chigley’s re-education.

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The Horror Tree 02


Last week Rosa & I are keept chigley at Starbucks as part of its punishment for disrespecting Vanda. This incident showed that he still has a sense of male entitlement, despite our best intentions to bleach it out of his mindset. What made matters worse was that by saying it out loud in public chat area, it caused sedition and promoted bad thoughts amongst the other scum.

Being sent to Starbucks is the second part of his punishment. He spent time there to reinforce what it feels like to be objectified.

I was so pleased to log on last week to see that my dear friend Bronco had left me a note about his role in chigley’s re-education. I thought it would be downright selfish not to share with everyone else.

So please enjoy the delightful read.


The Horror Tree 06


Dear Mistress Natalie and Mistress Rosa:

So as if my work day isn’t filled enough.  Cooking over a hot stove.  Serving meals to the slave boys who work the fields, giving tours, providing wrestling instruction, and tending to the art gallery, what do I find at the very end of the day?  CHIGLEY!

Seems as if Mistress Natalia and Mistress Rosa have dropped off the doof in our lair for a “re-education”.  And of course Master Starbuck has better things to attend to than some dummy, so he leaves him in the tavern with his ass in the air.  I’m thinking to myself, dang, after a long day, I just want to kick of my flips and relax.   Just want to shower, maybe even take a nice bath and just take it easy.  And what do I see?  CHIGLEY!

That dummy NEVER learns!  I mean, what is wrong with that guys head already?  He tells me he’s been dropped off for re-education.  And he adds in his whimpering voice “But no one’s around.”  I shake my head cuz I know what this means.  Even his Mistresses find him to their displeasure and so they just want the dog out of the house for awhile.  I grab hold of the jerk and take him upstairs to our Horror Tree.  I tell him, “Chig, you never seem to learn, do you?  Well, this hear Horror Tree has been recently planted and it’s just the thing for you.  I’m gonna hang you up on it, take some pix of you getting abused on it, and send them pictures to your Mistresses so they can come by and see how good it is.  And they’ll know that you’re “re-education” is going smoothly.

So under the moonlight I light up a torch and chain up Chig to the tree.  Ass over tea kettle first.  Maybe something will sink into his head, you know?  With some weights on his tits and a stick in his ass I see him squirmin’ and thrashin’ about.  “Had enuf,” I ax him?  And he’s like “Uh, I think I need more training.”  Or something dopey like that.  And I’m thinking to myself, “Oh man, I need this at this hour?”  So I house this ankles up high so cock and balls hang down and can give his cock and nuts a bit of a roasting.  I’m sure it doesn’t get much use anymore anyways.  I figure, o.k. he needs an education and like, his Mistresses want to see him excel in some way, so what better thing to put him on than an A-frame.  Letting him sit on it puts a lot of strain on his legs and his cox..cocs… His tail bone!  and like he’s whimpering that it hurts and I’m a cruel bastard and crap like that as he’s trying to raise himself up off the frame.  I’m just watching him and thinking, it’s no wonder the Ladies have had it with him.  So I figure let me amuse myself a little bit by making him a pin cushion.   People don’t use pin cushions like they used to, but we at the lair are Old School…   But it’s late at night and I’m getting sleepy so It’s time to bed Chig down for the night.  So I make him up a nice wooden frame to sleep on under the tree and push him down for the night.  As one last part of his evening class I throw off my flip-flop and push him down with my barefoot.  He’s like, “That’s disgusting!”  And yeah, o.k. I been on my feet all day!  He deserves some stinky, cheesy Bronco feet.  If he had been a better footstool for his Ladies, he might not be here.

But this is only part 1 of some good lessons he has in store.

Ladies, you’re invited to discover our Horror tree.  Know that we take your requests seriously.

Faithfully submitted.


CC:  Master Starbuck


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On my last trip to Los Angeles, I was so delighted to share the same time zone with my absolute bestie Rosa Hunter, that we coined a new phrase #westcoastbitchiness. True enough to form, our 3 favorite pets managed to all majorly fuck-up on the same day for different offenses.

Without getting into the semantics of what they did, I decided to examine to the root of the problem which was that they to varying degrees had gotten comfortable in the coveted positions as our slaves.

Completely unacceptable. In a thought provoking punishment they were to all email me in 300 words or less, why it is unacceptable for a slave to become comfortable or complacent. In addition they were to write #westcoastbitchiness on a part of their body that they could easily conceal to remind them what happens when Rosa & I are on the same coast.


Why is it bad for a slave to be comfortable? The answer seems simple but it struck you even more when you experience the consequences which make you learn this lesson the hard way…

Almost by definition, when you are comfortable, you don’t see the dangers that could put you in a critical situation. For a regular person who is in a safe environment, that is totally fine. In this case, being comfortable is actually a good thing. However if you are in a hostile environment, then the situation is completely different. Any danger that sneaks in can be fatal to you.

By nature, a slave is bound by many constraints, needs to serve anytime, must keep the irreproachable behavior that his owner taught him and has to be ready to answer any demands of his superiors. This is not really a safe environment, is it? When he gets too comfortable, he could either forget to serve, ignore an order from a superior, lose his focus or just forget to behave according to his training and return to his bad habits. Needless to say that if this slave is closely watched by his owner, the consequences for him could range, according to the level of the blunder he made, from a simple timeout to a severe punishment that will make him then extremely uncomfortable.

For those who are familiar with the game of chess, I’d like to finish by a little analogy. When a chess player is overconfident of his position, he will overlook the hidden threats of his opponent and he will most likely do a blunder that will ruin his game and make him probably the loser. Now think of a slave as a chess player against a computer and you will understand why he should never be comfortable.


Why a slave should never get comfortable.

Mistress Natalia there are core reasons why a scum should never get comfortable. A scum has no place doing that is it should always be on it’s toes to serve and please the will of it’s owner.

Getting comfortable only leads to mistakes and complacency. Assuming and taking things for granted which is one of the worst things they can do. Senses always need to be heightened to anticipate and learn, which is critical for a slave. They should always look to make sure every detail is taken care of…comfortable…sounds like watching tv on the couch waiting for it’s owner to get home. That is quite the visual.

It all truthfulness comfortable has no place in this type of relationship, a comfortable slave is a lazy slave…it has forgone all it has been honored with and begins to expect things. That is the best and surest way to displease an owner. Bitch did not state anything about the consequences for the slave….those are not, or should not be the priorities. It should always be on it’s owner and it is impossible to do that correctly if comfortable.



300 words or less  in a NC on why being comfortable is so counter intuitive for a slave.

Comfort.. death of a devoted slave.   In the beginning, we strive for perfection. We are always on our best behavior.  It is the courtship phase, always trying to impress.  Looking our best, minding our language.  Paying attention to all the cues.  Anticipating wants and needs.  Always striving to be the perfect slave.  Hang on every word, every command.  As we progress, things become routine.  What starts out as contentedness and comfort-ability eventually and unknowingly transforms into complacency.  Complacency is like running on auto-pilot.  No thought or conscious effort is involved.  In time it give the appearance that we don’t care, whether true or not, it is the perception that counts.  It is a maintenance setting.  Little or no growth occurs.  The relationship stagnates and dies.  It is important to re-vitalize and stimulate things.  Change things up a little, work at it.  The care and feeding of a relationship goes far beyond just showing up.  Constant vigilance is required.  It is all to easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.  There are no short-cuts.  Constant effort is required.

The word “Complacent” is defined as pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied.  Smug is another word that comes to mind.  In order to combat and avoid complacency, one must be aware of the state we are in.  Are we overly pleased with our situation? Or are we always striving for more.  Do we feel we have advantages over others?  Are we happy with our situation? Or do we strive daily to improve?

Left un-checked, complacency can be terminal.  However, if we are vigilant and recognize the signs, we can avoid it all together and grow to new, never before imagined heights.

If you have read the last post of this chastity blog, you must remember I was left with the RL challenge to go to a strip-club as I was all locked-up in my chastity device and to order a lap dance to add to my humiliation. As I could not even think of not doing it, I was still unsure how to do this. However, as you will read again this time, it is only one manifestation of my submission and dependence upon Mistress Natalia who not only holds the keys of my chastity, but who also can punish me emotionally when, too comfortable (see the up-coming post of Mistress Natalia), I made the worst kind of mistake. The challenge at the strip-club then appeared as a playful recreation compared to the blunder I made and the emotional stress that followed. I can only be grateful to Mistress Natalia for how She helped me go through this intense moments of my submission. To know more about it, please keep reading. I hope you find this instructive as much as I did and that it amuses at least as much as I ached.


5/12 Day 9

Yesterday morning as I was writing my log, Mistress Natalia arrived online unexpectedly. After checking I was wearing my chastity device, that I have been getting a hard time to put on since I am slightly aroused when I start putting it, she wickedly  but also deliciously teased me. My arousal restricted to the size of my device cage  ended pitifully to be just desperate convulsions of my penis and abundant leaking, leaving me frustrated but at the same time extremely excited especially after the nice words from Mistress Natalia I definitely fall deeper for… She left as she was making me guess something about how I am and what makes me  special to Her eyes and I am still unsure of what it is….

