thing for beating and abusing white boys from the USA. Was a bit of an eye opener but the slave swallowed anything left of his pride and pleased the Master………… being forced to repeat vulgar statements about what a worthless piece of shit he was and how lucky he was to be used by such a superior race. Got a little heavy for the slave but he submitted completely. The Master was extremely impressed with him and said he would surely want to request the slave again. It was the least liked session the slave had all weekend but he did as he was told and asked the Master to please report good or bad on his performance to Master Starbuck.


After every session was done, the slave only had one request. That was that the Master please contact Master Starbuck to let him know how the slut performed good or bad. Not once was the slut told by any Master that he would get anything but a very positive review. The slave was so anxious to hear Mistress’s conclusions about him.. feeling confident that She would be impressed… no other feeling was better than that thought.
After being returned to the pole by the racist Master, the boy continued to work. Was taken to the throne by a visitor, roughy used and made to suck his cock in front of all the guests, then spit on and returned. Was the 3rd time that Master used the boy for relief.
By the afternoon the boy’s tired eyes kept an eye on the door, hoping for the vision he had been dreaming of all weekend.. to see his Mistress Natalia strut into the house to reclaim Her slave.
That afternoon, Sir Boby arrived. He requested the slave for a 4th time and the boy obeyed. While he was in the back room, on his hands and knees, mounted and riding on Sir Boby’s cock, his friend list lit up… Mistress Natailia had returned:) She walked into the room as he was being used. The slave immediately fell to his knees at Her feet…. fingers literally shaking as he addressed Her. Mistress came to take Her slave, instructed him to go to Her apartment, clean it spotless and then crawl his used body into the cage at the foot of Her bed and wait. The boy was so excited.. so happy to see the one he exists to serve. … his excitement was put on hold though as Mistress insisted Her slave stay to finish Sir Boby (who also threw himself to Mistress’s feet as all should do in Her presence). Mistress then left, telling the boy to go to Her apartment when done. Sir Boby seemed very happy to be allowed to finish. The slave was then ordered back onto the bed. He climbed and got into proper position for Him.. on all fours, knees spread, back arched to raise his ass to Him. The slut did that and swayed his ass as he was taught.. presenting it.. Sir Boby then mounted and fucked the slave and exploded him him. He then ordered the boy to clean him up. Seems that knowing the slave would be recalled aroused him once again. As the slave lapped the cum and sweat off his cock and balls, his cock again stiffened. He griped the boys head and remounted his mouth on it. The boy sensed the need and started hungrily sucking, moving his mouth up and down the length of his shaft. Before long, Sir Boby exploded another load of cum into the boys mouth and he obediently slurped and swallowed the very last load he would receive. He then again cleaned up the Sir’s cock and balls, bent to the floor to kiss his foot and thanked him for the use.

The slave was excited to be dismissed. He scurried out of the lair for the first time in 4 days and hurried to Mistress’s house. He then spent the afternoon cleaning every inch of the apartment, preparing it for Mistress’s return. Once done, he crawled into his cage at the foot of the bed fit for a Goddess and locked it. As of now, this slut remains there, awaiting his owners return.

Thank You Mistress Natalia for allowing this slut to be shown his place. He wants nothing more than to be made worthy of You.


*Special thanks to Starbuck and all of his wonderful friends for posing for the photos.



One of the problems with taking a hiatus, is that what were once loyal pets eventually move on if you are not around. I get it. Dominants & submissives alike have needs that need to be met; and if they are not being met with you, they will be met by someone else. Sort of like the law of the jungle. But as one day ends; another begins, as I have started my search for a new favorite submissive.

When I was actively doing this blog, I was a huge control freak(big surprise!) about making sure that I had a hand in every post that went out(writing 100% of the copy  & photographing the majority of them). It was that important to me to make sure that it was a quality read for the few people that regularly checked in, to look for new posts. Now the price for that is, blog posts would become a labor as time is always at a premium for me. An easy solution that I came up with was to have my slaves do some of the work. I mean what is the point of having a slave. Like right?

