Looking for a few sadistic individuals.

Posted: July 11, 2016 by nataliakessel in Uncategorized


Goddess Arianna Atlantis wants to know:

  • Do your friends ever call you mean or bitchy in a totally complimentary way?
  • Has a slave ever developed a limp from doing a real life task you required of them?
  • Is emotional abuse something you consider a hobby?
  • Are chastity devices more than just fashion accessories?
  • Is your idea of multi-tasking: spanking a slave while you pork him with your strappy?
  • Do you look at public humiliation an aphrodisiac?
  • Should there be legislation passed requiring that slaves must drink their spunk every time they are milked?
  • Is sticking something up a slave’s bum your idea of a romantic evening?

If you can answer “hell yes!” to any or all of these questions, you may have found a home at Divine Sadism. Right now Divine Sadism has a grid wide search on for  some of the meanest, bitchiest, and most sadistic Dommes on the grid. We are looking for confident and creative female personalities that work well inside a group dynamic, and mutually enjoy making slaves miserable.

Please feel free to stop by the sim, and interact with other members of our Sisterhood. If interested in joining the staff, please feel free to inquire into getting a tag from any of the group officers.




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