Later, I saw Miss Rosa who promoted me to the rank of “Guide” at DS, a sort of junior Mentor. I was happy to see She is pleased with me to give me this responsibility.
But more importantly, yesterday I looked for a strip club in NY where I can go to. According to Yelp and some other reviews, the best place to go to is something called “Rick’s cabaret”. Another good one is called “Penthouse Exclusive Club” but it opens only at night and it’s for me more difficult to go in the evening. I could invent a lie to my wife with the pretext of a professional dinner but that makes me very uncomfortable …. and I might keep some residue of women scents on me when I return home just after that….So it’s better if I go in the afternoon….

Otherwise, yesterday as I will today I kept the device locked up with the actual lock all day so about 10 hours in a row. I felt the lock swinging slightly when I was walking and the vibration echoing with the feeling of being owned by Mistress Natalia aroused me a few times. I feel so happy to be Hers…

Now that I read what I wrote earlier, I cannot send this log without saying the terrible thing that happened today.

During a conversation at DS with a Divine, bitchy and lance , I fucked up and recklessly say some joke saying something I should not have. I was clearly not thinking and Miss Rosa is furious and so much pissed at me that she even de-friended me. I am devastated. Knowing what could have been the consequences of  my reckless and stupid chit chat makes me sick. Losing Miss Rosa’s trust and friendship is irreparable and knowing I have probably disappointed Mistress Natalia is crushing me even more.

5/15 Day 12

After a terrible night, I logged on Saturday morning and talked a bit with Mistress Natalia about what happened on Friday. She was of course disappointed by what happened but She generously told me “she would clean up my mess” which of course means also she will “rub my nose with it” as she said.  However she kindly said nice words so that I can relax for the rest of the day which I did. I felt very grateful of these simple words which showed she really cares for me.

I also spoke with Miss Rosa who generously got me back into her friend list. I did not stay long after writing a NC explaining my analysis of what happened  and I wrote another one about the conversation with lance. Miss Rosa appreciated what I wrote and how I analyzed the situation. She today generously told me that all this was almost behind us and that Mistress Natalia and Her decided they will go easy on me because of my genuine repentance. She also told me today lance and I will be auctioned next month at Dominion. I feel proud that they think I am worthy enough for that but I am nervous about the terms of this auction…whoever auctions me, I will miss Mistress Natalia during the interval of time I will be serving someone else….

The rest of the Saturday was well spent. I went to an Indian restaurant with my wife and then we enjoyed some time in Central Park. At night, we went to the movies and watched “The Man who knew infinity” about the romantic figure of S. Ramanunjan who was an Indian mathematician of the 1910’s. It was quite moving and very accurate of the life.

In my reflection about my blunder, I thought of an analogy between being a slave and playing the game of chess. In that game, there are usually two human opponents but one can also play against a computer. A computer never make any blunder or mistakes but the human does. Actually even the word champion can’t beat the computers. A slave fighting his bad habits, his male ego or entitlement and working to follow the rules given to him by his owner is like the human chess player against a computer. Even if he works hard and perfectly, the slightest mistake will punish him. Like in a chess game where a  blunder can lead to the loss of the game even if he has played perfectly until then, the punishment is immediate. I was thinking to elaborate this analogy and write a small text for the blog of Mistress Natalia. I have thought also about a couple of other ideas that I will tell her when I see her next…

I keep missing Mistress Natalia as if She never leaves my thoughts for very long…

5/16 Day 13

Yesterday evening, I watched the film of Tom Ford “A single man” which I recommend. It was the second time, I watched it and I loved it even more this time. The visual aesthetic of the style of the 60’s, the perfect acting of Colin Firth and the amazing music of Abel Korzeniowski are stunning. The sadness is not forced nor mushy but has a transcendental beauty that is rare. I really enjoyed it even though I was impatient to come online to see Mistress Natalia who I missed despite my anxiety for what was waiting for me.

The instant I got logged in, I got what I deserved, Mistress Natalia rubbed my mess into my nose as She said and I endured Her emotional abuse for about an hour before I begged Her to dismiss me. My heart was aching and pounding all the time, my stomach was tightened and the pain would not let me  able to stay focused on anything. I had to implore Her to let me go offline so that I can try to gather some relief to be able to write the 300 words She wanted before this morning, which I did right after. I took some pill and went to bed but I could not sleep anyway. I felt a weight in the middle of my chest almost all night and probably had not more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Despite of the last words She told me last night, that She would not bother with this if she did not love me, despite I know I deserve this punishment, I woke up with the same weight on my chest this morning still feeling vividly the scars of the last night abuse. When I think about last night, I wondered if I am too sensitive or if I am just too much in love with Mistress Natalia making me extremely vulnerable to the slightest emotional abuse and even wonder if would  hold on better with a hundred blows of a real life whip on my back.

I wonder how Mistress Natalia feels, when she punishes me like that, what She thinks. My pain is mixed with a feeling of gratitude as I know she does this because she loves me and is confident that I can  improve but also with a feeling of guilt about how stupid I was. I still feel I have a lot to learn but I also sometimes doubt if I am made for this.  Only my deep trust in Mistress Natalia keeps me on the track in these moments even if I am confident that  I have a lot to give to make Her happy. And I hope She sees that too.

5/17 day 14

As soon as I arrived in my office I put on my chastity device and I kept it all day until 7pm just before returning home. I even kept it during lunch time and during a seminar. I was not aroused at all by anything so it did not bother me too much. I went online after my seminar and discussed with an old friend. I enjoyed to talk to her.  Then Mistress Natalia arrived. I was happily surprised as I did not think she would be online after a probably tiring flight. We talked about different things, it felt like a ray of sunlight in my day.  Under her instruction, I also went to DS. She did not stay very long there  though but I had to stay and endure the games of Mistress Seforah and Goddess Suprema who did not let me leave very easily. Each time now Goddess Suprema does that, asking me to beg 10 different times and using all the synonyms she made me look for. She can be grateful to Mistress Natalia that She has left me there at her disposal for that race game. When I eventually got allowed to log after what I think was  more than half an hour of begging without response, I was in rage of frustration. When I arrived back online yesterday night she had left me this offline.

[20:08] Goddess SUPREMA (jayjurak.zheng): (Saved Mon May 16 19:20:39 2016)french fry…I am very strict on you bitch.. because.. you have good potential to serve..  and elevate the sim . I say this..I am disappointed you not participate in race but that was My Apprentices call.. I wanted you to be in race..

I think that was actually the reason why she would not let me go….there are worse things than that of course, but as Mistress Natalia said it…I might not be not the perfect slave for DS. Anyhow, I went to DS to greet Miss Rosa and she asked me to “fuck the hole” of declan. So I did the RP of fucking declan as I dominated him harshly when as the same time Miss Rosa was humiliating the hell out of him. It was fun and declan told me right after that it was hot and that he enjoyed a lot how Miss Rosa and I were onto him…As it was late, I went to bed shortly after that.

Last night, I got several strong throbbing arousal (and leaking without touching) when I thought of Mistress Natalia and how I feel more and more owned by Her and progressively completely deprived of my will, but yet serene as I trust Her.  I also thought of what I have to do today (the visit to the strip club) and it did not help to calm the arousal but only mixed it with anxiety….


5/18 day 15

So, I went to Rick’s cabaret on 33rd street. I am writing this as I am just back from there.  I am still a bit drunk because I got 2 strawberry cosmopolitan’s and one glass of Cabernet. I was a bit anxious before going  there but not too much. I took the subway and got off at Penn Station walked one block and got to the Entrance of Rick’s. The body guard looked at my ID and led me to a table after I checked my  jacket. I was not very far from the dance floor where a half naked slender girl was dancing. The room was not totally empty but there was no one between me and the dancer and the girl was like dancing for me.
She was very sexy with brown curly hair, beautiful legs and small breast but I could not see her face in the half-light.  At one point, she took off her bra and throw it at me. When she walked to my table later, she said she wanted to check me up.  Not much later, a sexy waitress half Vietnamese half American came to my table. She sat next to me and was very sweet, showing me the menu, touching my arm or legs which sent chills in my body and twitches in my locked-up cock. I ordered food and a Cosmopolitan and started to relax and to enjoy the show.
A few minutes after she stopped her shift, the girl from the dance floor came to me said a few words and since I was having some food she said she will come back.  Like the waitress, she touched my arm and my legs in a natural and sweet way that made me feel extremely comfortable. Not long after I finished my calamaris another girl came to my table and asked if she could join me –  An extremely sexy brunette with blue eyes who was wearing a blue bodysuit and fishnet pantyhose.- we chatted up a bit and then she offered a lap dance. My heart raced but I agreed. She was sweet, sexy, and hot with a perfect tanned slender body with beautiful breasts.  She sat on my lap, flashed out her tits in my face, rubbed her ass and thighs on my crotch, touched my chest caressed my neck. She also let me touch her as I was holding her waist, ass cheeks and even tits.  It was very exciting but so frustrating at the same time. My penis was twitching without being able to get hard. I felt pathetic and frustrated especially as she was rubbing her leg on my crotch intentionally I could not feel what she was trying to do on my locked up cock.  She did not say anything but she must have felt what was between my legs or thought that I had a particularly small penis…even if she suggested we go to a private room at the end…I felt a deep humiliation inside.

