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The inaugural ‘“Festival of the Divine” was held Sunday, May 1st and what a festival it was!!!  Held on the Divine Sadism deck and courtyard; there were challenges, races, Chariot rides, and more. There was even a scum trial with the Court of the Divine (With least a couple “Hanging Judges” ) hearing the scum’s public defender plead it’s clients case.

In attendance were 11 of the Divine and quite a few scum as well with all the scum working hard to make the events as enjoyable as possible for the Divine. A great time seemed to be had by A/all, well…at least most, not sure about the scum now serving a sentence as a cockroach.  There was even an amazing photo shoot with all the Divine in attendance. That photo is one to be worshiped by all scum.

With all of Divine Sadism events getting better each time it is hard to wait for the next Festival of the Divine, and any Divine Sadism event.



A New Hardcore Femdom sim has come to Second Life giving Female Sadists what they want, and male scum what they need.

Divine Sadism was started 3 months ago by Miss Rosa Hunter and rose out of the ashes of Sisters of Sadism and Female Imperial Dungeon. Divine Sadism carries the torch for Female Sadism and Female Supremacy. Its strength lies in the close knit community of Dommes, and a core group of males who have been inspired to work together to serve the Divine.


The success of the sim has come as no surprise to Miss Rosa. “I knew there was a dark side lurking in Second Life that was looking to express itself”. Both Females and males have told me how natural this sim feels and how they feel complete. As one male scum explained “The female supremacy is obvious but also subtly conducted. The scum are always challenged and they get to know their place very quickly. The Divine are strict and what is expected from the scums is very clear”.

Not that creating Divine Sadism has been easy. Miss Rosa has put in many hours fine tuning the layout and searching for just the right equipment to appeal to Her group. She has been helped by Her best friend Mistress Natalia Kessel who has a wealth of experience in sim management and slave training. Together they manage the sim and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Divine Sadism is not for everyone but for many it is a true Heaven and a real Hell.



Welcome to the Hellfire Club.

Posted: December 18, 2015 by nataliakessel in Announcements, Feel the Hellfire, Uncategorized

As I mentioned in my last blog post(like 8 months ago) that I was working on a new project. Well subbies that time is here to make that announcement, even though I have had this new project up and running for the last 6 months on a word of mouth basis.


Let’s start at the beginning. I loved Dark Desires. It was my idea, concept, clubhouse, & passion; all 3 iterations of it. Most importantly(but certainly not limited to) I want to recognize was my “big sister” Ally Foxtrot. Where I had an idea or a vision, she brought it to life; I could come up with the craziest idea in the world and she would always make it materialize in amazing 3 dimensional color. There would have been no Dark Desires without her.

One of the problems of the sim that I realized far too late, was that there was a basic flaw in the concept. We thought generating traffic was important and put way too much effort into it. When Ashlynn Barineaux, who was one of the other original partners left the 1st Dark Desires(her contribution was equally as important), Ally & I we were left with quandary of how to support the sim. As a result, we decided to bring in multiple partners. Riley, Serena, Emme, & Reggie all added a wonderful dimension to the sim, but at a certain point I felt that it stopped becoming “mine” instead became “ours”.


Another problem with the concept was with some of the submissives; not as much the subbies themselves, but what I found to be an obnoxious sense of entitlement. Don’t get me wrong, there were dozens of truly amazing slaves that still serve me today that have come through Dark Desires. However the neediness, selfishness, and just there to get their jollies type entitlements, really did manage to suck alot of the air out of the room for me.

Finally when I stopped showing up with any sort of regularity, we knew it was time to close the doors. Like most things in life when one door closes, another one usually opens up. For the 1st couple of months, I had quite enjoyed not owning a sim. It was lovely keeping in touch with everyone that I enjoyed spending time with, but not having the responsibilities of owning a sim.

After a few months though, I started to get the itch to have something that was mine again. It started with a simple group, that was essentially a well curated list of submissives, that evolved into my newest project. Out of nowhere the Hellfire Club was born!


*What is the Hellfire Club you ask? It is a postage stamp sized private sim that I has been given access to a small group of well trained slaves and some of the most intelligent and creative Dominants in all of Second Life. Being able to visit is a privilege that a select few have been given to opportunity buy membership.

*How can you join? Send me a polite IM requesting an interview, and we will see where it goes.

*How much is the membership fee? If you have to ask me that, you probably can’t afford it, so don’t bother.

So please pardon the belated introduction, but I hope to see you all stop by for a visit.

-M. Natalia

The New World Order…………according to Me.

Posted: April 2, 2015 by nataliakessel in Announcements


Now please don’t mis-interpert this post as one of those whiny rants you see on most people’s profiles; it’s totally not one of those. I promise. Actually the motivation is to set the table for the announcement of my new project, which I will do in either my next post(or the one after that). Suspense always creates good PR.

Now back to the lesson for the day. One of the(many) reasons that I decided to close down Dark Desires was because of the subs. Or more to their point the rampant selfishness and lack of manners that I saw from many of them. Now of course that doesn’t include all subbies; I have met dozens amongst the hundreds that understand the meaning of servitude and putting my needs, wants, & desires first. Those that have served me and continue to do so, enjoy the fulfillment they get from undergoing my training and making sure I am happy.

I am talking about the ones who think that I am here to help them get their jollies. The ones who show up and tell me that they want to serve me with out reading my profile or even noticing that I have this blog listed on my picks page largely for their edification. Ones who are still wear the default SL avatar and look generally like crap; or have a blank profile because that actually entails taking 10 minutes to think about something interesting to say and then type it out. The ones who when I ask the question of “what they think they have to offer me as a servant?”, give me the same lame unquantifiable answer of “my servitude” or “my submission”.

News flash for you. Your empty words mean nothing to me. I judge slaves by their actions, not hollow empty promises that contain an ulterior motive. Want to impress me? Show me how badly you you want to serve me. That is what I want, and I always get what I want.

Did you miss me?

Posted: May 21, 2014 by nataliakessel in A Day @ Dark Desires, Announcements, Articles


Have you missed me? After short hiatus; I have returned to torment, berate, embarrass, & run over all of you weaklings, sissies, & needy boys. Bad things are coming. I’m sharper, stronger, and well rested. Do you think that you have what it takes to please me? Many have tried, most fail. Really think that you can measure up? I’m waiting.


The new boss.

Posted: December 19, 2012 by nataliakessel in Announcements, Articles


We just want welcome Mistress Emme Bashly as the newest partner in Dark Desires! She brings a ton of skill and expertise to us, and we look forward to her being a crucial part of how the sim will continue to evolve.



We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and thank everyone who came by for our re-launch/Christmas party. Speccial thanks to Moon Runo for lending her DJ skills and for being an all around sweetheart. Congratulations to everyone who put a winning bid in on the auction as well.

Mistress Elsbeth joins Dark Desires

Posted: October 2, 2012 by chigleylandau in Announcements, Articles

Come slaves and grovel… Dark Desires has a new Mistress

Mistress Elsbeth has joined our little patch of kinky depravity. Slaves make sure She enjoys Her time with us. Serve and suffer for Her unconditionally.

Slaves be warned. Dont be fooled by Her cute looks and coy manner. Mistress Elsbeth is definitely a Soto Hoti – Soft on the outside but Hard on the inside!

And remember the Dark Desires guarantee. Mistresses are guaranteed pleasure and satisfaction from all Dark Desire slaves or there’s big trouble.