Interview with Divine Goddess Jaminda

Posted: May 22, 2017 by frenchy in Feel the Hellfire, Interviews with our Dominants, Isn't It Divine?

If you are a scum and have not yet met the Divine Goddess Jaminda on the Divine Sadism deck or in the shadows of the stone walls of her dungeon called the Abyss where she would put you in your place if you ever forgot you have one, then you certainly want to give your best impression the first time you cross her path. You might get the help you need by reading this interview She has generously accepted to respond to after inviting me to  her beautiful dungeon.

Goddess Jaminda has chosen the challenge to answer spontaneously to my questions in live without notes (smiles) and I believe it says a lot about her personality. Also, I am particularly grateful for the time She has devoted to answering every single question I dared to ask without dodging (we have met at least three times for this interview) and for her patience when I was shooting the photographs.

jaminda3frenchy : Thank you very much for receiving me and for accepting to do this interview Goddess Jaminda, we are all curious to know more about you and this is a great opportunity!

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Well this is a lovely opportunity

frenchy : Before anything, I would like to ask whether you are comfortable to share some general (non private) information about your person in RL? Or do you do it only once you know a person for some time?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I am happy to share.

frenchy : Thank you Goddess.  I will have some questions about it but first of all, I would like to ask : how would you present yourself as a person to someone you meet for the first time?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I am a complex person…. I tend to reveal more of myself over time and can be quite guarded initially. However I am always friendly and polite. Unless of course someone gives me reason not to be or behaves like an idiot. It largely depends on how I am approached.

frenchy (nods understandingly) : I saw in your profile that you are from the UK, would like to share anything about your social and culture origins and the path you have followed since your childhood?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Yes I am from England….My family traveled a lot in my early years and we didn’t settle for some time. I had a very sheltered upbringing in many respects. My generation was one that did not have access to instant information and the internet. Often I laugh about how innocent I was compared to young people today but in a way that was a good thing, I have had a wonderful and exciting path to where I am now and it would not have happened that way otherwise

frenchy (smiles) : The internet has indeed allowed people to see quite a few things they would not in their neighborhood or family …

Divine Goddess Jaminda: And also to meet people of a like mind. The internet has opened up so many opportunities for people in so many ways.

frenchy : Indeed… What is your RL occupation? Does it allow you to express your dominant personality in your every day life?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I work with school nurses…Its an all female office and is a lot of fun. They are the nicest group of people I have worked with although the job itself is pretty mundane and boring – I am surrounded by paper and files. We are in the process of going into an electronic system and it’s a complete nightmare! I also work in what I call “the box” it’s like something out of the dark ages – it has to be seen to be believed chuckles. …as for expressing my Dominant personality in rl to a degree I can and do, although not anywhere to the extent that I do in second life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by open-minded people both at work and in my personal life. I am fiercely independent and have surprised those closest to me in other areas of my life so they have learned to expect the unexpected. I am not saying they wouldn’t be surprised if they knew EVERYTHING I did but definitely not shocked.

frenchy : Maybe my next question will sound silly now but let me ask it still please 🙂 Do you need or like to be in control of every aspect of your life? In other words, are you a control freak? ☺

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I LOVE control but would not call myself a control freak as I enjoy and use improvisation too much to be one. Realistically you can’t be in control of everything and the joy of improvisation would be lost.

frenchy : Then it is a balance between control and improvisation…I was going to ask if you like to plan in advance or prefer to improvise but I think you partly answered that question 🙂

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Yes I love to improvise….I find it exciting to think on my feet. It actually challenges me too to be imaginative and creative. Often I will have a plan of what I intend to do but it is exciting to see what happens and the twists and turns that improvisation provides

frenchy : (nods and smiles) Before moving to the crux of the matter, I would like to ask a few more questions about non bdsm topics. What are your favorite book/movie/music that you like to share with the persons you are close to?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I am not a great reader….but I love music. I have a broad range of likes however classical music is my greatest love…I listen to it even when I am driving to work just to soothe me and get me in the right frame of mind to face the day ahead (laughs). This is a love I share with my rl friends and family. I go to concerts as often as I can. As far as movies are concerned I watch very few. I prefer a good period drama in most respects, the movie has to have a good story to engage my interest.