Later on another girl from Panama came to my table and chat me up. She was not as beautiful but she was talkative and we chatted quite a bit after what I got another lap dance that was impossible to refuse although she was far from being as attractive as the previous one. I kept enjoying the show as I was finishing the last drink I had ordered. Some other girls came after but I declined the lap dance…it could have lasted all afternoon and I could have tried more girls but I would have just been more frustrated.. However I was not expecting there would be so much touching, that the girls would be so much friendly and engaging. Over all the girls were young beautiful and sexy but sounded a bit superficial. It was sweet, cool and relaxing  but  at the same time also extremely frustrating and humiliating ….I need to say that the most I got excited was when I was thinking of the reason I was here and of Mistress Natalia of course. Also, it showed me as, if I did not know already, that vanilla does not excite me as much as D/s. These almost 2 hours with those sexy girls all around me, were not half as exciting as having the attention of Mistress Natalia whose tremendous attractiveness leaves me always the weakest as does the pure thought of being her property.

I want to finish this post by saying I am extremely grateful to Mistress Natalia to have given me this challenge. It made me feel even more that I am Hers and unable to imagine to do anything but what she tells me to do. When She gives me a challenge such as this one, I can’t think of not doing it. It puts me in some predicaments that I crave to overcome to please Her by doing what She expects. Just the fact She desires something from me is a privilege that is always source of excitement. What makes me even weaker is that She seems to have no doubt that I will obey. Her confidence disarms any resistance I could have before it even appears.

5/20 Day 17

Yesterday, I saw Mistress Natalia after almost 3 days since the last time as She has been busy with work. I was so happy to catch up with Her on everything and have Her feedback on what I have been doing…in particular the field trip at Rick’s cabaret. I felt happy to see She was so amused by my report and She generously promised me a reward. The best reward is to see Her happy and to spend time with Her no matter what we are doing. But She asked me to choose what I wanted to do this afternoon and I opted for some bdsm time. She then decided I will be Her pain slut for a session and asked me to get ready for it.
It made my heart pounding but went out to get the small “nasty” binders and the rubber band she wanted to use on me.

At my return, She was with Miss Rosa at the new land and I joined them. During the conversation, I unintentionally said something that made me sound testy with Her making the up-coming torture/punishing session entirely justified. Back at Hellfire, heart pounding, I waited patiently for Her as She was dressing for the session. She appeared 5 minutes later with the sexiest red lace underwear and my heart races even faster. She quickly  made me hang by the wrists on one of the Hellfire device and made me put (in RL) the binders on my nipples. The bite was hard and sudden and almost cut my breath. The pain and the thrill to do this for Her made me shake and sent twitches in my caged cock. The binders kept biting as She asked me to put the strong rubber band around my genitals to make it snap hard on them at Her commands. It was quick inflected pains that hurt sharply and more each time. She made me do it many times as she was interrogating me or giving me instructions and it hurt like hell but I loved and was absolutely happy to see Her purr from what I was enduring. She also again brought up my hole to be plugged and I felt a twitch in my cock. The all session was intense and very erotic, the only worries I had was to get visible bruise on my nipple which were hurting but that was easier to endure than the hardest snaps of the rubber band. I kept the binders more than half an hour and when Mistress Natalia made me removed them it hurt even more for a short time. The hours later and even this morning I have kept feeling my nipple extremely sensitive  to touching.  I also noticed bruises on my scrotum from the elastic band snaps but I am proud and happy to have them as a gift from Mistress Natalia. When I removed my chastity device later, it was all wet making quite obvious I am Mistress Natalia pain slut now…

About my chastity state, every night, I am having those throbbing arousal when I think of Mistress Natalia and my submission to Her. Yesterday morning my arousal was so intense that I had a hard time to have my penis go down. It is extremely sensitive and I am dying to touch myself at times but I have no will for it. I am chaste since 2 weeks and a half and I am proud to be for Mistress Natalia. My penis is Hers as is my heart and my soul.  I have no desire for an orgasm if she does not want to. I will hold it as long as She wants. Hopefully my body will not be too difficult to tame. My penis grows and hits the cage boundaries when I am writing this….


5/21 Day 18

Yesterday would have been a wonderful day, spending time with Mistress Natalia and moving in at her house, if I did not act stupidly in greeting or rather manifesting my presence home to Her in an inappropriate way when I arrived online at night. Even if my intention was just to be playful, it was displeasing and inappropriate  the way I did it. Knowing Mistress Natalia was unhappy made me feel awful and has ruined my mood for the weekend. I was so happy she invited me to move in Her house that my joy and enthusiasm took me off balance and I obviously got carried a way. I am ashamed of this faux pas. I should stay aware that each time She allows me closer, the privilege she generously gives me implies more duties and in particular I should be more careful and attentive.

I feel like I am walking up on a tightrope, approaching slowly closer to Her and that at each step I slightly lose balance from the excitement and I need to adjust my pace to not get carried away. I do not want to fall as it would be profoundly devastating…

I was particularly overwhelmed emotionally last night also because I forgot/did not think to ask permission to Miss Rosa to distribute the notecard I had prepared for collecting the opinions of the Divines about the topic of a blog post I am preparing. The justified anger of Miss Rosa combined with the unhappiness of Mistress Natalia achieved to put me in a completely depressing mood and I asked permission to go offline. Needless to say I did not sleep much and that I still feel a knot in my stomach.

I feel completely vulnerable with my fate in the hands of Mistress Natalia who I love and the closer I get to Her the more I crave to make her happy.

5/23 Day 20

The week-end went smoothly and It was somewhat enjoyable but my mood has mainly been  and still is under the shadow of what has happened Friday night. I have had the chance to see quickly Mistress Natalia on Sunday after my return from the gym but it was mostly frustrating since, I did not have much time to speak with Her. I also talked to Miss Rosa Sunday evening about the reasons I should have consulted Her regarding the interview project and how I must be more consistent in asking permission to Her regarding actions that are related to DS.

My chastity state is making me more and more itchy (when I see a sexy silhouette in the street or if my penis rubs some fabric for example)  even though I had no special reasons to be excited this week-end  probably because of my mood. I suppose that  after almost 3 weeks without release it is to be expected that my body starts to be itchier. I did not have any trouble to wear the chastity device to day though. It has become almost a routine now like a normal thing I have to do as my penis belongs to Mistress Natalia as well as my arousal.

My soul is uncertain and pessimistic. My heart is aching.  I feel a bit more broken and I am more vulnerable than ever. I listened to “Stillness of the Mind” by Abel Korzeniovski on my subway ride this morning.

5/25 Day 22

Monday was again a difficult day for me. I went from being on my own  to being emotionally abused in the morning and in the afternoon.  After the emotional stress of the last few days that I did not process well, it felt like my reason got blurred and my ability to be efficiency was going down, making me more subject  to get into trouble for stupid reasons. Retrospectively, I should not have been so down since I now have the brand of Mistress Natalia on my avatar through the knife of Miss Mancipia. That is a symbolic gesture that means I am loved. But I was so emotionally tired and my mind was so confused that I was a bit lost when I logged off in the evening. Later that night, my friend Lance who is much more experienced helped me to see things as they really are and not as my aching mind was perceiving them. Moreover Mistress Natalia talked to me yesterday and it clarified things even more and comforted me that I was still were I wanted, beneath her feet, to serve Her and to be trained by Her for Her own pleasure and happiness.

I feel much better now as this struggle made me understand how to deal more efficiently with these moments of emotional stress. It does not mean it will be easy but I know that eventually what matters is that  Mistress Natalia has faith in me since she puts me through these struggles how hard they are. In fact, it goes well along with what Miss Rosa said  last night “great potential merits great challenge”. So I must be prepared and I will be. I am immensely grateful to Mistress Natalia who talked to me yesterday in such an accurate way as she firmly gave me  what I needed. It made me think deeper and understand better how to process my training. It has deepened my faith, my love and trust in Her. Being her property is definitely what I want from the bottom of my heart. It is a rare chance that I am extremely lucky to hold. I will always remember that when I am in pain because this is the strength She has given me and that will hold me secure for the journey She has chosen for us.

5/26 Day 23
Yesterday was a relaxing day.  I did not see much Mistress Natalia as she wanted some alone time. I missed Her but then I took the opportunity to do some tasks regarding the #maleentitlement project of Miss Rosa  and the slave auction project of Miss Seforah.  I have seen also Deloreen who wanted to make the mesh head better but definitely I don’t like it and Mistress Natalia neither so I will keep my frenchy’s head 🙂 I put some furniture in my room and enjoyed the privilege to be at Mistress Natalia’s home. Later, Mistress Natalia took me for a quick shopping trip and then kind of introduced me to Miss Nicole who is the owner of the parcel. She was kind and showed me her property and it was a nice way to know her a bit more than just crossing her path at DS. Last night was a bit more busy at DS and I enjoyed the attention of Mistress Natalia and also of Miss Rosa who explained me how exhausting it is to train a slave…

I keep wearing the chastity device when I come online and almost all day until I return home. I almost don’t feel it except when I have the slightest arousal that is then enhanced because my penis twitches and touches the cage boundaries  Every evening when I take it off, it is all wet inevitably. I feel owned and totally dependent of Mistress Natalia and that solely idea just arouses me when I think of it . When in my bed, I get a full throbbing erection but when I write these words, my cage keeps my penis restricted and it hurts but it is hurts good. I can’t hide that I love that Mistress Natalia restricts me. It is now more than 3 weeks that I haven’t ejaculated and my body is getting extremely needy at times. I could try to have intercourse with my wife but I don’t as I don’t feel I am allowed to seek that. I wonder how long Mistress Natalia will keep me like this. In some sense I crave to  stroke my penis at some others I crave she instructs me to stay chaste longer. I don’t know what I want. I have lost my will because Mistress Natalia is the one who decides all about what She owns. That is how I can feel Her ownership is totally real…

5/27 Day 24

Yesterday was the perfect illustration of what Mistress Natalia told me on Tuesday morning ” it’s the pain that makes the pleasure so enjoyable”. I spent the morning in DS, mainly performing for Mistress Natalia’s amusement, first to dominate a sissy scum and then to go down on  chigley. It was a pleasure to amuse Mistress Natalia (and also Miss Rosa) and have her attention. Later, Mistress Natalia allowed me the privilege to spoil Her in a shopping spree. The fact She allowed me that privilege was very arousing and the chastity device made this a deliciously torture that I loved. Also, She has a wonderful taste for clothing  that makes me always excited  to discover her new ideas of outfits.

