When poopy becomes pee pee.

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felicia was a sissy that used to serve as a maid at The Hellfire Club. Like most sissies that have not been trained properly, they are benignly selfish.What does “benignly selfish” mean, you ask? It means they are so wrapped up in their own narcissistic needs, that they don’t even realize it; in other words self involved.

This one thought it could do better than me not once, but twice. The first time, it had the audacity to tell me that it felt it connected better with some half-assed, self proclaimed FinDomme loser called PrincessGiveMeAllYourLindens Resident or something ridiculous like that. Long time readers of this blog and my slaves know I don’t get mad. I get even. It didn’t even take that long either to get my revenge as PrincessWhateverHerName bled him dry, and then discarded him less than 5 days later.

When he came crawling back with his tail between his legs, I decided to teach him a lesson about FinDomming. “Why not?”, I thought; I love to shop! I paraded his loser ass over to all my favorite stores: Blueberry, DeLa, Bax, Maitreya, WS Creations, H@S, Tres Blah and about a half dozen other stores. At every stop he was required to tell the people  working in the shops, why he was buying me whatever my little heart desired. There was a lesson learned after him having to go back and buy more lindens twice over the course of that afternoon.

The second time he left, he was much smarter about the way he did so. Apparently he still wasn’t satisfied with what I was offering. That’s fine, both sides need to be excited about the dynamic or it simply doesn’t work. I did know that he would be back however, because his type always comes crawling back. As analogy, they always seem to want what the person next to them is eating, while never paying attention to the bountiful meal in front of them.

However this time when he came back, much had transpired in his absence; primarily my fantastic collaboration with my absolute bestie Rosa Hunter, and the emergence of Divine Sadism. It was wasn’t going to be as easy a decadent shopping trip this time. Oh no, no, no! Sometimes I am amazed at what a deliciously bad influence Rosa has had on me.


This time around his training started with us stripping away all the “pretty things” about his submissiveness in an effort to illustrate what his purpose to be around Divine Sadism was.  We even made him wear an avatar of big turd, and change his name to poopy. Nobody wanted anything to do with that; the effect on him was jarring. As basic slave training 101 goes, once we had stripped away all of the old, it was time to start rebuilding his fragile psyche the way we wanted it. To his credit he has taken every piece of debasement thrown at him like a true abuse sponge. One by one, we have started to give him back little  things like his human form and hair.

Last week we decided that he was ready to begin real life training. He was given the very simple task of buying a dog collar with a remote control shock apparatus to be worn around his ankle and then eventually his boy bits. Being the moron that he is, he fell asleep when FedEx went to deliver his collar.

Below is a transcript of our conversation:

[06:09] poopy (bootlover Colter): forgive me Goddess Natalia
[06:09] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Hmmmm?
[06:09] poopy (bootlover Colter): the post office were in my place but i was sleeping
[06:11] poopy (bootlover Colter): now only available on monday and monday is a impossible day for me so now only tuesday best chance
[06:11] poopy (bootlover Colter): i have failed please forgive me
[06:11] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): I guess I am just going to have to make you wait until Tuesday.
[06:12] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): How do you want to account for your sloth?
[06:12] poopy (bootlover Colter): my sloth?
[06:12] poopy (bootlover Colter): didn’t understand forgive me
[06:13] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel):


See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
1. habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.

[06:14] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh
[06:14] poopy (bootlover Colter): well You talked about isolation
[06:14] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): We are going to play a little game sissy……………
[06:15] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You propose an appropriate punishment for your ineptitude. If I like it, that is what it will be……………..if I don’t like it……….I will find something really awful.
[06:15] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Probably something that involves toilet training.
[06:15] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You have 10 minutes to let me know.
[06:16] poopy (bootlover Colter): yes Goddess Natalia
[06:22] poopy (bootlover Colter): well, until i have my collar on my ankle my Sl privileges are gone and i will be isolated on a cell full restricted. i have to keep my hours online as the same. in RL each time i log i should have nipple clamps, a plug on my ass and wear a chastity belt
[06:25] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): I don’t think we need to isolate you…………….but adore the idea of you plugged, caged, & clamped. Send me a picture holding a sign saying “this is what happens when I act like a sloth”.
[06:27] poopy (bootlover Colter): right now Goddess Natalia?
[06:28] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Are you at work?
[06:28] poopy (bootlover Colter): i don’t think i have a mirror that big at home to show all
[06:28] poopy (bootlover Colter): to take a pic
[06:28] poopy (bootlover Colter): at home day off
[06:28] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Send me multiple pictures then.
[06:29] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Your camera can take more than one picture at a time. Right?
[06:29] poopy (bootlover Colter) nods
[06:29] poopy (bootlover Colter): i am on deck now
[06:29] poopy (bootlover Colter): with Mistress Kelly
[06:29] poopy (bootlover Colter): can’t do it now….

At this point I instructed him to tell Kelly about his predicament as I was somewhere else while this conversation was going on, and ask her permission to complete the given task.