frenchy : Do you like to travel? What is your dream destination?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I would love to travel more! I have been lucky and seen some amazing places in my time. I would love to go to Iceland…and am planning to go there in the next year or so, I want to see the Northern Lights. I am more drawn to colder countries than hot ones, I prefer more wild and landscape type holidays in beautiful places to cities. I would love to go back to Africa (probably Kenya next time I went to South Africa previously) I was lucky enough to go on safari and absolutely loved it. Being in the bush and being surrounded by wild animals was exceptionally thrilling. However I would go in their spring or autumn. I am not good in hot weather.

frenchy : I have seen you like to enjoy dancing and the music events of SL. Would you like to tell us more about your other interests in SL except BDSM?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Yes I love the creativity here in SL and the challenge it takes to put on a performance in a 2d world.. I am a big fan of the arts in both worlds. I love the theater, ballet and visual arts. I go to cultural events/exhibitions in real life as often as I can and similarly here in SL it’s the same. .

frenchy (smiles) In a world mainly composed of macho societies, it might not be easy just to realize for a woman that she can be dominant. Could you tell us how you discovered that side of you and how it has changed your life?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : No even in western societies women are not actively encouraged to be dominant or aspire to be. I discovered my dominant nature over quite a period of time. I experimented with the very basics like face-sitting and spanking early on but then felt a deeper desire to explore my darker side and it grew from there really. .So there was a lot of experimentation initially which became refined until what it is now. So it has changed my life on virtually every level from my relationships with men to how I go about my daily life.

frenchy : So it was quite late that you realized you wanted to be a Domme?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : oh yes.

frenchy : How would you present yourself as a Mistress to someone you meet for the first time or in other words, what is your style of domination?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I enjoy many aspects of domination but if I had to choose one it would be humiliation. The more degrading and perverted it is the better… it keeps the creative juices flowing as well

frenchy : Are you a female supremacist? Could you explain the difference between female supremacy and what we could call “female entitlement” (smiles) ?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: Female entitlement to me is to expect something because you are a woman. A supremacist is something quite different. Am I one? I am not one to label myself as I am me and that is enough. I certainly enjoy the Female Supremacist lifestyle and think that men have failed on so many levels in patriarchal societies I certainly believe that women would do a far better job

frenchy : For you, what is the most difficult part in being a Mistress?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : A lot believe a Mistress’s role is easy but it’s complex and can be demanding. It is why I have striven for a balance in all things so when it does get like that (which is very rare) I go off and do something else.

frenchy : Is being a Mistress just a SL thing or does it carry over to your RL? Do you have a slave or slaves in Rl, as opposed to SL crossovers?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : It’s SL with RL crossovers at the moment. Am very open to it becoming real life however that would have to be at the right time. It’s not practical at the moment for a number of reasons. Also it would be imperative to me to find the right slave which takes time and consideration so I am in no rush. If the right slave came along at the opportune moment then yes it could well happen.


frenchy : May I ask a bit more about your bdsm tastes. You have said that you love to humiliate and degrade men. What is the profound reason you enjoy it in your opinion?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : For me its the power the total control I have over a slave, To be able to make it do things it really struggles with or even repulses it thrills me. When I say thrill that is not just an erotic charge it is a very complex multifaceted feeling.

frenchy : Does that mean that humiliation and degradation is for you an expression of this control and power?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : It’s my favorite method of expressing power, however there is a multitude of ways of doing the same thing. I like to mix and match methods. Variety is hugely important and keeps the dynamic between myself and the slave I am with more interesting. I have been described as unpredictable which is very true. I am a woman of moods and it keeps a slave on their toes as they really don’t know what will happen.