But the best moment of the day was the afternoon that I spent with Mistress Natalia at the sim Opium S&M. It is a bdsm kind of club but we spent a non-bdsm afternoon dancing and talking about ourselves. That kind of communication that makes us closer in deepening our mutual trust. and lay the ground to go further. Those moments are essential to me not only to get closer to Mistress Natalia which is my strongest motivation but also to make me internalize the struggles I had been through before. It makes my love for Her more intense and makes me stronger for the inevitable future struggles. The strength she gives me by allowing me close to put up with the emotional abuse is indispensable. Mistress Natalia is wonderful and amazing, She is 10 times worth the struggles and the suffering I am going through at times. I can only be grateful to become so close to Her. I am a lucky and happy slave.


I am now in my 4th week of chastity. My penis becomes extremely aching for release and to be stroked. I have never been chaste so long. How much longer will I have to stay like this?  Only Mistress Natalia can make it stop…..I am staying strong but sometimes feel at the edge of begging to touch….

All of you know about the Divine Mistress Seforah. She has been around Divine Sadism for some time now and if you have had the opportunity to interact with her, her personality has likely not left you indifferent. She has been the creator of the scum auction at Divine Sadism that some of you may have attended. As the slave in charge for this project, I have had the privilege to work under her supervision and it has been very motivating.

A few days ago, she has generously accepted to respond to an interview request that Mistress Natalia demanded me to conduct for the blog of the Hellfire Club and Divine Sadism. After the interview, when doing some shooting for this post, Miss Seforah granted me the privilege to witness more about the other sides of her SL: some of the sims she goes to and the houses and gardens she constructs and where she demonstrates a creativity that is no less original than the one we have seen in her organization of the DS auction or than what you will read in the interview transcript below. Also, I am very grateful for her patience, her kindness and her help  when preparing this post.


frenchy: Greetings Divine Mistress Seforah. Before anything, I would like to tell you  my deepest gratitude for accepting to answer to my interview request. I am sure that many of the DS members will be delighted to know more about you!

Divine Mistress Seforah: Hello little toad! (smiles)

frenchy: So here is my first question.  Are you comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  It is a well known fact that the riot police and criminals are much more violent when they wear a mask. To enjoy as much as possible in a sadistic and dominant way, to feel free, I like to keep my RL as far as possible from SL.

frenchy: But then, how would you present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  In SL? If that ‘someone’ is a person, I say “Hello, sister, nice to meet you. If you need my help, just tell me.” and I smile because I’m happy to see her.   On the other hand, if that ‘someone’ is nothing but a scum, a toad… then it’s a ‘something’, not someone and I just kick him as your ass knows this very well. (smiles)

frenchy (smiles and blushes slightly): What is your country of origin, Miss Seforah? Can you tell us  what is the culture that you belong to?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  What did I answer to your first question? Slap yourself! It will stimulate your brain. … Um…  Well done.  I’m European, from the European shore of the Mediterranean sea. That’s all you need to know about my origins. About my culture…. Mediterranean is the word… I think. We do not have dirty business, but  the family of the movie of Coppola “The Godfather.”  is the kind of old and traditional big family I belong to.

frenchy (smiles but slaps himself blushing) : What is your RL occupation? Does it allow you to express your dominant personality in your every day life?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I’m taxidermist, I embalm little wide mouthed toads like you, who ask too many questions.

frenchy: Do you need or like to be in control of every aspect of your life?  In other words, are you a control freak? (smiles)

Divine Mistress Seforah: Absolutely Not!

frenchy : Are you a very organized person who plans in advance or do you prefer to improvise?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I’m chaotic and organized at the same time, just like an hurricane.  I think there is a structure in the jungle of my mind, but most of the time, I can’t see it. I’m very intuitive.

frenchy : How does SL impact your RL and your RL influence your SL?

Divine Mistress Seforah: SL gives me the chance of satisfy some natural sadistic inclinations I can’t express in RL, and it makes me feel less frustrated. Frustration is the root of violence, so SL makes me feel more kind and more pacific in RL. Does RL influence in my SL? Yes. My RL avatar, made of blood and flesh, needs to sleep. : )


frenchy :  What are your favorite book/movie/music that you like to share with the persons you are close to?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Book: William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer.  (Read the Wikipedia, toad; I feel like Molly sometimes… and many others like Wintermute)
Movie: I can’t choose one and Music: All classics, from Vivaldi to Freddy Mercury; from Lady Gaga to Ravel.

frenchy:  and what is the last book/movie that you read/watch? Did you enjoy it?

Divine Mistress Seforah: : I’m reading a valuable volume of the six penny English books from 1915,  “A heart’s atonement” by Esther Miller. I like the style of the language of the novel: The sentences, the elegant words. Despite the structure and the theme of the story are poor, I find  the mind of the heroine interesting, an English lady from the times of the World War I. She is weak, submissive… not by Nature, but by Culture. The character is nothing but a cliche, an archetype… She is “How a lady must to be… in 1915” It is interesting to observe our evolution when  looking at her and looking at ourselves now.

frenchy (nods) Except BDSM, what do you like to do in SL, Miss Seforah?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I like building a house and a garden in a sky-box, I add flowers and furniture and when everything is perfect and cute, I delete it.

frenchy : I have seen then, they are very original creations. You could save them and make a store to sell them… (smiles)

Divine Mistress Seforah: I build for me, looking for peace, just to play.

frenchy : What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Know yourself, accept yourself, Go Ahead … and if you can not take the third step, take it easy. (smiles)

frenchy (smiles): In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I was very young. It was summer. I was in our old farm, under the shadow of the vine in the porch, at the door of our little white house. It was hot , the sun was crushing the soil. I was sitting in front of my grandfather, wearing  my new first bikini. It was a red bikini. It was the first time I had to hide my tiny breasts. I was feeling so adult and so womanly…

Then My grandfather looked at my thighs and moved his head, in a sight, and he looked  to my feet. I shrugged (my shoulders) and he smiled and watched again. When I looked under the chair I was sitting on, when I looked between my thighs, I discovered the most ugly, the biggest, the most terrible spider I had ever seen in my short life. I cried, and I jumped in the arms of my grandpa all in tears. He laughed, hugged me, and kissed my hair and told me “look”. He was smoking all the time… always…. he took his zippo lighter from his pocket, bent over my chair,  lighted it up and put the flame close to one leg of that ugly, dreadful, terrible monster. To my surprise, the leg of the spider burned like paper. The spider tried to run away to it’s web… but my grand father burned it, In a flame; and the monster was smoke. “Back to your chair. It’s yours, it does not belong to the spider” He said, and gave me his silvered lighter. “Keep it, BUT do not burn my house”

Then, I felt something … new. I would not say I was excited… but I lighted the zippo lighter and I blushed. My heart was running fast.

The next time I felt something like that was when a little old man touched my rear in a crowded bus. The first touch, I thought it was an accident, But the second one, I opened my eyes, just surprised… and when he put his hand on my thigh, I got scared for a second but then I slapped him so hard that my hand hurt.  He looked at me with his hand on his cheek, the bus stopped, the doors opened, I looked at him and he was scared! I saw fear in his eyes…. He rolled and ran away.  I blushed because everyone in the bus was looking at me. This time… I was 24 years old…. this time I got excited, not at that moment but later, at home, just because I had discovered the disgusting little toad was scared of me. I did nothing special after that, but It has been in my mind since then.The only reason why I can say this here, it’s because it is SL. I never told anybody in RL.

frenchy (nods understanding) : Thank you for sharing this very interesting and personal moment of your life Miss  Seforah. Now could you tell us how old you were when you first realized you wanted to be a Domme?  Was it long after that episode?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Like I said, I realized it when I was 24… but I could not accept it until some months ago. Something happened in my RL and later in my SL that made me get angry, that made me feel hate with all my soul. I channeled all these feelings towards that men I could punish without feeling guilty and without hurting anyone. Later, the anger disappeared (most of it) and I discovered the pleasure of domination, a pleasure that I try to enjoy as much as possible (wide smile here).


frenchy (smiles back) :  How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I don’t have a style and I don’t need one. I’m just a bad girl playing with my dolls (you, dirty toads). If I see or I imagine something fun, I do it to get pleasure.  There are some things I like more than others… humiliating,  kicking, making you punish yourself via RL interactions… But I would not say it’s a style. These are nothing but preferences. Except for punishment, (when I’m sure the toad hates it),  I don’t find interesting to make males have sex with each others because I feel they enjoy it much more than me. I can enjoy humiliating another woman if I feel she likes it…. but hitting her, even to make her feel pleasure…  Well, I don’t enjoy it.