So this post is written by my new slave “sprinkles”:

i noticed Mistress Natalia the second i walked into the room She was in. She was kind enough to respond to my IM.  I inquired about Her possible need for a submissive to which She began asking about myself.  What i may have to offer and how i could think i would be worthy of Her time.  I feel fortunate that my answers were enough to at least give me a second look.  Mistress Natalia made sure i knew my place and was very clear about Her expectations.

Mistress then invited me to Her residence to speak further.  She gave me an idea of what She expected of Her property.  In my experiences outside of SL and within SL its often quite easy to dismiss those that claim to be a Domme but are not.  With Mistress Natalia, it was quite clear, quite quickly that She is what She claims to be.

Mistress honored me with more of Her time and it seemed that i would be allowed to prove myself to Her.  At Her request i wrote out a scene and sent it to Her.  Once read, She responded that She was pleased and allowed me to again be in Her presence.  I was summoned to present myself to Her.  I stripped my clothes and stood before Her for inspection.  Mistress soon got sick of looking at me and had me strap into a medical hood.  It was tight and suffocating but i was proud to wear it.   My desire to exist at the heel of a powerful Dominant made my entire body shiver while standing for inspection.  Worried that i would not measure up.. afraid i may say the wrong things but i believe my honestly, proper responses and behavior fit for a sub did catch Her eye.

She took control of my collar, my hood and roughly strapped me to a slave pole and explained in more detail what is expected of Her property.   The more time i spent with Her, the more intrigued i became.  She ran her hand over my chest, tasted my flesh and grips my cock firmly.  Two simple strokes of Her hand, sliding up and down the length of my cock sent a tingle from head to toe.. i was hooked.

After such time Mistress Natalia seemed to come to the conclusion that this worthless slut may indeed be made into something.  i was given a few assignments, told of some toys and tools i was to get and left here, strapped to the pole so i may work on this part of Her assignment.

This worthless boy is completely honored to have caught the eye off Mistress Natalia and the thought that She may deem me worthy of Her time is one hard to even comprehend.  I know i have so much to learn.. .i know i am truly not worthy to even be in the same room as someone such as Herself, but i also know i have the desire and the ambition to be made into something that is of use for Her.  I know i can be trained… i know i can please Her as i improve.. and i know, if i truly give my heart to Her that i can be Hers.

Before Dismissing me, Mistress added restrictions to my collar.  I can now only see Mouseview and my IM privileges were removed.  This worthless slut believes its appropriate because Mistress Natalia may have interest in me.  Because of that, there is no reason for me to have contact with anyone other than Her.. this slut believes thats because my focus should be entirely on Her and nothing else during this time.  I would never, ever question Mistress’s motives.

Mistress then left, leaving me strapped to the pole to work on my assignment.  I did it as quickly as i could and submitted it.  Mistress send it back immediately as it needed more work.

Before leaving for the day i was lucky enough to have Her return.  She was slightly pleased with me and offered me something as a reward.  I could have my IM’s back, She could remove mouselook, or She would allow me to add Her as a friend.  This was a no brainer for this boy and i asked that She allow me to have Her on my list.  She allowed it.  Mistress then reminded me of what may be in store for me and what She expects from me before releasing me from the pole and leaving.

i can only hope my assignments please Her and that Mistress Natalia finds use of me in the future, until then i will wait on my knees for Her return.

thank You Mistress Natalia, i will do my best to prove my obedience worthy of You.

-slave who desperately wants to be called sprinkles


Did you miss me?

Posted: May 21, 2014 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Announcements, Articles


Have you missed me? After short hiatus; I have returned to torment, berate, embarrass, & run over all of you weaklings, sissies, & needy boys. Bad things are coming. I’m sharper, stronger, and well rested. Do you think that you have what it takes to please me? Many have tried, most fail. Really think that you can measure up? I’m waiting.


Round peg, in a round hole.