frenchy : What excite you the most, to inflict pain or the feeling to be in total control?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : The feeling of control without a doubt. I enjoy inflicting pain, don’t get me wrong and there is a thrill in that for sure. But the power is what excites me more. Either way you can be creative whether its inflicting pain or degrading a slave but the TPE is what I think drives a lot of us Dommes and its what drives me for sure

frenchy : As many submissives I believe…(smiles) ….Putting humiliation and TPE aside, are there any other fetishes among your favorites that you want to mention? or are the fetishes just a mean to express your control and they are not so important?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I find fetishes fascinating… there are so many of them and yet you still find more that you have not heard of chuckles. I don’t have an overall favorite but I enjoy most of the usual ones face-sitting, boot/foot and ass worship too, I also enjoy trampling and this one may surprise some people I enjoy tickle torture. Some people may think that is rather “lightweight”  but believe me if your slave is ticklish it is pure hell for them and of course I make sure it is 🙂

frenchy (smiles and nods in agreement.) : Would you say then that fetishes are a fundamental part of the personality of a Domme or a slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda :  I can enjoy fetishes for their own sake, but most of the time if I use them they are an expression of my control. I think they are fundamentally part of the slave personality and make up. For a Domina they are one of many tools.

frenchy : So are there for you like a way to get leverage over a slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I can use a fetish in a multitude of ways over a slave both as a reward or a punishment for example however I think its more complex than that. The dynamic between myself and a slave is driven by many factors than just leverage.

frenchy : Do you like to include a RL component in your D/s relationship in SL? How far would that component go and how important is role playing versus RL submission for you?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Yes absolutely I give real life tasks regularly I think they are essential. I only do this when I get to know a slave and think they are worthy of my time and energy. However, my time is limited and I want to work with those that take it seriously and not just an extension of their own thrill but as a way of truly serving me. I have done skype and had slaves perform for me as well in different video formats.. If I role play it’s always done for entertainment purposes only. Real life submission is always far more important to role play for me.

frenchy : I would love to ask more on this subject but time forces me to move on…so here is my next question … Can you single out the reasons that brought you the desire to dominate men? Is it for example because you think they are better to be led or is it because you have always preferred this kind of relationship?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I think it’s largely the way I was brought up and that I never had it in my head that as a woman I could enjoy that kind of relationship. Looking back there were clues that I enjoyed being dominant I just didn’t piece them all together for a while.. I think the desire was always there it just took time to see it to its full potential. So it wasn’t that I preferred this kind of relationship it was because I didn’t realize it existed. Since realizing this and experiencing it I would not accept anything less than a D/s relationship now as it is the most deeply satisfying one in all respects.

frenchy (nods in understanding) : What interests you the most in a submissive man? In other words, which are the qualities that you find the most attractive in a slave? On the other hand, what could turn you off in a prospective slave?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : Most important to me are intelligence and mindfulness with a deep driving desire to serve NOT just getting their fetish(es) fulfilled. I don’t want a puppet that sits like a vegetable and just responds to orders – I want someone who is fully engaged and absorbed. Is committed to growing, learning and pushing him or herself. So a strong person both in body and mind. I like a sense of humor and wit too its important to have fun in the process. Turn offs are one fetish wonders, those with an attitude, sense of entitlement and whiners. I want someone who is NO limits and genuinely strives for it, not the ones who say they are then when you really test them fail at the first hurdle.


frenchy (smiles) I see that you have been partnered with your slave Bryn for 3 years already which is fantastic. would you be open to consider a new slave if the opportunity comes up or you don’t have time for that?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I am a passionate believer in the seriousness of the collar and that it seems to be treated so casually in-world anyway. It is a serious commitment and time should be taken to ensure it’s the right decision for both parties. So for me to take a new slave would be a BIG thing. I am not planning on getting a new slave or looking for one. However if someone exceptional did come along I would not rule it out.

frenchy : A related question and I apologize and please discard it if you find it too personal but I am particularly curious about the evolution of a D/s relationship on the long term like the one you have with Bryn compared to a classical vanilla relationship. Is there anything you have noticed worth mentioning on this subject?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : All I will say is that my 4 years with Bryn (this year) there is no comparison with any vanilla relationship I have had which have lasted longer time wise. I have never been closer to anyone – the trust and bond between us is nothing I have experienced in a vanilla relationship when you own someone its on another level. It is totally satisfying in every respect.

frenchy : (nods and smiles) Congratulation for the 4th year Goddess Jaminda!