I don’t have pleasure using others with a strap-on fixed on my hips, males or females. Because of that and because I never offer my rear, some pure lesbians said I am too straight to be a good lesbian. However I have the same interest in being qualified as a good lesbian, no more, no less, as being qualified as a good straight girl. That is to say NO INTEREST at all.

frenchy : Do you own slaves at this moment? If so, are you open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  I want it all, and I give nothing. It’s not a good deal for most of the people, and it’s not a good deal for most of slaves. Some ones get excited under my power and obey me looking for pleasure; but they can’t be exited all the time,  and  I’m not here to please them, so, eventually they leave me. 🙂  Yes, I have no problem in accepting and saying that slaves, eventually, always leave me. I give them good reasons to run away!  I would do the same if I were one of them! (smiles)

I could think about their pleasure instead of mine… I could take care of their feelings…     I have forbidden them say they love me, when I could force them to say it and play with their heart and their feelings to keep them with me… But why should I do that? Once upon a time I loved and gave myself, but now I’m selfish. It’s a nonsense to make any effort to retain a slave that is useless to me because he is not slave enough to be happy serving and adoring me and feeding my selfishness.  There are lots of toads jumping around my sisters and me. If one leaves, two new ones come to my feet.

Will I be found some day by  the kind of slave that can be happy and stay with me, just for the pleasure of being treated like a despicable rat? (I’m not looking for slaves, they look for me) Who knows? It does not matter.

frenchy :  What seduces you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave?

Divine Mistress Seforah: I want to be the sun of his Solar system and all his planets must turn around me in my gravity camp. He must surrender without a fight.

frenchy :  Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  YES.   How far? At the moment, I have commanded an animal to slap himself… I have commanded him to put cloth pins on different parts of his body, I have made him lick from a dish at the floor…  I have commanded him to brush his teeth, wash his hands, crawl, take a freezing shower… or eat a candy thinking about my lips.  I have commanded him to write my name on his skin, keep a feminine pad under his pillow, kiss it every night before going to sleep, wear it after a couple of days and finally cum on it.  Sometimes I ask some photos of this objects, but I have no pleasure in observing you while you touch yourself and I have a low interest in your body. I just want some evidences of your submission.  Will I go further? Why not?

frenchy: What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Divine Mistress Seforah: Sex is communication.  At the biological level, sex is the first step of the reproduction process, and the sexual reproduction is nothing but communication, if we keep in mind that DNA is nothing but information; and sex is the way to communicate that information to the next generation.  In other words: I’m going to build a baby inside me and you have to give me your part of the plans of the building project.: Your 23 chromosomes in a little pack named spermatozoa. With the 23 of mine, packed in my ovule, it will amount the 46 chromosomes we all have inside each cell of our bodies.  Above the biological level is the psychological level of sex. At that level sex is much more than reproduction, but it still is communication. Communication of feelings when I look inside your eyes before you kiss me, for example…  The point is this: All form of Communication has this elements:  Emitter, Receptor, Message, Channel, Code, Context.

In verbal communication, Emitter talks, Receptor listens, Message is what you say, Channel is the air, Context is the place you are, and Code is the language, English for example. In sexual communication, Emitter grabs your hair and put her lips in yours, Receptor opens his mouth, Message is “You are mine, stupid”, Channel is the silky skin of my lips, wet, hot and touching your skin; Context is a dark room, you are tied at my feet; and the Code is BDSM.

In English, “chat” is a verb; it means “People talking”. BUT In French, “le chat” it’s a cat. In vanilla sex, a big slap in bed during sex is an offense, while in BDSM, between a mistress and her animal, slapping his face hard is a way of expressing domination and giving pleasure.

Limits? In BDSM, limits are like silences in verbal communication. Silences express more than words sometimes, and Limits (or lack of limits) express something too. The point is: What is it that you want to say with this limit?

The English language of teenagers is not like the English of Shakespeare. The same: Each person has her own BDSM, and you must be sure about what kind of BDSM language you use to express your dominant side; and you must to be sure that your partner understands you. In my personal BDSM, I set the limits of my animal. He WILL NOT set his limits to me. I will set my limits for him.  I’m sadistic and selfish…  What can I do?  (smiles)

frenchy : Sometimes people say that a slave in a D/s relationship holds some control too. What is your opinion about that?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  Not with me.


frenchy: Do you impose chastity to your slaves?

Divine Mistress Seforah:  A Japanese woman has to be ready, and wet  when her husband arrives home because if he wants sex, he must not wait…. So, in revenge…I command to my “little whores” to be hard in my presence ready to be used by me if I want to. It’s difficult for them. They love it at first, but they suffer later. Fortunately for them,.. I don’t stay long with them…(smile)  I am also very interested in the “refractory period” of men. It’s a mystery to me how they can lose all their sex desires in one second… And the way their mind change once they cum… After the orgasm they are different… And I ask to myself who is the real one of both men, the  one before one or the one after?  I have observed it. The worst ones are the ones that become an animal after the orgasm: a freezing one. They don’t want to look at you, don’t want to talk…don’t want your cuddles…they are very far away. I HATE it…Sometimes I do the same to men as a revenge: “You cum, you are useless to me now, leave” (smiles).

frenchy (smiles) Can you be a sadist without being a Domme or vice versa?

Divine Mistress Seforah: Being sadistic without being a Domme? Feel pleasure making suffer someone who does not enjoy it?   Yes I can, the name of this practice is REVENGE. At the bottom of this behavior is revenge always, even if the sadist ignores it in a process of transference. To be a person, and not to become a monster, I choose not to do that.  But yes indeed that I could if I wanted to.  (smiles)

About being a Domme without being sadistic… I could try… some day…. when it snows in the hell…

frenchy (smiles): Thank you again for taking this interview Miss Seforah. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have the chance to know more about you and your world. Thank you also for your time and your patience during the shootings. Goodbye Miss Seforah.

Divine Mistress Seforah: You are welcome. I have enjoyed it. I like to be on the focus (smiles). Goodbye little toad!



a masochistic role (see BDSM) wherein the role player achieves sexual gratification from experiencing varying levels of pain, usually at the hand(s) of a Master/Mistress.
That guy was such a pain slut that he was begging Me to punch him after I stomped on his balls.


One of my big turn ons, is a slave that enjoys suffering for me. I want all of you losers who sit on the deck and crane your necks when I  walk by hoping to get my attention, to make a note on that point.




An unexpected surprise came two weeks ago from a new slave to Divine Sadism named krissy. I caught him bragging about what a “pain slut” he was, and how he could endure; insert eye roll. What a perfect opportunity to test him! I had him burn six holes in his inner thigh with a lit cigarette; you know, one hole for each of the Divine Queen Bitches who maintain order around the sim.




Suffice to say, I was immensely impressed, as he immediately got my attention. Now that he has it, it remains to be seen what he does with it.

A message from the Divine Creator.

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Welcome to Divine Sadism.  I am Rosa Hunter, Divine Creator.  This letter is to increase the odds of your survival.  IF you are serious about being part of what we do here, keep reading.

Here you are nothing but scum, with no value but the pleasure you can provide the Divine.  Who are the Divine?  We are the most sadistic, intense, limit-breaking Dominatrixes you will encounter within Second Life.  IF you long to serve without limit, then you may survive long enough to meet us.

The Divine do not care about your feelings or your fetishes.  We are not Mommy Dommes. In our Divine eyes you have absolutely no worth beyond your service.   Here it is our WILL, not your thrill, that matters.  As a male, you are scum and a member of the Divine Sadism (DS) scum herd – a resource.

We are a no-limit sim.  Your presence in Divine Sadism is consent to be our slave.  You MAY be allowed to provide real life service.  Don’t mix Second Life and Real Life?  Do you ever get hard when “playing” SL?  Yes?  Realize that each erection mixes Second Life and Real Life.  While Divine Sadism does not own its slaves, we do track your growth.   If you are diligent and committed you may eventually earn the coveted “slave to the Divine” tag.

To be part of what we do here . . . . to survive, you need to do the following:
Read our Divine Sadism Rules and the Divine Sadism scum Survival Guide.
Have a collar open to “public” AND a working rlv that interacts with rlv devices.  If you do not understand what this means, read the DS scum Guide to Collars and RLV.

Complete a scum registry form.

Create a profile pick named “DS scum Log” and include the following information
Register you name on the scum Rating Board (off the main Deck).
Pay ATTENTION – when the Divine are present in DS, you are expected to be fully alert and engaged.

You will find the above “scum Survival Tools” in a basket next to the scum landing entrance, and in a basket to the right of the Divine Throne Circle.

Scum are not allowed to im the Divine without permission.  IF you complete the above seven tasks you have my permission to im me with questions about your role as a scum.  BEG me to answer you.  Do NOT waste my time with meaningless chit chat.  Get straight to your point.

If you are “wired hard”, if you find yourself longing for something more intense than submission alone, then you may find Divine Sadism is an answer to your prayers.

Welcome to this haven of pain and suffering,

Rosa Hunter
Divine Creator

One of our many pet peeves at Divine Sadism is when slaves feel entitled(see post on male entitlement) to put their filthy cross hairs on us and stare at us like we are pieces of meat. Who knows what the hell they are doing with themselves behind their keyboards & monitors?

I think the best way to curb that type of behavior, is to make an example out of one of them, and the rest of them will adjust their behavior for fear of the same fate. Jenni & I found just the right victim in eb(the soon to be tiffani). When I caught him laying his cross hairs on me, I reprimanded him; and the the minute that he took his off of me, he had the audacity to immediately do the same thing to Jenni! That does not work.