Posted: November 20, 2012 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Articles

Now my favorite, favorite activity when I scene, is pegging naughty boys. I really find it to be the ultimate in submission and humiliation. But let’s be honest, all you slutty little bottom boys; you know you fantasize about riding my toy! And let’s be clear; it takes a lot of work and is a sincere privilege to be my dirty bitch.

Besides being a privilege, it’s hard work.  Really! If you think the chosen few just get to hop on a poseball, and play with their ding dongs while the animation goes; you would be sorely mistaken. I sometimes talk about my pets having “skin in the game”, here is no exception. I want to know that you come prepared, you wouldn’t show up for school without your pencil; why should this be any different? And of course, nobody is allowed to touch themselves unless I give explicit permission. I mean you could cheat, but who are you really cheating?

Now that we are intimate, one of my parting gifts is usually a cute pet name; that you can take with you, once you are officially my bitch. Let’s see; I have a spunky,  a pound cake, a marshmallow, a chrissy and a sparkles all in my exclusive little “invitation only” club. It takes alot of man to be my woman.

Can you feel the pain?

Posted: November 6, 2012 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Articles

After having been away from Second Life for the last two weeks due to a struggle with the flu, and then losing power in my apartment due to the hurricane; I was itching to relieve some frustration. Lucky for me, my unabashed favorite pet to emotionally torment was waiting for me like a good little doggy waiting for their owner to come home from work. Now to be clear, I do not own any slaves currently(I have made exceptions in the past); however the whys & why nots are an entirely different post.

Upon inspecting my pet chigley landau(I call him spunky as my pet name for him; please be sure to ask him why I call him that if you see him in-world), I could not help but notice that someone had marked him up quite well. He had told me that our Head Mistress at Dark Desires, Alix Winter had observed that his training had slipped in my absence, and that he needed to be disciplined lest it slip any further. I was almost envious of her exquisite work, as she had managed to bruise almost every part of his backside so evenly. At that point as if almost on queue, Alix logged on and I invited her over. After a  casual embrace of old friends, we both noticed that spunky’s ding dong was straining against his chastity device at attention. He knows that this behavior is completely unacceptable, as any good slave should be able to control their urges. After securing him to the cross for behavior modification, I decided to up the ante a little.

Now spunky by and large is a good slave; a little weak minded and lackadaisical , but very loyal and obedient which are traits that I value in the lucky ones that I choose to torment. Like most submissives and slaves that I come across in SL, he is only too happy to jump on a poseball and simulate being whipped. Why not? It is visually erotic and exciting. However it is also devoid of the primary purpose; which is to feel how the body processes the pain into that sensual, tingly feeling that has always made me quiver when I have felt it in the real life BDSM relationship(s), that I have experienced. Today it was time that spunky had some skin in the game.

I told him to find two book binder clips, and then to start rubbing his nipples so that they were standing at attention(in RL). He was then instructed to attach one clip to each nipple. Almost immediately, I could hear him complaining about the pain. That only made Alix & Myself(as well as Domino and Claire who had joined us in the meantime), laugh hysterically. I personally am always amused when I get to see a slave suffer as I have intended. It was only minutes later that he was begging me in IM to remove them. After I had established that a lesson was learned, and that we had ridiculed him properly; I told him that he may remove the binders and go back to his place near the toilet at Dark Desires and dismiss himself.

The moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for naughty little pets; you may get exactly what you are looking for at Dark Desires.

I love a challenge!

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Yesterday while I was shopping, I received an IM from a former Dark Desires slave who left on bad terms. Palamino had served all of us for almost a month before wearing out his welcome by displaying his constant neediness, slowness to anticipate our wants, and refusal to commit fully. I even bumped into him less than a month ago at the Regime Imperia where he hid behind Kali Vought’s skirt from me. Guess it took even less time for him to annoy her into ignoring him.