[06:39] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Is it true that you are not being forthcoming with my bff sloth?
[06:39] poopy (bootlover Colter): don’t understand
[06:39] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Choose your words carefully.
[06:40] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Tell Kelly immediately what you need to do for me or we do the toilet training I described.
[06:41] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh i’m so srry yes right away
[06:45] poopy (bootlover Colter): i have told it
[06:45] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): When will I have my pictures?
[06:45] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Or should we just do the toilet punishment?
[06:46] poopy (bootlover Colter) wonders about that punishment
[06:47] poopy (bootlover Colter) feels attracted for Goddess Natalia’s will
[06:47] poopy (bootlover Colter): may i ask what was the punishment?
[06:48] poopy (bootlover Colter): omg
[06:49] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You go in the bathroom…………….pee in a cup………….and then stand in the shower and pour the pee pee all over your head. Then you come back to the computer and serve at DS for 3 hours covered in your filth.
[06:49] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Because I am feeling generous I will let you sit on a towel while you do your 3 hours.
[06:50] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh my god…this is Your final word?
[06:50] poopy (bootlover Colter): this task instead of the other?
[06:51] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Since I can see how clearly you are begging to for it. Yes. Ask Kelly for 5 minutes to go and do what you were told to do.
[06:51] poopy (bootlover Colter): but i don’t have will to pee right now…
[06:52] poopy (bootlover Colter): i will tell Her the punishment changed
[06:53] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Start drinking water.
[06:53] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You have 20 minutes to complete.
[06:53] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): I want at least a quarter of a litre of pee pee.
[06:54] poopy (bootlover Colter): take pic of what?
[06:54] poopy (bootlover Colter): the pee and the cup
[06:54] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): MmmHmmm.
[06:54] poopy (bootlover Colter): and wet hair
[06:54] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Mmmhmmm.
[06:54] poopy (bootlover Colter): as You wish my Queen
[06:56] poopy (bootlover Colter): please i beg for more time, drinking all water, the scene, the pics and coping it to the computer
[06:57] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): OK. You have 22 minutes.
[06:57] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Stop wasting time begging.
[06:57] poopy (bootlover Colter): starting now?
[06:57] poopy (bootlover Colter): please?
[07:01] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You have wasted 4 minutes already.
[07:01] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You don’t want to know what I have in mind if you fail.
[07:01] poopy (bootlover Colter): i’m drinking water
[07:11] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): 6 minutes left animal.
[07:13] poopy (bootlover Colter): uploading pics now



[07:15] poopy (bootlover Colter): 3 hours on DS from now
[07:16] poopy (bootlover Colter): some came to my lips and mouth… 😦
[07:16] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel) snickers
[07:17] poopy (bootlover Colter): have to show pics to Mistress Kelly?
[07:17] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): MmHmmm.
[07:18] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Do you have my email address sissy?
[07:18] poopy (bootlover Colter): as You wish my Queen
[07:18] poopy (bootlover Colter): mine is [censored]@gmail.com
[07:18] poopy (bootlover Colter): may i call You my Queen?
[07:19] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You may. I prefer Mistress though.
[07:19] poopy (bootlover Colter): yes Mistress as You wish
[07:19] poopy (bootlover Colter): your email address?
[07:19] poopy (bootlover Colter): sorry
[07:19] poopy (bootlover Colter): hum i think so let me check
[07:20] poopy (bootlover Colter): hum maybe not
[07:20] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Email me those pictures. That is the cost of obtaining my email address.
[07:20] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): [censored]@live.com
[07:21] poopy (bootlover Colter) saves it
[07:22] poopy (bootlover Colter): want me to write an email?
[07:22] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh of course right away
[07:23] poopy (bootlover Colter): email sent
[07:24] poopy (bootlover Colter): i am so grateful You are giving me a chance
[07:32] poopy (bootlover Colter): i never did this to myself
[07:33] poopy (bootlover Colter): i tremble thinking on the future and what goes ahead

After a brief intermission, I decided to go to Divine Sadism and check on the pathetic creature.

[07:58] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Still at Divine Sadism?
[07:58] poopy (bootlover Colter): on the cushion Mistress
[07:59] poopy (bootlover Colter): may i dream of a collar from You both?
[07:59] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): You can dream.
[07:59] poopy (bootlover Colter): i already feel it on my mind
[08:00] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh i think i need to pee again
[08:00] poopy (bootlover Colter) smiles
[08:02] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Why don’t you refresh your hair?
[08:02] poopy (bootlover Colter): really?
[08:02] poopy (bootlover Colter): glup
[08:02] poopy (bootlover Colter): want more pics?
[08:04] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): MmmHmmm.
[08:04] poopy (bootlover Colter): oh my god i got a full cup now
[08:05] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel) giggles evilly
[08:07] poopy (bootlover Colter): will do it now?
[08:08] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Go scurry along.
[08:09] poopy (bootlover Colter): yes Mistress
[08:13] poopy (bootlover Colter): uploading now

[08:19] poopy (bootlover Colter): want those by email too?
[08:20] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): MmmHmm.
[08:28] poopy (bootlover Colter): sent Mistress
[08:30] poopy (bootlover Colter): i reset the title tomorow?
[08:30] ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (NataliaKessel): Yes.
[08:31] poopy (bootlover Colter): as You wish Mistress thank you

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