As a woman who has lived in NYC for most of my life; I have been objectified more times than I care to remember. Whether it’s been as subtle as a leering stare from a passing by a group of construction workers, to something more rude like someone grabbing your ass in a crowded subway car; the bottom line is that it sucks. Men are the most un-empathetic creatures on the face of the earth; so the easy solution to conditioning their simple minds, is to put them through the same ordeal they have a lack of understanding of. Jenni & I decided to employ our #hivementality, immediately went to work making sure this scum was going to know how horrible being objectified is. Please note the before and after pictures above of eb’s miraculous transformation into tiffani with an “i”.


Now just dressing him up to make him look like a trannny prostitute, and ridiculing him might have been mean enough; but it simply wasn’t. Indigo, Arianna, & myself were bored with watching him prance around, so we decided to take him to to the “Black Cock Motel”(that really is the name of the sim). We found a charming gentleman whom we offered the opportunity to objectify(in the loosest sense of the word) tiffani; as long as we could watch and make lewd comments while he did.

So let this be another lesson to all you dirty little perverts out there, that when you are not on your best behavior in front of one of the Divine, you face the wrath of us all!

As days and weeks succeed one another, Mistress Natalia holds imperceptibly but surely a stronger grip on my mind and reinforces my chastity even more. The effect of the device She makes me wear more and more often  makes me each day more submissive as it intensifies Her control. It enhances my arousal and restricts it at the same time  making me lost in mixed feelings of excitement and frustration that undoubtedly lead me to a state of dependence and vulnerability that I never experienced before.

As the time goes by, it becomes clearer that I am not only accepting the restrictions but that I am loving them just because it is what Mistress Natalia wants. I see myself enjoying the frustration and the torment of the chastity more than I ever imagined as it symbolized so well my belonging to my Mistress. In this new installment of my chastity log, you will see how this brings me progressively to accept, without even questioning it, to consider a challenge She set up for me and that would have made me very doubtful I could even think of when  I started this journey with Mistress Natalia…


4/27 Day 15

Nothing much happened yesterday except that Mistress Natalia ordered me to wear the chastity device to solve my urges to touch myself. Of course, this excited me more and made me frustrated at the same time. It’s a delicious feeling that makes me lose my ability to think straight as it makes me feel weak and even more needy. I felt like IMing Mistress Natalia every minute but I resisted the best I could to not disturb Her… Later, I went to DS, where Mistress Natalia was. She instructed me to get a latex cat suit and slave harness for a task I would have to do later for Miss Rosa and Her. On my subway ride home, I could not help but wonder what would be the new humiliation She had in stock for me and obviously I felt aroused again in the train. However most unfortunately, I could not come online very early and I missed Mistress Natalia. I hope She was not waiting for me….

4/28 Day 16

Today Mistress Natalia made me complete the horse outfit with hoofs and told me what I would be doing with it. Miss Rosa loved it and calls me the horseman now. It was funny. The tease of Mistress Natalia which aroused me in the morning made me feel like touching again. Also I decided to wear the device for the time I would be online in Her presence but Mistress Natalia decided I would wear it the whole day which I did. It was exciting and frustrating as usual but when I was not online I kind of succeeded to forget it. Of course, each time I was in presence of Mistress Natalia, I keep feeling the boundary of the cage and leak especially whenever she teases me. In the afternoon, we did a  shooting and I loved it as usual when I do this with Her even though I was not entirely satisfied with my photos.

I went to bed past midnight and slept very well for 2 hours but then I woke up and as usual now, I started to think about Mistress Natalia and about my training. It was not long before I get a throbbing and leaking erection that went on and off  for the rest of the night. These arousal make me feel crazy and like an animal again…The idea that I am becoming so docile and submissive even when I have to serve other Divines at DS to keep Mistress Natalia proud of my behavior kept my penis rock hard. I also thought about the chastity device. At first I was surprised that Mistress Natalia does not require me to wear it more often but when yesterday and before yesterday,  She said it was more something to protect me from myself, I reached the conclusion that She really wants to reinforce my chastity and that She might desire and be pleased that I anticipate her instructions to wear it on my own regularly. Obviously that thought hardened my penis that was twitching and leaking so hard that I had to sweep it not to stain the sheets many times during the night. I never had such throbbing erections so many times without touching….Now if I have such wandering thoughts during the day at a work meeting I realized that I could get a very embarrassing hard-on and it might be safer to wear that device and it is the first thing I did when I arrive in my office this morning.

4/30 Day 1

So my speculation was correct, Mistress Natalia expects me to anticipate Her desire to see me wearing the device on my own. So, I think she was happy that I did it yesterday and we had an amazingly erotic moment together.. After we shot some photos at the GC club,  She let me worship Her most intimate temples of pleasure. Since I was locked up at the same time, I was devilishly excited and frustrated to be unable to get a full erection  with the only possibility to twitch  hard and leak pitifully. Knowing my predicament turned Her on so much was exciting me even more leading me of course to a sweet and delicious torment. But how happy and proud, was I to see Her reach the pinnacle in the end, after what She generously allowed me to get out of the cage and have my turn an orgasm as well. She had very sweet words towards me after. I love those intimate moments which make me even more enslaved and deepen my attachment and trust in Her. It had been so long, I hadn’t an orgasm…16 days and I knew I was not ready to beg for it, having learned from the lesson she taught me about that. The 9 ejaculations a day I performed after I showed a bit too much my need to end the chastity cycle 17days ago was still in my mind and I wanted to avoid something similar…

Chastity, Tease and Denial is a very erotic combination and I cannot deny that the chastity imposed by Mistress Natalia excites me a lot even if it can be difficult to bear after a while. The same applies to wearing the device. The inaccessibility of something makes always that thing more attractive. Also when I am locked in company of Mistress Natalia, my sexual desires are enhanced and at the same time impossible to be granted by the amazing sensation of a full throbbing erection as the ones I have in bed thinking of Her. In spite of the high frustration it brings, the fact I love the sensation was however making it a bit difficult for me to anticipate Her desire that I wear the device  all day because  it could have been a selfish desire for more excitements… That’s is why sometimes anticipation can be tricky when we both desire the same thing…I am glad I brought that up to Her so that it is clarified. However, I now realize She probably wants me to wear the device whenever I am online or even whenever I can…. That Idea brought me again to a full throbbing erection this morning and I was dying to touch …



5/1 Day 2

This morning I woke up as usual with thoughts of Mistress Natalia and the arousal that accompanies it as always now. The idea I was not allowed to touch made it even stronger…. So I went to the gym for an hour to exercise but still with the thought of Her in the back of my mind. After lunch I came online for a little while but  could not stay long to attend the events at DS since my wife wanted us to go get a massage at our local Chinese massage joint. It was very relaxing and I got the same masseur as the other day with the same effects, in fact it was even better. I came back online in the evening and saw Miss Rosa, bitch and lance. I was hoping to see Mistress Natalia….but instead Miss Kool arrived and I could not escape as early as I wanted….I can’t wait to see Mistress Natalia tomorrow.

5/2 Day 3

Yesterday morning, when I arrive at the office I wore the device immediately just before coming online. When I saw Mistress Natalia was already online, I knew it was safer to put the device before logging as I felt aroused immediately when She started talking to me.  She gave me some technical tasks on the blog that I was happy to help her with and She teased me a bit before going to work. When I saw Her in the afternoon, I showed Her what I wrote in my picks about wearing the device whenever I can for Her pleasure and She teased me so well like effortless that i felt extremely weak and horny. The frustration of the torment to be locked when teased was delicious and made  me feel very submissive and lose all pride. When telling Her how I was feeling, she teased me even more about making me get a plug. When I removed the device before going back home, it was all wet. I felt the need to touch and cum all evening and each time I was awake during the night as if last time I ejaculated was 2 weeks ago. This morning I got a hard-on thinking that the tease about the plug was probably a subliminal message for me to anticipate Mistress Natalia’s desire. But I think it is safer to wait for something more precise…

Last night Mistress Natalia debased in front of me one of her former slave. She was spectacular as She always is and I think everybody enjoyed the show except him I suppose. This morning She explained to me that this show was for me so that I do not feel threatened by him. I felt a strong emotion and it showed me once more how my feelings are deepening for  my Mistress.

5/3 Day 4

Most of yesterday I was still leashed at DS, unable to do nothing. Even serving other Dommes was out of the question since I could not leave my post. I could talk though but no Divine is really interested in chatting. I did chat with fellow slaves or/and  studied the Opencollar scripts to modify them for the DS collar project.  But it is difficult to concentrate on that and follow the  public chat. at the same time when a Divine is around.
Therefore, I felt pretty much restricted and the idea it was following the will of Mistress Natalia aroused me a couple of times reminding me the device I was wearing during the day and that my penis belongs to Mistress Natalia. It belongs to Her and I would not want this to be different. I crave Her control and I love to be Her property, Her animal and Her bitch.

Last night was fun, we eventually went to VT with Miss Rosa, Mistress Natalia and lance and bitchy who were wearing latex outfits similar to my horsey one. I went to bed quite late since just after Mistress Natalia left, Miss Rosa requested I serve Miss Alexis which demanded I clean her boots.