Divine Goddess Jaminda :  (smiles) Thank you.

frenchy : I totally understand indeed. In your opinion is a D/s relationship incompatible or not with Romance and in what degree?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: No I don’t think its completely incompatible however it really does depend on the individuals concerned. I think for most its pretty irrelevant or maybe with one person in particular they are romantic with who is their slave/partner. On a personal level I am not a great fan or romance which does not mean I am not loving. I think the two can be quite separate.

frenchy : Do you think men are more submissive in nature but that our society make them think they have to be dominant or do you believe otherwise?

Divine Goddess Jaminda : I think it’s a combination of society, our personalities and our upbringing that is the case for both genders which contributes to who we are and that would include submissive or dominant traits. Men I think are more pressured to be dominant than women, there is still an expectation that they should be the ones to take initiative. In some parts of the world men would be ostracized for being openly submissive so the expectation for them to be dominant is certainly still there in certain cultures. However on a more positive note I do feel that over time this is being challenged and changed I certainly have seen this in my lifetime. I don’t believe anyone is BORN submissive or dominant this is way too complex and has many factors which can influence it.

frenchy : Have you ever submitted to a man? Would you ever consider it with the right person or is it out of the question?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I engage with playful banter with men and I would never restrict myself totally, however the likelihood of me submitting to a man on any remotely serious level would be extremely unlikely

frenchy (smiles) : Do you sometimes consider female slaves? If so, how different are your expectations and training with them ?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I have had female slaves in the past and I would certainly consider another one. I am bisexual and enjoy women very much. However there is no difference in the expectations or training of either gender as a slave.

frenchy : What is your best/worse memory about a D/s relationship that you had?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: my best memory is when Bryn was training to be my slave. I had such a thrill see him transform and become who he now is. To see how much he absorbed and embraced our lifestyle. from being a complete beginner to a full slave was an absolute joy. My worst experience was trusting someone even when my instincts were telling me not to to find out they were a complete fraud. A lesson I have not repeated. This person claimed to be a slave but was actually something quiet different. But painful experiences are good ones, you learn from them.

frenchy : Sometimes people say that a slave in a D/s relationship holds some control too. What is your opinion about that?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I think a slave will always have an element of control particularly in second life where one can log off if things get too uncomfortable, run away from their collar, choose which sim they go to etc. For the true slave however TPE should mean what it says and any control given in their existence would be what their Owner chooses to give them. My only exception would be where control for the slave is essential is when the decision is being made to be collared. The slave must take full part in this process and consent for it to have any chance of working long term.

A successful D/s relationship has to have honesty, openness and trust. One quality is also patience which is not often mentioned as not everything that is desired will happen and its important to acknowledge that. Regular reviews to ensure that the dynamic is working between the two parties is imperative in order that complacency does not settle in or start to fester. I think one of the main killers of a long term D/s dynamic is complacency and becoming too comfortable. There always has to have an edge to it.

frenchy : What could you tell us about your BDSM sim the Abyss? How conceptually different it is from other BDSM sims and in particular from DS? and finally what was your motivations in creating it?

Divine Goddess Jaminda: I created the Abyss as I wanted a public Femdom dungeon although I do not suffer fools gladly I do enjoy meeting people who embrace our lifestyle and this seemed to combine my interest of having a Femdom public space and a gathering area. I have a private dungeon at home but didn’t want to open it up to anyone. Bryn is my slave and I wanted an area just for us so I can focus on our dynamic and relationship. The Abyss is a “drop in” type dungeon. It’s an area where Dominas can take their slaves (male or female) and enjoy the facilities that are there. It’s also open to events and Femdom gatherings as well. On a personal level I take specific slaves there who engage my interest for a variety of activities. I don’t think the Abyss is unique and it certainly is not like DS.