Lucky for him that I am very forgiving, but my forgiveness comes at a high price. He took Serena and myself on an extravagant shopping spree at ColdLogic at the end of which I gave him an opportunity to serve as a Dark Desire slave again. When I logged on this morning, my little money piggy was waiting for me patiently. Since his regular avatar is rather handsome & cute, I thought that I would have him look more like I view him(above) for a week so he understands better how far he has to go to impress me. I have the advantage this time because I know how mediocre he is. The way I look at it this time around; he will either become totally compliant or run away again, realize his mistake because nobody puts up with his crap for long, and have to buy his way back into my good graces. Talk about a win/win!

Let’s go fishing.

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“Fishing” is slang in Second Life for drawing someone away from one to sim to go to another. Now there is a highbrow way to go about this: initiating a conversation, finding out if where you are trying to draw them to might be interesting, and giving them a landmark if it is. Then there is the lowbrow way to do so, by sending everyone on your radar a teleport without a word spoken. I don’t really see much of a problem with the former, even if it’s done in local chat at Dark Desires. As you move along the grey scale to the lowbrow way, it’s annoying almost like spam in your inbox.

On Friday last week someone from the sim next door thought that would be a splendid idea to employ the lowbrow technique for fishing. Instead of getting mad, Ally & I chose to get even. Let’s call the “fisherman” NoobieMaleStripper Resident. To address his bad behavior a lesson was in order.

At that point, we decided to get our resident sissy karen dolled up for a night on the town, and to teach the interloper a lesson. Karen was a sexually confused male who needed direction in his life when he turned up and asked for guidance. I have taken total control of his free will and make even the most basic decisions for him. In return he keeps Dark Desires clean as our maid.

Upon embarking to the club NoobieMaleStripper Resident was dancing; karen was instructed to flirt with him and see what happened. That conversation yielded such snicker inducing vignettes as:

[12:38] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): glad i came here today though 🙂
[12:39]NoobieMaleStripper: oh kool i been on here for a couple of weeks now and just started this job monday
[12:40] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): yes, i have heard all about firemans pole 😉 bet you don’t use those moves at the station lol
[12:41] NoobieMaleStripper: hope u keep coming back and make this club on of your choices its entertaining and alot of fun here will have a great time
[12:42] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): maybe one day you can dance with me instead of a pole
[12:43] NoobieMaleStripper: lol oh yea have gotten a few complaments on how long it is
[12:43] NoobieMaleStripper: and smooth
[12:43]NoobieMaleStripper: sure  wouldnt mind given lap dance maybe even private shows wink*


[12:51] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): can’t dance for too long in these heels without needing to put my feet up lo
[12:51] NoobieMaleStripper: lol..well a=how bout a massage im great with those
[12:52] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): mmmm sounds interesting
[12:53] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): got any oil?
[12:54]NoobieMaleStripper: mmm i can get some
[12:55] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): but not bike oil 😉
[12:56] NoobieMaleStripper: lol oh no…body oil something with a lovely scent that will fit you like and have u smelling like a beautiful bright red rose
[12:56]NoobieMaleStripper: or strawberry which is my fav.
[12:57]NoobieMaleStripper: that way can just massage you and kiss u passionatly
[12:58] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): they sound nice
[12:59] Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid): maybe try both

After the two lovebirds were done flirting, I instructed karen to take NoobieMaleStripper Resident somewhere private to let him have his way with her(him), figuring he would find karen’s suprise when ready. Oddly enough, upon leaving the club NoobieMaleStripper Resident wanted to come visit Dark Desires with his new “girlfriend”. When I told him how kinky karen was, he wasted no time getting her on a rack and having his way. I have literally never seen anyone drop their pants that fast!

Perhaps if he had taken his time he might have noticed that karen had no breasts or the little thing hanging between her legs. When we pointed it out to him, he was speechless. It was the perfect opportunity to let him know that we did not appreciate people fishing at Dark Desires, and that if it happened again we would distribute all of the pictures that Ally took, wherever he was dancing. Given his compliant response and hasty retreat, I know that we made our point.