When I woke up this morning I got a strong urge to touch and felt  like I could ejaculate almost instantly if I did. In fact, just having my penis rub my thighs would  make me horny. Wearing the device enhances my arousal but restricts them at the same time and the fact I had only one orgasm 5 days ago make me feel extremely needy for ejaculation. It was difficult to resist but easy at the same time because I have no rights on my penis.  I just can’t without Mistress Natalia’s permission like if there is a lock in my brain circuits preventing me to do anything against Her will. Simply knowing that it would disappoint or displease Her just annihilates instantly any other desires I could have. So I am left with the torments of the cravings of my body which undermine my will and my reason, leaving me like an animal more submissive every day. I did not expect that wearing this device would weaken me so much as I get lost in mixed desires and sensations….


5/4 Day 1

After I sent my log Yesterday, Mistress Natalia ordered me to pull down my pants and to blow on my penis. I misunderstood and thought she was allowing me to release which I did. I felt awful realizing it was a mistake and it must have disappointed her. There was no doubt in my mind or I would have asked but from now on I have to make sure that when some slang like that is used my understanding is accurate, especially for this kind of directions. I probably took my desire to end my frustration for a reality although I was happy to stay chaste for my Mistress. Anyhow, I must of course account for my mistake and I will take the abuse that Mistress Natalia is going to give me courageously and consoled from the disappointment I produced by knowing She will take pleasure in disciplining me. When she displayed Her authority yesterday after my fuck-up, I got aroused as it was showing how clear I am Her total property under Her full control and how submissive I feel under Her. I am now awaiting anxiously what she will decide to do to hurt me, wondering if it will be emotional as it usually is or physical. The wait is already a torture. Still She was generous to give me the board project to think about as I am wondering what my fate will be. However I cannot really stop thinking of it even if I tried to forget it during my dinner party yesterday.. Despite of the good wine, my anxiety resumed after and I woke up earlier than I wanted this morning …

5/5 Day 2

Yesterday, I spent all day in the cage at DS. I stayed online quite a bit with the hope to see Mistress Natalia and to get my punishment so that I can account for my mistake. When I spoke to her, a few times, she was distant not wanting to give me any details about when or what would that be. I thought she was  busy preparing her trip and did not insist. She left without a word and came back later. She even came to DS a few times ignoring me completely. I don’t know if there is another punishment to come but this is one of the worse: being ignored by someone one loves and desires to please more than anything. I felt my heart pounding all day in a tight knot of anxiety so much that  I could barely concentrate on anything. I tried to work on the script for Miss Rosa’s board and I had advanced a bit but I was slower than I should. Even the usual distraction of DS with the greetings and the insulting orders did not make me feel any relief but the opposite.

Even if I could rationally think that what we have Mistress Natalia and I is already solid after 3+ months, when I hurt like this, I am confused with doubts and I become insecure : I wonder if the disappointment I caused Her is going to make Her change her feelings for me or if the path we have taken together so far  will continue the same way. That idea hurts more than anything and feeds the confusion and the pain in a vicious circle. I could not bear anymore to think of this and I went offline earlier than usual. When She dismissed me Her comment suggested my punishment was that treatment…It was not really a surprise but it did not make me feel any better.

However last night, as I came online mainly to discuss with lance, Mistress Natalia released me from the cage and ended the punishment. I came at Her feet, holding her ankles and we talked as we usually do. It was such a relief. I felt light again like all the weight pilling up on me all day had disappeared….As I told Her that night, this punishment was really wicked. If I knew from the beginning this treatment  of isolation and being ignored was the punishment, I would have endured it much more easily. Also, the happiness of this feeling after She called me to Her was so delightful. I can only be grateful for how She controls my emotions as this moment would not have been so sweet without the pain before….


5/6 Day 3

Today, I spent most of my time working on the script for the Scum rating board that Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa asked me to make. I was happy that they think of me for that. I finished to do it late and it seems to work pretty well although there are probably some bugs to be fixed after testing. I am glad to contribute to DS with this, as I see Miss Rosa and Mistress Natalia really love this adventure. But  I missed spending time with my Mistress today. We exchanged a few IMs but She was busy and then left without a word…

5/9 Day 6
I spent the week-end enjoying a relaxing  time with family and friends. I went out also in the park on Sunday as the weather was better. I did also go to the gym as I usually do on Sunday mornings. I came online and worked on improving my script. I corrected a few bugs even today. Now I think it is quite stable. I will add a few features later on to ease the use of it.  Now that the script is quasi-finished, I feel a bit aimless but I really enjoyed doing this for Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa. I felt honored of the trust they gave me in this project and I am happy that Miss Rosa is satisfied by the result of my work. I went a bit to DS to check on the scum rating board and I got tied up to serve other dommes. I find these pixel play with some of these unattractive dommes completely uninteresting. However, I have submit just because of the will of Mistress Natalia and Miss Rosa but  I think I will keep avoiding DS when they aren’t around.

After 6 days, I haven’t been suffering much of the chastity so far. I keep wearing the device on week-days when I come online when at night and week-end I can relax from the constraint although I did not get much arousal lately.  Probably because I miss Mistress Natalia and therefore I am not really much excited. Last time we spent time together was that memorable afternoon ten days ago. It was so hot. She sent me the picture of it and it is such a sweet and sexy memory. I saw Her very quickly this morning and she allowed me to remove the horsey outfit. But she will be away for the rest of the week traveling…I hope it won’t be too tiring and stressful for Her and that  I will find an opportunity to make feel Her special soon.

5/10 Day 7

I went to bed early last night and I came online early this morning with the hope to see Mistress Natalia before she leaves for Denver but I suppose her flight was early. I discussed with lance who is a good fellow and I worked to add a few features to my script.
Of course, I am wearing the device to have my penis locked up for my Mistress. I am getting used to it. The only thing that is bothering me is that I have to pay attention it does not show. When I think of my state and submission for Mistress Natalia, my penis twitches and hits the boundary of the cage restricting it from growing more. It makes me feel more submissive and weaker than I have ever been before and reminds me of my strong desire to make Mistress Natalia the happiest. I hope I will see Her tonight.


5/11 Day 8

I just arrived in my office and put the chastity device on. I put the lock on it to symbolized I won’t remove it until this evening and I will do that everyday until May 20th upon the instructions of Mistress Natalia who wants to enforce more my chastity after I fucked up yesterday to follow a simple instruction. I feel absolutely submissive  locked and completely enslaved to Her will. My own will has completely vanished in Her presence or more precisely, my will has become Her will. All I want to do is what She decides. All I desire, is to see Her pleased and happy. I feel the ring of the chastity device like if it is Her grip on my cock and balls, reminding me She is always in control and that I am Her bitch to do what I am told.

In particular, She got very inspired yesterday and it was presented as a punishment for my lack of focus but I am certain She had that in mind anyway. She wants me to go all locked up with my chastity device in a strip club and order a lap dance to add to my humiliation. It’s going to be extremely embarrassing and my heart pounds at the idea of it. What  bewilders me is that  I can’t think of not doing it. The minute Mistress Natalia wants it makes me want or even crave to do it for Her, bringing extremely mixed feelings considering what it is.  My core rooted desire to please Her first, annihilates any objection that I could have raised in any other circumstances. It is going to cost me, I have never gone to such a place….I will have to gather my courage and I can’t even imagine how humiliated I will feel. However, the reward to see Her pleased, amused and happy is priceless and that will give me the strength I will need to overcome the anxiety to do this. For this reason, my sleep has been agitated and the feeling of Her grip again on my mind got me a throbbing erection when I woke up in the middle of the night.  It’s fortunate I don’t have to wear the device when I sleep….But knowing I could not touch, because of the enforced chastity Mistress Natalia demands got me extremely frustrated.  Now I need to think how I will do THIS and especially WHEN. My stomach tighten in anticipation and my heart races. I think I might need a few days to get accustomed to the idea….

For the scum who crawl on the deck of Divine Sadism, it is impossible that they never heard some of the Divines complain with good reason about male entitlement. As I was myself working on some other project for Mistress Natalia’s blog, I unintentionally and even unconsciously  bypassed Miss Rosa’s permission to interview the Divines of DS. To make me learn how badly I had behaved, She instructed me to do my own research about what ‘male entitlement’ is and its effects on slave development. It led me, following Her instructions, to prepare an interview that some of the most prominent Divines which you can meet at DS gave me the privilege to accept.

I would like to thank respectfully the Divines Mistress Arianna, Goddess Jenni Bathory, Mistress Natalia, Castigatrix Nicole Kessel and Lady Pearle  for their time to respond positively to my request and whose illuminating answers can be find below. I hope you enjoy and learn from them…

* * *

Snapshot_062Divine Mistress Arianna (arianna atlantis)

frenchy:  After defining what this is, could you please  tell us what are,  according to you, the main sources/reasons of male entitlement?

Divine Mistress Arianna: Male entitlement is the cultural expectation that men are somehow entitled to a woman’s servitude due to her gender. It can be blatant , extreme, and vile, such as what is seen in many middle eastern cultures,  where a woman can be put to death for not having sex forced on her by her husband, or more subversive in modern western cultures (“honey,  be a sweetheart and go grab me a cup of coffee, please”).  Much of it comes from long standing historical cultural norms. It’s hard to believe in a country like The United States a woman has had the right to vote for less than 100 years. Unfortunately, it will probably take another 2000+ years to undo what society has ingrained in males  narrow little minds about their perceived entitlement.

frenchy:  Could you please explain why male entitlement is harmful to slave development?