The rules are very simple at the Abyss provided all activities are Femdom, the rest is between the individuals concerned (I don’t get involved unless there are issues, neither do I take a personal interest in most who visit). Those who drop into the Abyss can be anything from those curious about Femdom to long term slaves. The only slight difference is I insist on MALE nudity and enforce it like a zealot. Many have said to me in their exploration of other Femdom sims (this does NOT include DS) that nudity is restricted to certain small area, not welcomed and actually frowned on which I find ridiculous! A male specimen should always be naked on his knees! The whole plan was to keep the Abyss simple in its running and in its ethos. I had noticed also in my travels that a lot of Femdom areas had different rules for different areas making the whole thing so complex you would need to read an essay before you entered the place. I avoided that at the Abyss everyone knows where they stand and they can just enjoy it.


frenchy :  Do you like to use other Divine’s property at Divine Sadism or do you prefer to be served by those who are not owned to check them out?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Yes I do not have an issue at all with using chattel, I have taken part in group work as well with other Dominas and their property and it has been wonderful. On a one to one basis it can be more restricting sometimes as owners may have put certain controls on their property but you do not have any commitment – use, abuse them and send them back home. However I treat chattel as I would any slave they have to perk my interest before I will entertain any use of them at all . A collar does not make one special or different in any way. They have to go through the same process as anyone else.

frenchy : What do you think about limits in BDSM? Are they necessary, useful or shouldn’t they exist in a meaningful D/s relationship between consenting adults who trust each other?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  First thing to say about limits are they are barriers to progression. Therefore there only use is in highlighting obstacles that need to be removed. When I hear a slave has limits my question to them after saying to them – you call yourself a slave and have limits? Is – why is that a limit?. Is it merely about safety and practicality or is there another reason which is actually a hindrance to them reaching their full potential and becoming more of service?

Limits are predominantly about personal taste and often demonstrate a bad attitude i.e. I don’t want to drink piss because the idea disgusts me (yes I have heard that from someone!). A slave will struggle in areas of Femdom that is inevitable and accepted but what the focus should be is towards overcoming that barrier than even thinking of setting a limit.

Trust and limits are very much intertwined though. In areas of general SUBMISSION now I have heard countless time from boys that they would not have a limit for a Mistress that they know and trust that they would have for someone else. However a slave should never have that attitude and if he does it needs sorting out!

In my experience in long term D/s relationships limits are irrelevant they just disappear due to the trust and history the two share.

frenchy : Now talking about serious slaves, by this I mean those worth of the attention of the Divine…..In your opinion, what are their main motivations for going to the Abyss and/or to Divine Sadism? Do you meet the same kind of slaves in both places? Then I will ask the same question regarding Dominas.

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  I have met slaves at my sim which I later find at Divine Sadism or vice versa. I think in second life where the slaves traveling around from sim to sim it is because they are restless. A true slave is driven to serve and when he is not doing so feels lost and goes looking for what is missing. At Divine Sadism slaves have said to me they had had found their home which I think illustrates the point – the more focused and united the community/sim is the better. Dominas I think come to DS as they know what they will get. A female supremacist community. No limit use of slaves who have been well trained or in the process of this and an opportunity to work in a community where there is a real supportive and creative atmosphere between Sisters. My sim has a different ethos it is very specific though and that’s what draws people to it.

frenchy :  Your sim has been around for about two years if I am not mistaken, how do you explain its success? has there been any conflict that you had to deal with?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Yes the Abyss was 2 in January this year. Although we have moved sims in this time what has not changed is I have kept things simple and not changed its ethos. A lot of sims come and go because they have too high expectations of what it can achieve in a short time. It takes a long time to get established. Many then start making too many compromising changes to attract people and frustration sets in when it doesn’t work out. Coupled with the fact that land is expensive in SL can be the breaking point. I kept the Abyss affordable and always said it didn’t matter if I had 1 visitor or 67,000 what is important is that it is a public area for myself and my Sisters to express their Dominant nature and slaves to be of service.

I have not had any major conflicts. Any issues have been minor and been resolved quickly. Most who visit the Abyss (on both sides of the collar) value it and have told me so they enjoy the atmosphere and the simplicity of it. One of the most pleasing feedback was one slave told me he had met his owner at the Abyss which has turned out to be a very successful collaring. If my sim has assisted in the process of one successful collaring then its done its job.

frenchy : To finish, my ritual question is …What is your philosophy of life? If you had to state a simple principle that you follow to conduct your life, what would it be?

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  Never compromise on who you are and embrace your differences. It’s what makes the world go around!

frenchy : Thank you very much for these very detailed answers. I am certain the everyone will learn from them. Goodbye Goddess Jaminda.

Divine Goddess Jaminda:  (smiles) it has been very enjoyable. Goodbye frenchy.

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