Divine Mistress Arianna: It is harmful to a slave development because many of the slaves are raised in a cultural environment where they are exposed to a perception of entitlement, once they find their true calling, it takes an extended effort on the part of the Mistress to cure the slave of his misguided concepts of entitlement. In reality the slave needs to be reprogrammed from the erroneous social norms it has been exposed to it’s entire life.  It can be as subtle as the “wannabe” slave that comes in to get a cheap thrill of being abused then leaving without real consideration for the Divine.

frenchy: Would you  tell us please what you think are the best ways to cure male entitlement?

Divine Mistress Arianna:  Strict and harsh discipline of course! (evil grin).    At the societal level, stop sexualizing women, and promoting men as leaders solely based on their gender. I see this in my RL career all the time and it is maddening!

They’ve fucked up for thousands of years. Can you imagine if women have ruled the world all that time?!?! The wars that would not have been fought, the advancements we would have made as a society?

For the scum, constantly keeping them under my heel is the first thing that comes to mind. Reminding them that they serve at my whim.   I am not their honey, or their sweetie. I am their devotion, and will not accept anything less.   I’ve seen the ingrained entitlement from some of our non-English speaking scum.   This isn’t a lifestyle I choose because it’s “fun” or a “good time” I take my responsibilities as a Mistress of the Divine very seriously. The scum that fail to realize that suffer the most.

I’ve dealt harshly with men in RL that have made that mistake with me, and I will  absolutely not tolerate any form of entitlement, especially from the scum. They will not get any safe harbor if I get a hint  entitlement or defiance from them.

frenchy: Thank you very much Miss Arianna for your very detailed explanations.

* * *


Divine Goddess Jᴇɴɴɪ Bᴀᴛʜᴏʀʏ (jenwia84)

frenchy: After defining what this is, could you please  tell us what are,  according to you, the main sources/reasons of male entitlement?

Divine Goddess Jenni: Male entitlement is a synonym to male privilege over females, in the same sense as white people have privilege above other races. This, in essence, comes from the bronze age illusion of women being the weaker sex. The truth is, however, that the only upper hand men ever had on women was that of physical brute force, which they had to, and didn’t hesitate, to apply in order to suppress us.

The heritage of this oppression follows us into modern ages, it is clearly visible in workplaces where executive positions are frequently held by the patriarchy. Whereas certain professions have traditionally been held by women, such as nurses for example, the professions have always been “governed” by men, in this case the doctors which historically have been men, up until recently.

The act of sexual reproduction carries an undertone of female submission. Sex is something done to a woman by the man using his penis. The repercussions are also suffered by the woman. She’s pregnant and goes through childbirth, which historically has been a Russian roulette type gamble with her life at stake. Her capability of childbirth has even been the measure of her value as a life partner, and woman overall.

In conclusion, one might state that the source of male entitlement and privilege has been his physical strength, nothing more. Intellectual, spiritual, emotional and mental inferiority has had to give way for that single attribute which has determined the caste of primitive man. Luckily, that is changing.

frenchy:  Could you please explain why male entitlement is harmful to slave development?

Divine Goddess Jenni: All men have a built-in, hereditary assumption of their own superiority. They submit willfully, not naturally, to women. If female supremacy was something natural in their mind, their submission would come as something they’re born with, not something they need to learn. Also, the male sex drive is very opportunistic and unreliable.

frenchy: Would you  tell us please what you think are the best ways to cure male entitlement?

Divine Goddess Jenni: Sexual deprivation, for the reason I mention above, rendering their physical strength useless by some for of restraint, until it can be bred out mentally. A man who has his abilities mentally suppressed since birth will never learn to use them against his superiors. In cases of insubordination and hormonal instability, castration should be regarded as a customary remedy.

Also, maintaining good discipline, posture, order and tidiness gives men the impression of strong, willful women who will not accept their barbaric nature for a second. This is why the small things matter the most. A woman cannot afford to back down in any aspect, she must carry her superior being with pride and the dignity it deserves.

frenchy: Thank you very much Miss Jenni for your very elaborated responses.

* * *

Divine Mistress ηɑէɑlιɑ Қєşşєl (nataliakessel)

frenchy: After defining what this is, could you please  tell us what are,  according to you, the main sources/reasons of male entitlement?

Divine Mistress Natalia: Male entitlement is basically another phrase for sexist behavior which is really just discrimination or a preconceived notion that men are superior therefore they are entitled to having things their way. Without going too deep into the last 2,500 years, I think it is deeply rooted in civilized culture. Being an optimist due to all of the gradual advances in feminism over the last 50 years, I am hopeful we will see less of it as I grow older.

frenchy: Could you please explain why male entitlement is harmful to slave development?

Divine Mistress Natalia: Simple. It’s counter intuitive to good slave behavior. Nobody likes to take direction from someone they feel they are superior to, whatever their gender. When you factor in inappropriate sexist behavior that has been inbred through the generations, it can definitely be an obstacle.

frenchy: Would you  tell us please what you think are the best ways to cure male entitlement?

Divine Mistress Natalia: In the context of slave training; that is very specific to the individual, but it basically revolves around identifying their weakness and disciplining them accordingly to recondition their preconceived notions. However, when done properly, the body almost always follows the mind. When I come across that type of behavior, it is usually very easy for me to channel some of the frustrations that I have felt in a previous work or social environments to focus on the task at hand. I always get what I want; one way or the other.

frenchy: Thank you very much Mistress Natalia for your very sharp answers.

* * *

Snapshot_004Divine Castigatrix Nicole Kessel (nicole543)

frenchy: After defining what this is, could you please  tell us what are,  according to you, the main sources/reasons of male entitlement?

Divine Castigatrix Nicole: The term ‘Male Entitlement’ is the concept that males possess an inherent privilege of superiority relative to the female gender.  The source of this concept is rooted in antiquity and tradition.  Prior to the modern age, higher upper body strength and mass increased the likelihood of success in life in ages where fewer tools and devices were available.  This is coupled with religious tradition such as in marriage vows where a wife pledges to obey her husband.  The concept of ‘Male Entitlement’ is quickly being eroded as more women find success in fields such as business, politics and the military which until recently have not been available to women.

frenchy: Could you please explain why male entitlement is harmful to slave development?

Divine Castigatrix Nicole: Development of a male slave is only possible when a male disavows the traditional concept of male entitlement.  How can a male make progress if he clings to the outmoded thought that he might be inherently superior to his Mistress?  Only by surrendering his mind, spirit and body to his Mistress can a male slave become what he is meant to be.  The disabusement of the concept of male entitlement only hastens the point at which a male can begin his training.

frenchy: Would you  tell us please what you think are the best ways to cure male entitlement?

Divine Castigatrix Nicole: The concept of male entitlement can be disproved once the male accepts both physically and mentally his true position relative to the female dominant.  This can be accomplished by repetition of actions that target the slave physically and mentally.  Physical pain given to the male repeatedly will show the slave the limitations of physical strength.  Coupling pain with pleasure will reinforce to the male slave that surrendering to the inevitable superiority of the female dominant is not necessarily an unpleasant experience.  Unfortunately, many males only respond correctly to pain of a cruel and brutal level.  The administration of pain should also be coupled with actions that target the male slave’s mind and spirit such as humiliation.  Repetition of both physical and mental training are necessary in order to convince the male slave that the concept of male entitlement is one that the slave must completely disavow.

frenchy: Thank you very much Miss Nicole for your very complete responses

* * *

Snapshot_002Divine Lady Pearle  (ladypearle)

frenchy: After defining what this is, could you please  tell us what are,  according to you, the main sources/reasons of male entitlement?

Divine Lady Pearle: A lot of male entitlement is due to the way most societies are set up. That is shifting as more women enter the workforce and are gaining the higher level positions. There is also the way society has portrayed women compared to men.

frenchy: Could you please explain why male entitlement is harmful to slave development?

Divine Lady Pearle: It’s harmful because the slave serves the woman. If the male feels he is entitled to some reward based on his service he isn’t  serving out of humility, but for gain.

frenchy: Would you  tell us please what you think are the best ways to cure male entitlement?

Divine Lady Pearle: It starts with training the mind to think differently. The male must think of what his Owner wants, her desires, and always strive to please her. It takes time and mindfulness is an essential skill. From there taking what the male most cherishes and using it as a control helps the male slave understand that nothing is off limits and everything belongs to the Owner.

frenchy: Thank you very much Lady Pearle for your very concise and clear cut responses


BDSM is about consent.

Posted: May 30, 2016 by nataliakessel in Articles, Isn't It Divine?, Uncategorized

One of the foundations of BDSM is consent. It goes very much hand in hand with communication & trust, to constitute what a traditional BDSM relationship is built around. Since Divine Sadism has burst onto the scene, as one of(if not the top) sims for hardcore BDSM; I have been enormously amused by some of the 2nd hand chatter we have heard about how “mean” & “rough” we treat some of the slaves.


At the end of the day, nobody forces a someone seeking to become a slave to go to Divine Sadism; they manage to figure out where it is and come there all by their lonesomes. Now it does go without saying that we absolutely do inflict some of the meanest, nasty, sadistic, and sometimes utterly debasing punishments to the slaves that wander in unprepared, but again the rules are posted very clearly.

Sometimes our behavior sends the weakest & most pathetic running for the hills(or back to whatever “Mommy Dommey” sim they came from),  however that is the collateral damage involved running a sim like Divine Sadism.


The ones that not only manage to endure it, but thrive in this environment are the ones that savor the rewards of being able to serve a group of some best Dommes that have ever had the privilege of collaborating with in Second Life.

Can you endure?